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Subject: Target their oinks! rss

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Frederick Choo
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The type of strategy here will be to win by causing the opponent to run out of oinks. This strategy is most effective against players who have very little of one kind of oink (ideally 3 oinks). You will have to defend a lot, steal oinks, force opponents to deck-out, and use spirit blast. The recommended way is to use spirit blast 1 or 2 times, steal 1 oink using a number charge, and leave the rest to causing the opponent to deck out. For example, if the person has 3 oinks of a certain type, you just need 2 spirit blasts, steal 1 oink, and 1 deck out. Assuming the opponent will recycle a monster to survive, you’ll just need another deck out. Furthermore, given that the number of oinks add up to 20, when you target the type with lowest number of oinks, the highest possible number will be 5.

I will leave out using any spell cards in this strategy discourse.

Monster cards:

Ukelele (Air):
Horn Drake: The attack ability allows you to discard up to 10 cards to move the monsters through the spirit cycle. It also causes your opponents deck to deck out faster. Keep this in the second row to keep using its ability. Use this every turn.
Beak Wings and Beak Grunt: Face value of 2/3 when attacking. This allows you to attack the opponent with double 2s/3s which the opponent should be able to block with 2 higher cards. This helps to get rid of a strong attack that you cannot defend against.

Ohif (Earth):
The four Ohif monsters are used for defending. They add a face value of 6-9 to a defence hand.

Esbner (Water):
Bandit Bob: Get rid of your useless 1s and heal. When saving oinks, don’t summon this.
Octoweb: Helps you get rid of 4 to heal. This is chosen to avoid a clash with Beak Grunt’s and Beak Wings’ abilities, and to combo with Snare Seal.
Snare Seal: Can drain 1 life from the opponent when Octoweb is in play. Move Octoweb to the monster store to protect it and move Snare Seal to the monster back to continuously use its ability.

Ashw (Fire):
This cards should be summoned in the monster front.
Flame Dicer: Summon this in front. Combos with Flame Bubba.
Flame Bubba: Summon in front. Adds 2 life to Flame Dicer.
Slove Slug: Use as a long-term defense. This is used as your free summon.

Since the main strategy requires using spirit blast a few times, there is at least 3 of each kind so that you can use spirit blast 3 times maximum. I recommend only going for 2 spirit blasts.

Monsters with 2 or 3 attack should be used to destroy your opponent’s monsters. Monsters with 2 or 3 health should be used to tank the attacks.

Oinks Distribution:

5 Ukelele
5 Ohif
6 Esbner
4 Ashw

Assuming you summon all monsters, all except ohif will left 1 oink. So you can still deck out twice (as long as you recycle ohif once), giving plenty of time for spirit cycle. Since you have 4 ohif monsters, just recycle one.

You do not want to use combos or play cards that the opponent cannot defend against. You want them to defend. This causes them to deck out faster and to use higher cards (which means your opponent cannot attack you with them.)
High number are saved to defend oneself (as it combos with ohif monsters), or to attack them to destroy powerful monsters.

Charging strategies:
Get rid of the cards in your charge bar before you deck out (either by using the effect or replacing the cards). This will prevent you from decking out too fast as your deck with be 5 cards thicker.

-When low health, charge Esbner to heal.
-If opponent has an ashw charge bar or uses a lot of ashw monsters, intending to deal a lot of damage in one turn, charge ohif to defend.

Early game charge ukulele to keep attacking.

Mid game charge value to steal oinks. Do not do this too early to prevent your strategy from being exposed. Do this when your opponent’s deck is running out of cards. There are a few choices of what to charge: (a) Charging 5 prevents power combos (series and super) and is good because it is the only number that does not combo with any of your monsters. (b) Charge a high number to prevent high attacks. (c) Charge a number that combos with their monster.

Spirit Meter:
Always send all monsters to the Spirit store. In the early game, do not use spirit blast. This will reveal your strategy.

Always discard lousy cards to move monsters through the spirit meter. Recommended to keep one set at the spirit cycle so that you will have enough oinks.

In the early game:
Summon Stove Slug as the free summon. This will provide long term defense.
Monster placement: Leave a channel open and let your opponent directly attack you. If they attack your monsters, try to defend them. Just pile up the monsters. Close the third channel after having at least 2 monsters in the 2 channels.

Do not reveal strategy too early, else the opponent will conserve their oinks or try to send the appropriate monster to the spirit cycle.

Let yourself take damage in the early game, but remember to heal yourself later in the mid game such as through snare seal.

Also attack as much as possible.

Late game:
The opponent should see your strategy to make him run out of oinks. In response he will summon lesser monsters or try to discard cards to start moving cards through the spirit cycle. Start attacking him directly then to try to force him to summon monsters. If there are monsters of the type he needs, do not kill them.

At any time:
If opponent sees the strategy and stops summoning, concentrating on ensuring there are enough oinks, keep poking him directly.

If opponent has very little of one type of monster, do not destroy that type. This will prevent him from sending it to the spirit store to use in the spirit cycle.

Good against decks which have very low amount of oinks of a type and also lacks that type of monster to send into the spirit cycle. For example, imagine a deck with 2 oinks of Ohif and they only manage to spirit cycle 1 ohif monster once. All you need is to spirit blast, steal oinks, and cause a deck out in any combination 4 times.

Weaknesses and possible counters:

This deck is weaker against some kind of decks.

First are decks which deal damage quickly. Make sure that your monsters are not destroyed too quickly. In the early game, let them attack you directly and always defend your monsters. Try to destroy their high attack monsters. Slowing down their pace is essential to surviving.

Second are decks with a lot of oinks of each type. When you look at their lowest amount of oinks for a type, the highest possible is 5. Just target one. Make sure that they do not have that type of monster in the spirit store, and if it is on the field, do not destroy it. Basically, do not let the opponent send the targeted type to the spirit cycle. All you need is to make the opponent deck out, steal the opponent’s oinks and spirit blast in any combination 6 times. For example, steal 1 oink, spirit blast 2 times and stall for 3 deck outs.

Third are decks which although has low oink for a certain type, there are a lot of that type of monsters which goes into the spirit meter for spirit cycle. Here, target instead another monster type which the opponent lacks monsters to send to the spirit cycle.

An overall weakness is also that you will not be dealing much damage throughout since you do not have cards that will combo for attack. Don’t worry. If you steal enough oinks, the opponent cannot summon and you will have a lot of opportunity to slowly attack.

To end off, here is an example of a pretty good scenario.

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