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Rima Fauzi
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The Elemental Kings is a card game with 2 players in mind. In this discourse, there are no special cards being used.
Basic rules of the game - Each player begins with 20 life, and the main objective is to ensure the opponent life is down to zero. Players will take turns to be in “Attacking” and “Defensive” mode. Similarly to poker, players can use different combinations such as “Single”, “Straight Flush” as well as “Super” to attack your opponent with. Each of the attacks that were successful resulted in the decrease of opponent’s life.

I will share 2 strategies that can be used. However, do take note such game is very situational based therefore it is important to analyse the cards first before making any strategic move.

Attacking Strategy: Start slow but poke till it hurts.

As an attacker, when you attain the cards, it is important to strategize your cards by looking at the combination of the least damaged done to the opponent to the biggest one. For example, the Solos cards followed by maybe 2 Twins cards. At the same time, do take note of the cards face value too. Twins cards with the face value of 6 and above are pretty lethal as opponent needs the same value or bigger value to defend it so does the damage done to the life.

During attacking phase, the attacker needs to “test the water” first. By starting slow which means putting out solo cards to see whether the defender will take the bait. If the defender is reluctant to defend and willing to take the damage, this means the opponent have a good combination for their attack later. That is when the observation skills come in. Always be aware! The next strategic move to deal with this is to stop the opponent’s intended move by forcing them to defend instead of taking the damages. Using solos card and twins are good to combat such situation. It is a win-win situation in both ways as firstly you are stopping the opponent from their next “big” move and if he/she still insisted, the damage will still be done to their life.

However, the disadvantage of moving forward with that tactic is that the damage done to the opponent could be far less than opponent’s attacking combination. For example, if the opponent has a “Super” combination and willing to take attacker’s 3 solos and 1 twin attack. The defender still wins in the number of damage done to the attacker’s life when it is their turn to attack. In this case, the attacker has no choice but to take the heat and strategize for their next move when they draw the cards.

Defense Strategy: Lose some, win more!

During a defense phase, you are drawing cards as you defend the attack from your opponent. This is a good opportunity to plan ahead and find a good combo for next attack. Be smart about when it’s the time to defend and when it’s the time to take the damage for the good of your next attack.

As much as possible, clear the solo low face value cards during defending. This to hope for better combination when you pull the new cards from the shuffled cards. Also, when you see your attacking opponent is down to 2 or 3 cards, this will be the best time to strategize and be forceful with your next attack move. Keep high single value cards like 7-9 or start finding combination such as the same element for a “Flash” combination or face values in ascending orders for greater damage. At this stage, always be prepared to attack as aggressively as possible. It’s ok to take some damage for a better combination attack!


Words are easy to say but applying/doing them can be tricky especially in such situational based game. Therefore, it is important to take note that above strategy is a very general strategy.
Last words of advice: Luck can only bring you so far in this game and most of it is only applicable during the drawing of cards. But strategic planning is the one that wins the game! This game is not only about you and your moves but also understanding and reading your opponent’s mind.

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