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Subject: The Rogue rss

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Sui Yiliang
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This play style revolves around 3 simple strategy: you deceive, you assassinate and you steal. Which is why I call it the Rogue strategy. It is fast pace attack hand that focuses mostly on taking both life and oinks. And being able to deceive your opponent is also a big part of the strategy. It is a full offensive play style with minimum to none defensive tactics. Your goal is simple: End your opponent before you reshuffle.

The tools of Trade
Cards you need

Ideal Summons
Lance Corporal GLID+ FireFLy + Private Flap + Fire Worm

Assassination Hand:
Mud slide/Acid Rain + Ohif 9/Esbner 9 + Ideal Summons
Max possible damage: 9+2x2+2x2=17

Ashw: 7
Ukelele: 7
Esbner: 3
Ohif: 3

The Hunt begins
At the start, summon Flame Bubba. This monster has a decent health and strong attacks capable of killing other monsters on the field. You can of course replace Flame Bubba with any other monster with similar characteristics . If you are the attacker, and you do not have the Assassinate Hand, use your cards for from number 2 to 7 of any kind to launch quick attacks against your enemies Monster.
It is good if you killed his monster. It clears the field for you to hit him as hard as you can with your assassination.
If he successfully blocked the attacks, it doesn’t matter. You made him use his deck and hopefully gave him an impression you are targeting his monsters and will force him to try and protect his monsters and gave a path for you to launch your Assassination.
Even without the Ideal Summons or Assassination Hand, you can still do a huge amount of Damage.

The Calm and Silent Strike
Summon Flame Dicer to protect your Ideal Summons. along with the ability of Flame Bubba, it can be become a decent wall while you set up your Ideal Summons.

Go for the Kill
This is the part where you have your ideal summons, the Assassinate hand or both. Before you go nuts, make sure that the enemy has no monsters or OHIF charged Bar to defend himself from a direct attack.
This Is what your previous attacking of his monsters are supposed to be for. To either clear a Path or make him safe guard his monsters from your attacks and leave himself open. For that instant 17 damage.

The Thievery
This strategy simply involve stealing oinks. It works well with your offensive deck if implemented correctly.
Now this strategy can be implemented in 2 different manner.
You can implement it at the start. Forcing them to lose oink and make them unable to summon high number of monsters. Leaving them free for your attack.
You can implement them later on if they manage to set up their defenses in time and you find it hard to attack them directly. In order for them to be able to set up their defenses and block you, chances are they have to spent oinks for summoning and used up many of their current hand to block your onslaught. so, their oinks and deck should be low.

Possible Add on

This Cards enhances your strategy by giving you some other options.
Vulture King + Wind Blade can remove a monster for you to open up a path for direct attack.
Stove Slug + Ring of fire gives that extra boost to damage.

Spirit Store
The Monsters will be mostly Ukelele and Ashw. Most of the time you do not need to generate extra oinks. But even if you do, it will mostly be for Ukelele and Ashw. so it is relatively easy

Charge Bar
Aim for Ashw and Ukelele Charge. Both amplify your damage and kill potential rapidly. Focus on Ukelele than Ashw.
Only go for Esbner and Ohif Charge if it is convenient.

- simple and straightforward
- High Damage output and when conditions are right, you can end it in 1 turn.
- Flexible
- It can be easily shut down by Ohif Spell cards and Charge Bar
- Can be blocked by a wall of Monsters.
- Due to Low number of Esbner and Ohif Oinks, thieves and spirit blasts may end you.
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