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Subject: The Ravens of VGG Day 22 - Throwing The Book At 'Em! rss

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"Join The Ravens of VGG- Wyrdstone, Gold & Glory Awaits!"
United Kingdom
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Today's Active Members:

Boris Heelbeck (Mr Boris)
Meshell Heelbeck (Corps_of_Oa)
Seidel Kraut (Jormi_Boced)
Kristof (Lord_Kristof)
'Head-Shot' Feggins (MrFeggins)
Sylvester Ampersand (frumpish)
Klovis Finn (dokmatrix)
Knuckly Hod (andrewhodkinson)


Warband Status
Warband Rating: 1350 (Enemy 1200/Normal)
Current Gold: 787
Current Wyrdstone: 401 Weight
Wyrdstone Shipment Request: None


Scenario Summary

Ethereal lights tint the night air with a feral red glow that shines malevolently from within the walls of the Great Library of Mordheim.

The Ravens stand by our cart, all in silence as they look up at the imposing ruins. When last we came here two Ravens lost their lives- Xanamane The Great, a Warlock, and McFearsom The Mad, a Marksman.

The background magic is overwhelmingly strong here and its worn away the veils between worlds. Deamons- creatures made of the raw stuff of Chaos, have torn their way through into this cursed place, and now we must once again brave these horrors as we make a fresh attempt to seek out a book the Baron coverts for his political intrigues.

Boris bashes his Sword against his Shield, the sudden noise breaking the Raven's silence. He continues the sound, the bashing becoming a harsh and slow drum. Sylvester joins in, then Klovis with his blades, and then the other Ravens until they are all drumming the slow but resolute beat, it becoming a synchronized boom that echoes into the street.

Boris lets the moment linger for a few moments more as Luthor Wolfenbaum, our boss and agent of the Baron watches on with his arms crossed and a small smirk on his face. Then Boris raises his Sword straight into the air, signalling the beat to end. 'For Xanamane, and for McFearsom', he says, 'if their spirits are still trapped in this place then by Sigmar I hope we free them this night! We are going to find the Baron's book AND we are going to collect and destroy those cursed Tomes we saw- let's put this place down once and for all! Ravens!'. 'RAVENS!' shout the others in response.

We move in through the door and enter the Library.

Turn 1-4
The Ravens file quietly into the storage chamber where we had been only weeks before. Very little has changed, and signs of our previous visit are still present- our loot chest is still by the door where we left it, the many items we collected long since looted away.

The Ravens of VGG once again find themselves in the cursed Great Library of Mordheim!

The Ravens cross through the magically animated pools of blood about the next doorway and out into the main hall. Here we go again!

As the Ravens file in there's a shriek and the quick patter of feet on the levels above. It's a Pink Horror, a Deamon of Tzeentch. Meshell raises her Hunting Rifle and fires at it. The shot finds only ruins, blowing a fountain of splinters into the air. The Horror peeks over the edge and responds with a magical ball of fire which smashes into the great hall's door frame. Meshell is caught in the blast and knocked over. 'Run!' she shouts to the others. She finishes reloading and fires back. The Horror cries out as the shot rips through it. The other Ravens move on, leaving Meshell and the Horror to fight. Meshell uses the doorway as cover, reloading, leaning out for a shot, and then ducking back in again before the Horror can retaliate. After a couple of shots the Horror scampers back out of sight, most probably using one the Library's many magical Alters to teleport elsewhere in the Library.

The rest of the Ravens go across the hall and enter the nearest Alter with Boris leading the way. This Alter leads to the chamber where we last encountered Waldemar, the Great Library's Curator.

Boris edges carefully around the edge of the room and leans around the corner to look down the corridor to the inner area of the Library. There he is surprised to see Waldemar once again waiting for us! The Curator lets out a hissing wail and starts to approach. 'You murderous book thieves again! You removed my head last time but don't you see? There is no escaping this place- once it has you even death cannot claim you!'. Whilst he speaks Klovis, Luthor and Seidel move in behind Boris and ready their weapons.

Turn 5
The Curator charges forwards down the corridor towards the Ravens. Luthor steps out and intercepts him at the doorway. The two dramatis personae exchange blows, then Luthor leaps back to clear a line of sight to the others.

Luthor intercepts the Curator and they exchange first blood!

Klovis, Seidel and Boris pummel the Curator with arrows and crossbow bolts. Finally Kristof wades in from behind them. He brings up his huge Battleaxe and brings it down, cleaving the Curator in two! 'Good work lads!', says Luthor as the group stands at ease.

The Curator's body is still twitching and moving disconcertingly. 'Let's give Waldemar the Sylvanian Special', says Boris. 'Kristof! Chop him up and separately bag the pieces! We'll burn some and scatter the rest- we'll see if he comes back three times in a row'. 'WITH PLEASURE BOSS', says Kristof stepping forward to carry out the grim task.

Turn 6
Feggins moves forwards cautiously past the others and down the corridor to the ledge where the Curator had been standing. He peeps over the rails to the right and sees the Pink Horror lurking about. It doesn't seem to be able to reach us from its position, so he moves on. He moves to the ledge and finds another Deamon waiting below- a Bloodletter of Khorne. He fires an arrow into it and then shouts for help.

Turn 7-10
The Bloodletter roars and tries to reach the ledge, but its too high up and the monster is unable to attack back.

Boris, Luthor, Meshell and Klovis join Feggins and they all fire down onto it. An honourable man would be disgusted at such an act, but there's no honour among Deamons and the Ravens bare it no mercy! As they are shooting the right side of the platform is suddenly engulfed in a cloud of Pink Flame! Its the Horror, who has moved closer to our ledge and seen Luthor long enough to fire upon him!

Luthor is blasted in a cloud of Pink Flames from the Horror!

The Ravens huddle to the left side where it can't see them and continue taking turns to lean out, fire upon and then duck away from the Bloodletter. After a few vollys the Bloodletter's physical being finally brakes down and it destabilizes back into the Ether. Three to go!

Klovis and the other Ravens take turns to shoot down onto the Bloodletter from their safe position on the ledge above!

The group falls back and uses the Alters to head back to the Main Hall where the other Ravens have been running back and forth with bits of loot for our Cart.

Turn 11-15
The Ravens finish looting the areas explored so far, then they converge on the Alter that leads up to the catwalk that lines the Great Hall.

The Ravens move the loot back to the Library entrance before heading back inside.

This area seems to serve as a hub, and there are many alters here leading to all the other areas of the Library.

Turn 16
The Ravens pour onto the catwalk and begin to edge around towards the Alter that will take us to where we had seen the Bloodletter. They move very cautiously past the one that leads to the platform where the Plaguebearer of Nurgle was waiting for us previously! Boris and Luthor enter the Alter to the Bloodletter's area. Once there Boris checks through the book shelves whilst Luthor peeks around the corner and spies the Pink Horror. He aims his Crossbow and fires on it, landing another hit!

We once again catch another Deamon in a compromising position where we can strike it with our ranged weapons but it can't strike us!

Turn 17-20
Boris, Meshell and Luthor continue to whittle down the Pink Horror from a safe distance, just as we did to the Bloodletter before. It destabilizes and splits into two Blue Horrors, so the group continues to take turns shooting them.

The Horror splits into two Blue Horrors upon destabilizing, so the Ravens continue to blast them until they are both destroyed!

The remaining Ravens secure the catwalk and prepare to enter the next area.

Feggins joins Luthor's group and they continue their attack, killing one of the Horrors.

Turn 21-23
Luthor's group finally dispatches the last Horror after another volly of fire.

Hod finds the first Ward Wand and uses it to claim the first Grimoire- once we have all three we can destroy them, hopefully helping to stabilize this location and prevent further Deamon incursions.

Seidel and Sylvester continue to explore through the other Alters, finding the second Ward Wand and a selection of items.

Luthor meanwhile enters an Alter leading to the area where the Horror has previously been lurking. As suspected this area is perfect as it overlooks the platform where the Plaguebearer lurks allowing it to also be sniped without risk of retaliation! Luthor smiles to himself as he reloads his Crossbow.

Turn 24-30
Seidel runs some more old books back to our cart which is now pretty full! Admittedly many of these books will probably only fetch pocket change, but who knows? There might just be something of value!

Feggins and Luthor peep over the ledge they are on, shoot the Plaguebearer and duck out of sight. The Plaguebearer reacts to this attack by projectile vomiting a stream of corrupted sick up onto the ledge, splashing poor Feggins! It then releases Stench of Nurgle, making it difficult for the Ravens to land hits against it from the elevated position (the distracting smell is atrocious)!

Hod, Sylvester, and Klovis arrive to help Luthor and Feggins. They have a quick laugh at Feggins who is wiping sick of himself and retching, then focus on the Plaguebearer. The Ravens use the same tactic as before- loading up, moving into visual range, taking a shot and then retreating and reloading whilst the other members do the same.

The Ravens repeat the same strategy as before, taking turns to snipe the Plaguebearer safely from the platform above.

Meshell also arrives and the large group of Ravens steadily whittle away the incredible stamina of the Plaguebearer until it finally succumbs and disappears back into the void. Only one more to go!

Turn 31-34
The Ravens finish securing the Library. They fish out all the remaining loot and then converge on the final Alter- the one that leads to the Deamonette of Slannesh.

The Ravens stand ready around the final Alter!

Turn 35
Boris, Meshell, Feggins and Klovis file through the Alter and into the final room. Sure enough the Deamonette is waiting for them at the other end of this floor. They divide up and hug the sides, readying their ranged weapons and waiting. Kristof emerges from the Alter and stands front and center between them, ready to charge the Deamon when she approaches. Meshell throws her Oil Bomb. It smashes just before the small bridge that leads to the far end where the Deamonette is, bathing the area in flame! This is it!

The Ravens brace themselves for the Library's final fight!

Turn 36
The Deamonette moves forwards. She uses her Hypnotic Allure to charm Kristof who is left a bumbling lump unable to lift a finger!

The remaining Ravens fire their weapons as she approaches, first Feggins, then Boris, Meshell and finally Klovis. However the nimble Deamonette laughs playfully and dodges every one of them! She even grabs one of the arrows clean out of the air and snaps it in her Claws!

'Dodge this', says Feggins as he looses a second shot. The arrow shoots straight through the Deamonette's thigh with a thwack. The Deamonette stumbles and drops to all fours with a moan. Once down she proves an easier target, and the Ravens land several more shots on her. She's going to take a fair bit more yet though!

The Deamonette is on hands and knees, the fire lighting her face as she hisses in defiance at the Ravens!

Turn 37
The Deamonette regains her feet despite the injuries we have inflicted and starts striding purposely towards us. She charges through the Fire Bomb which sets her alight and into Feggins, dealing heavy damage with a slash and a stab of her savage Claws. Feggins is now trapped and unable to escape!

Despite being on fire the Deamonette attacks Feggins, dealing heavy damage!

Kristof is still charmed and stares blankly ahead, enjoying whatever sordid dreams the Deamonette implanted in his mind.

The other Ravens hold their nerves and attack. Boris and Seidel draw their blades and charge in to combat with the flaming Deamonette, distracting her away from finishing off Feggins. They land a couple of blows, and its clear the Deamonette shouldn't take much more to destroy.

Boris and Seidel lunge into combat, hoping to finish off the Deamonette! Boris is also set on fire as he fights on desperately!

Meshell blasts her in the shoulder, but its still not enough. Luthor is last to get an action in this area, and he draws his Crossbow and fires. The arrow shoots straight into the side of the Deamonette's skull and she collapses in a cloud of purple smoke, disappearing from the human realm. We have succeeded!

Luthor deals the killing blow to the Deamonette!

The Ravens consolidate. They collect the remaining loot, find the third Ward Wand and collect the third Grimoire, and find the Baron's book.

The Ravens retrieve the last Grimoire- hopefully the destruction of these evil books will allow the Library to stabilize, stopping further Deamons from appearing.

Boris pull it from the shelf and blows the dust from it. 'Ironclaw's Atrocities Against Our Great and Glorious Empire', he reads aloud. 'This is it, let's get packed up and get out of here!'. The Ravens gather together and head for the exit triumphantly.



New Items Acquired:
+60 Gold Crowns
Master Crafted Greta's Boon x1
Fine Shield x1
Martial Grimoire x1
Physical Grimoire x1
Mental Grimoire x1
Magical Formula: Rune of Commanders x1

Wyrdstone Fragments x7
Wyrdstone Shard x4
Wyrdstone Cluster x2

Excess/Unwanted Loot Sold For +19 Gold Crowns


Warrior Experience/Progress:

The Ravens of VGG = +5xp!
(5xp For Campaign Scenario Victory)

Boris Heelbeck = +6xp! +1 Mental Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Meshell Heelbeck = +6xp! +1 Physical Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Seidel Kraut = N MADE LEVEL 5! +5xp! +1 Martial Advancement! +2 Skill Points! +1 Offence Point! +1 Strategy Point!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)

Kristof = N MADE LEVEL 1! +6xp! +1 Physical Advancement! +2 Skill Points!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

'Head-Shot' Feggins = MVP! +8xp! +1 Physical Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp For Most Valuable Warrior)
(2xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Sylvester Ampersand = +5xp! +1 Mental Advancement! +1 Martial Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)

Klovis Finn = N MADE LEVEL 5! +6xp! +1 Martial Advancement! +1 Physical Advancement! +1 Strategy Point!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)
(1xp For Enemies Put Out of Action)

Knuckly Hod = +5xp! +1 Physical Advancement! +1 Mental Advancement!
(2xp For Surviving The Mission)
(3xp For Optional Objective Complete)


None this time around! cool


Post Session Warband Updates:

Boris Heelbeck: +1 Alertness, learned War Cry.
Sir Percival: Swapped Shield for Fine Shield, +4 Intelligence.
Sediel Kraut: +1 Weapon Skill.
Meshell Heelbeck: +1 Accuracy, +1 Toughness.
The Tick: Swapped Clothing for Fine Clothing.
Grimwulf: +3 Agility, +1 Intelligence.
Kristof: +1 Strength.
Knuckly Hod: +1 Agility, +1 Alertness, learned Armour Proficient.
Sylvester Ampersand: Swapped Heavy Armour for Fine Heavy Armour, +1 Alertness, +1 Weapon Skill, learned Armour Proficient.
Klovis Finn: Swapped Light Armour for Fine Light Armour.
'Heat-Shot' Feggins: +1 Toughness.

(Klovis Finn still has attribute points to spend).


Our Armoury:
Master Crafted Mandrake Root x1
Master Crafted Bugman's Ale x2
Master Crafted Crimson Shade x1
Master Crafted Greta's Boon x2
Fine Healing Draught x3
Fine Poultice x3

Partial Mordheim Map x1
Fine Mandrake Root x2
Fine Bugman's Ale x2
Fine Lucky Trinket x2

Aethyric Focus x2
Smelling Salts x2
Draught of Concentration x2
Shredded Mordheim Map x1
Sticky Sludge x2
Anti-Toxin x1
Bugman's Ale x1
Crimson Shade x2
Greta's Boon x1
Mad Cap Mushrooms x2

Dagger x2
Axe x1
Hammer x2
Mace x2
Spear x2
Sword x2
Halberd x1
Great Hammer x2
Great Axe x1
Great Sword x1
Staff x1
Ulrican Great Axe x1

Bow x2
Longbow x1
Crossbow x3
Fine Handgun x2

Pendant x2
Clothing x2
Shield x2
Light Armour x1
Heavy Armour x2

For details on all equipment in our armoury visit The Armoury


Would you like to join the Ravens of VGG? Head to our main discussion & recruitment thread for more information!
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"Join The Ravens of VGG- Wyrdstone, Gold & Glory Awaits!"
United Kingdom
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This run was a sharp contrast to the first attempt we made on Day 18!

Knowing what to expect and the layout of the map meant I knew exactly what to do-

Arm all warriors with a Ranged Weapon in addition to their usual load out and then snipe the majority of enemies from the separate platforms, meaning they were unable to retaliate. The AI is sadly not very sharp and will not try to escape the attacks, even though in many cases the Deamons could have just walked through the nearest Alter and come to find me up close!

It was a cheap strategy but it worked an absolute charm! I realised this was the strategy needed last time but it was already to late by the point I thought 'hey, this would work for the whole scenario!'.

Considering how much difficulty this mission gives players (searching online brings up many complaints) my strategy here is clearly the way to go!
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Andrew Hodkinson
Owen Sound
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No deaths. No injuries. Knucks say books not so bad.
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