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Of Fame and Fortune is a card game centered around gladiators fighting in Ancient Rome.

2-4 Players
15-30 minutes
Suitable for ages 10+

Rules and cards are available here:

The aim is to become the richest gladiator Rome has ever seen! Gain money through pleasing the crowd and defeating your enemies. Use it to buy more powerful weapons from the store, and do more damage to your enemies, and please the crowd even more in a never ending cycle of gold and blood.

Components needed/suggested:
1. Coins to use for money. The game uses coins as its only determination of the victor, and is critical to the game. However, a pencil and an eraser make viable substitutes, so long as your don't mind taking a little longer.

2. Card Sleeves and Spare TCG/CCG cards. As a card game, it should be printed on paper used for normal playing cards. If you print it on normal printer paper, the amount of ink will likely curl the paper, and make the cards see through. This can be stopped by sliding the paper card into a card sleeve, and sliding in a card from a TCG or CCG (Such as Magic, Pokemon, or Yu-Gi-Oh)in behind it.

3. Dice. You will need at least 2 six sided die (referred to as 2d6), though having two for each player will speed up the game significantly, as there are many simultaneous rolls.

4. Small (preferably cardboard or grey board) Circles. These are used for tracking each gladiators health, and can be borrowed from other games. If you do not wish to do this, you can also keep track of it with a pencil and an eraser. If you do it this way, note that all gladiators start on 14 health.

None of the artwork on the cards are my own. They have all been provided under the terms of the Creative Commons 3.0 license. Below is a list of the original creators of the artwork. All images can be found at

Artwork made by Carl Olsen, Skoll, Delapouite, and Lorc.
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