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Subject: Best Heroes for dealing with wounds? rss

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Jim P
United Kingdom
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Fistful of Meeples
We've been having a fair bit of difficulty lately, with various Villains/Masterminds/schemes just dealing out too many wounds for us to do anything.

Aside from Wolverine, which heroes do people recommend for dealing with wound-heavy games? I know Cap can block wounds, but only on a higher cost, less-common card.

Would be great if anyone could suggest Heroes before I have to wade through my entire collection (have all sets except from F4 and Noir)
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Tomer Mlynarsky
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As usual, I have to ask how are you playing?
Co-Op? PvP?

You said "We" so I'm assuming this isn't for solo?

Either way, you don't need something specifically against wound. Anything with KO will do a decent job. Rogue and Black Widow comes straight to mind.

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Tyrell Archer
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I always found the core Hulk to be pretty good for dealing with Wounds. His common, "Unstoppable Hulk", allows you to KO a Wound for a +2 Attack bonus.
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Carnilius IV
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Any that have a lot of KO of cards are great. Off the top of my head, Enchantress, Electro, Punisher, Luke Cage, Colossus...
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Dale Stephenson
United States
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Excluding FF/Noir

KOs wounds in hand or discard:
Hulk common (uncommon generates wounds)
Wolverine (x-men) common
Hulkling common (other common can generate wounds)
Peter Parker uncommon
Deadpool (mercs) common (but generates wound if none to KO)

Avoids wounds:
Luke Cage common (other common can generate wounds)
Colossus common (other common generates wounds)
Soulsword Colossus common.
Captain America uncommon
Falcon-Cap uncommon
Iceman rare.
Luke Cage rare (for all players until next turn)

KOs any card in hand or discard:
Enchantress common
Old Man Logan common, (gives card draw if wound) requires instinct trigger
Black Swan common, requires instinct trigger
Professor X common, requires instinct trigger
Black Widow common, requires covert trigger
Rogue common, requires covert trigger
Bishop common, requires covert trigger
Loki common, requires covert trigger
Groot common, requires strength trigger
Elsa Bloodstone common, requires Spectrum trigger
Dr. Strange common, requires Illuminati trigger
Wolverine (x-force) uncommon
Namor uncommon
Storm & Panther uncommon, requires covert trigger
Cap & Devil uncommon, requires patrolling streets
Stingray uncommon, requires excessive violence
Nul rare (KOs two cards)

KOs any card in hand, play, or discard
Nerkkod common, requires defeating advesary on bridge
Moon Knight common, requires defeating villain on rooftops
Black Panther uncommon, requires defeating villain on rooftops or street

KOs from hand
Juggernaut rare (choose 2 from hand or 2 from discard -- affects all players)
Phoenix Force Cyclops rare (up to 3 cards)
Cable rare (any number of cards)

KOs card from deck:
Punisher common, top card if cost 0
Electro common, may KO top card
Sabretooth common, may KO non-brotherhood top card
Tigra common, may KO discarded top card, requires double instinct trigger
Dr Punisher, Solider Supreme common, top card if cost 0, requires tech trigger
Silk uncommon, top card if cost 0, requires Spider-friend trigger
Hercules uncommon, top card if cost 0, requires strength trigger
Cloak & Dagger uncommon, may KO top card, requires covert trigger
Sabretooth rare, may KO top card (also other players if instinct not revealed)
Bishop rare, any of top four, requires X-men trigger

What you want for a wound-heavy scheme is unconditional trashing of wound (or anything) from hand or discard, in the common form, so Hulk, X-men Wolverine, Hulkling and Enchantress are your best bets. But there's a *lot* of heroes out there with triggered KOs that can clean out wounds and starting cards.
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