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Subject: An overview of this great expansion rss

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Wesley Jones
United States
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Adventure Land: King and Princess Expansion

I have only played each of these 3 scenarios 1 time and each with only 2 players, so this is not a proper review, but more of an overview or each adventure.

The original base game includes Adventures 1, 2 and 3. My review of that game can be found here

This expansion includes 3 new adventures 4, 5 and 6

The expansion includes an instruction booklet and the following:

Kidnap of the Princess --Adventure 4
The fog creatures have kidnapped the princess! She is being held by a super powerful giant creature somewhere in Adventureland. Adventurers are competing against each other to be the first to collect 5 different colored keys, find out where she is being held and defeat the terrible giant in order to free her!

This adventure uses these expansion materials:
• 20 key tokens
• City chips
• Princess tile
• Giant tile

In this adventure the princess is placed to the side and is covered by the giant and the giant is then covered by the top terrain card—face down. This terrain is the secret location where the princess is being held. The keys are also placed to the side in a stockpile.

At the beginning of the game, a certain city chip is placed on an intersection of a certain city and they are the means to obtaining keys of the same color. (City chips always remain on the board throughout the game). You receive a key from the stockpile when you have as many adventurers (plus companions) of the same color shown on the city chip. For example, if a gray city chip with the number 6, is in the city with 6 fields, you must have 6 adventurers and companions, in any combination, land on any of the 4 spaces surrounding that city chip in order to obtain a gray key. However, you may also purchase keys with gold!

You may attempt to rescue the princess when you have collected all 5 colored keys and have defeated enough fog creatures to obtain a certain minimum number of victory points (which depends on player count). The first player to meet those 2 conditions may then look at the secret location of the terrain card covering the giant to learn where the princess is being held (the element pictured on that terrain card is ignored).

The giant is extremely powerful (his power varies, depending on player count) so in addition to the base game rules for fighting fog creatures, you may also add to your combat strength the victory points (laurel wreath) of the fog creatures you already defeated.

The game ends when a player has rescued the princess. If no player can rescue the princess the giant has won!

Comments on game play:
This adventure 4 is actually a race game—racing to be the first to discover the location of the princess with enough strength to beat the giant.
One would think this scenario is geared solely toward tween girls—saving princesses and all. Not so! I consider myself a gamer and found this adventure full of tough decisions and trade offs. You’re not only doing everything you do in adventure 1 of the base game, but you also have to worry about collecting keys by gathering enough adventurers and companions to each city. When you finally discover the hidden location of the giant, you have to get there first and fight him. Yet his location may be behind most of your adventurers and companions. Very exciting scenario. Very well designed.

Variation:The giant tile is double sided where the other side is the “Powerful Giant” with even more strength points! In this variation, you can use the extra die and thus, use 4 dice if you have 4 sword tokens. Also, in this variation, if you purchase key tokens, they will be more expensive.

Two player game setup
The bottom left has the secret location covering the giant and princess tiles. Also note the one city chip in each city (you may need to enlarge photo to see)

Uprising of the Fog Creatures --Adventure 5
This adventure is a pure co-op where everyone wins together or loses together.
The aggressive super fog creatures are attacking the capital city (the one in the bottom right corner of the board). King Agamis calls on all the adventurers to work together to defeat these super fog creatures

This adventure uses these expansion materials:

• 14 Super Fog creature tiles, (instead of base game regular fog tiles. The victory points on each tile are ignored as you all win together or lose together, without totaling victory points. The victory points will presumably be used in future expansions. And there is no reason why these tiles with the 4th die can't be used on other Adventures).
• 6 red super companions. Each one counts as 5 of base game’s silver companions, so you’re swapping 5 silver for 1 red, as needed. Point value of 1 red in battle equals 5 silver.
• 1 extra die to use with the 3 base game dice, thus giving you 4 dice to use as sword rolls.


In this adventure, the fog creatures are “super” because they are more powerful than in the base game and also become they move!

The base game fog creatures have these combat strengths: 8, 10,12, 14, 16. In this 5th adventure, the super fog creatures have these combat strengths: 12, 15, 18, 21, 24. Because they move and are so powerful, you get two extra helps in your attempts to defeat them:
1. An extra 4th die to roll when using swords
2. Any or all players and companions can join together and share the same space. (This is where you swap 5 silver companions for one red super companion so spaces don’t get too crowded and so you don’t run out of silver companions)

All super fog creatures start the game face up already on the board. If you draw a fog creature terrain card then the corresponding super fog creature moves to the right or down to any empty field--players decide which empty field (fog creatures can jump over other fog creatures and the water sprite). If the super fog creature lands on a companion or companions, it/they are killed and removed. If it lands on an adventurer (with or without companions) then a fight immediately ensues, just like in the base game. Because fog creatures move, those that aren’t defeated will eventually all end up in the capital city (bottom right) or the 5 tile city (bottom middle).
If you can defeat all the super fog creatures before you get through the terrain card deck then you all win together. If you turn over the last terrain card and there is still at least one fog creature on the board, you all lose together.

Comments on game play:
I bought this expansion specifically for this co-op scenario as I love co-ops, so I am biased on this adventure. I loved it. It is a little bit of a brain burner, but still, we won our first game, barely. It takes quite a bit of planning to do this effectively and we had long discussions of planning ahead. If you can team up with other adventurers of a different color, then you can combine your swords, herbs and gold. It’s very fun to all be working and planning together.

2 player game set up.
Note the super fog creatures all start the game already on the board

Rescuing the King --Adventure 6
King Agamis has been taken prisoner by the fog creatures. Who can rescue him and reach the
Capitol city with lots of companions and gold to celebrate the defeat of the fog creatures?

This adventure uses these expansion items:
• The yellow King token
• 6 red super companions. Each one counts as 5 of base game’s silver companions, so you’re swapping 5 silver for 1 red, as needed. Point value of 1 red in battle equals 5 silver.
• 1 extra die to use with the 3 base game dice, thus giving you 4 dice to use as sword rolls.

This adventure has a few little rules not covered here. . .

This adventure does not use any terrain cards!
All herbs, swords and fog creatures and gold are placed face down in their appropriate terrain at the beginning of the game. A single companion is placed randomly in each city. Fog creatures are then flipped face up, one-at-a-time. As soon as the first combat strength 8 fog creature is flipped, the king is placed on this fog creature. Then play begins.

In the capital city only, an adventurer may occupy a space that is already occupied by another adventurer by driving him out. This can be done only if the invading adventurer is stronger than the existing one.

If you defeat the fog creature containing the king, you immediately gain 5 extra victory points. You then place the king on another fog creature of equal strength, or if they are all gone, on a fog creature of the next higher strength. If all fog creatures are defeated, the king gets placed on field K10.

The game ends immediately when all the fields in the capital city are occupied by adventurers and all fog creatures have been defeated.

Comments on game play:
As you can see the winner is not the person who frees the king but the winner is the one with the most victory points. Victory points are awarded for occupying field K10, also for the number of fog creatures defeated, most adventurers in the capitol city, most companions in the capitol city, most pieces of gold in the capitol city. All players lose if the king has not been fully rescued.

Ugh. I did not like this scenario at all. It is too mean spirited for me. I don’t like driving out other companions because I am more powerful or being driven out if I am weaker. I don’t like fighting to occupy space K10 to get those extra victory points. Sure, the other scenarios (with the exception of #5) have you trying to get the most victory points or occupy the most fields, etc., but they do so in a way that is good natured family fun, IMO. This one is more mean and cutthroat. It’s just not my style of game.

Also, I miss the terrain cards and the randomness that comes with their placement.
The scoring is also a bit more convoluted (like scenario 3), which just adds to the disfavor.

This adventure certainly has a different flavor that may appeal to some, but not to me. But don’t let this comment discourage you—this is a great scenario for those who love cutthroat play.

Two player set up
Note no terrain card deck. Every field is covered except cities which start with only one companion.

My very subjective rankings of the adventures:
1st--#4 and #5 (tie)

Incidentally, if you wish to save shelf space, the contents of the expansion very easily fit inside the base game box (without having to remove its insert).

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Martyn F
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Designer of board games with a bite...

Thanks! I am definitely going to buy this one!
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