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Subject: Thoughts on Arani after triple nightmare solo rss

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Back again with a new hero! Mistfall has a lot of neat heroes with different personalities. Arani was a tough hero for me. I found her quite complex to use! In this game, I finally kicked it up to the max and played using the Quest Charter, Hero Charter, and Time Cards on Nightmare. Tough game! These are my thoughts on Arani.

Edit: Triple nightmare destroyed me until I got the hang of my hero. Nightmare difficulty is not cheap, and it is not artificial - if you take the time to understand your hero, it can be done! It is well-designed difficulty!

Nightmare Time Cards often raise the Time Track by 3, and by more unless you discard many cards. I felt the best way to deal with this challenge is to keep all my rewards instead of trading them for Resolve. Then I have some extra cards to chuck to the Time Cards. This means less Resolve to spend, but hey ho. I also cannot afford to spend more than one round per encounter and I used Resolve to fast-travel through safe locations.

I thought I would outline the flow of a typical quest with Arani solo.

Part 1: The First Encounter (Fist of Dawn over and over...)

Arani’s starting weapon, the mace, is not that impressive. She begins with no Combat cards, the damage output is low, and worst, there is no fast action. Even if Arani can get the mace back into her hand, she can’t use it again. The mace becomes much better with Holy Zeal, Strength of Dawn, and Hammer of Dawn, but these are advanced feats. The mace can daze, so it’s good for subduing a weak raging enemy and leaving it alive to rage with 0 damage while you take out others, but it’s not a real killer at the start.

Fire Divine can help the mace by adding another wound to an enemy vulnerable to Divine or Flame, but otherwise it just adds a burn. Conditions are great to help finish off an enemy, but if you need the enemy killed now (usually to break through to the Quest Area), it’s no help.

The only other basic feat that deals damage is Fist of Dawn. Having repeated access to this card can help whittle down enemies if your mace is used up, but the trick is to be able to use it repeatedly. You have two copies of Fist of Dawn, but you can use it even more frequently if you take advantage of Arani’s deck control.

Arani has three basic cards to manipulate her deck. Divine Insight draws two cards, which is helpful to find a copy of Fist of Dawn. Sacrifice recovers any card from her discard into her hand (for a trade), and Holy Symbol recovers a discarded Healing or Holy card. Holy Symbol is put on the draw after use, so not only will Arani have access to it every round, but she can use Divine Insight to re-draw it. Divine Insight, therefore, can be viewed as an additional copy of Holy Symbol.

When a round begins, I count the number of Holy Symbol, Divine Insight, and Sacrifice cards I have in my hand (or will draw from the deck) and this is the number of times I can recover a card from the discard that round. For example, if I begin with a Holy Symbol and two Sacrifices, I can recover cards three times. In the first encounter, this helps me decide the number of times I can re-use Fist of Dawn. Generally, part of my strategy is to determine which cards to keep in the discard for easy access.

Normally, using a “recovery card” on another “recovery card” will not increase the number of recoveries you can make that round. For instance, if Sacrifice is in the discard, using Holy Symbol on it has no net effect; you may as well have used Holy Symbol in the first place. However, there are exceptions when using these cards on each other can have helpful effects.

1. Divine Insight will draw a used Holy Symbol plus 1 more card, so you can repeat this loop infinitely (using Holy Symbol on Divine Insight and then Divine Insight on Holy Symbol +1 card) to draw as many cards as you wish for 4 focus per card.

2. Also, using Holy Symbol on Sacrifice and then Sacrifice on Fist of Dawn will allow you to get around the fact that Holy Symbol cannot work on Fist of Dawn (one of the few non-Holy cards), but Sacrifice can.

During the first encounter, I use Arani’s deck control to search for the cards necessary to use and re-use Fist of Dawn as many times as needed to kill the enemies. Ideally, I will generate my first Resolve with Fist of Dawn, upgrade my mace with Strength of Dawn, and then begin using the mace. Occasionally, I will have to use the mace twice before I can start using Fist of Dawn, and to do that I will not only need Holy Zeal (for 1 Resolve), but I will also need either Divine Insight or Sacrifice to get the mace back.

Part 2: Upgraded Mace and Holy Zeal

Once Strength of Dawn is in play, the mace becomes much more useful and powerful. Even if it kills an enemy in a single hit, it still can only attack once, so I will have to rely on Fist of Dawn to attack other enemies.

To use the mace twice, I will need Holy Zeal and a card to get my mace back. This is two cards simply to use the mace twice. I want to keep these two cards in the discard and recover them every round. The problem is that Arani only gets one free “recovery” card per round (Holy Symbol) so this – at first – seems it is not a self-feeding, infinite loop. It will work on the rounds in which she manages to begin with an additional recovery card, but not every round.

Fortunately, Divine Insight functions both as a mace re-drawer and a Holy Symbol re-drawer with a single play, so this loop does become self-sustaining. Holy Symbol can recover Holy Zeal, and Divine Insight can re-draw the mace and re-draw the Holy Symbol to then recover itself into Arani’s hand. It works like this: I use the mace, use Holy Symbol to recover Holy Zeal, use Divine Insight to recover the mace and Holy Symbol, and then use Holy Zeal and the mace again. Finally, I can recover Divine Insight by Holy Symbol and keep it in my hand for next round. By keeping Holy Zeal in the discard and Divine Insight in my hand, using the mace twice is possible every round. When I rest, I move Holy Zeal from burial to the discard and keep it there. Minor Heal can replace it as well.

If I get Stunning Hammer as a reward gear, I no longer need Divine Insight in my hand. Two weapons and Holy Symbol drawn every round (plus Holy Zeal in the discard) is enough for two good attacks per round. With Hammer of Dawn in play as well, these attacks will kill almost anything.
The point when I have Holy Zeal in the discard, Strength of Dawn in play, Hammer of Dawn in play, and either a second weapon or Divine Insight in hand is when I am at my strongest. It takes 5 Resolve to get there.

Part 3: The Boss
My tactic for the boss is to typically store up 6 Resolve, buy I Am Retribution and Greater Heal, then Heal myself for 7 (6 + Grace of Dawn) and unleash. Any leftover wounds are easily done with my weapons. This means I must acquire 11 Resolve (or 10 additional) over the course of the quest: 5 for good weapon strength and 6 for the boss. I found this is usually possible, especially in Quest II and IV with predictable maps, with enough left over for fast travel.

Divine Protection: I never used this, but I can see it being helpful in multiplayer.

Fist of Dawn: Totally essential feat that I use while my mace is getting upgraded.

Fire Divine: Good to take advantage of Flame vulnerability or squeeze out that last wound via burn.

Minor Heal: Rarely used this other than taking Holy Zeal to the discard. Arani gets 3 restoration per rest, plus the location value. Probably better in multiplayer.

Sacrifice: Essential card to recover everything from weapons to Fist of Dawn.

Divine Insight: A key element of Arani’s deck control, used for Holy Symbol recharges and infinite draws.

Holy Zeal: The only way to attack twice with a mace or hammer. I keep it in the discard for easy access.

Light of Dawn: I rarely used this but it was the only way I could one-round an encounter in the off-chance I could not kill all the enemies. Good to have, but try and save your early Resolve for Strength of Dawn or Holy Zeal.

Blessing of Fire: I found it’s more efficient to just kill enemies than to weaken them. Arani’s weakness is her number of attacks per round, and even against a wounded enemy she still has to finish it off with a weapon. Probably good for crowd control in multiplayer.

Back to the Shadows: I can see the utility of this feat, but I would hate to use it early for 2 Resolve. Never used it myself, but I was tempted every now and then.

Greater Heal: Fuel for I Am Retribution. Never had the need to heal so much otherwise, as Arani’s rests a lot of cards. Probably a good multiplayer feat.

Strength of Dawn: Critical feat. Without it, the mace is too weak.

Hammer of Dawn: Nice buff that I get as soon as possible after Strength of Dawn.

Blessing of Restoration: Never got this as I didn’t have to heal too much. Multiplayer might be better.

Holy Smite: Seems like a good situational card but I didn’t use it. By the time I could afford it, I’d already gotten Strength of Dawn, which lets me get +2 damage from Combat cards. 5 from the mace and +2 from Holy Smite (7 damage total) was overkill with most normal enemies, and for the boss I had I Am Retribution.

I Am Retribution: Boss killer in combination with Greater Heal.

Way of Dawn: I figured I would use this card a lot, but by the time I could afford it, I’ve upgraded Arani to kill things easily anyway. It’s possible to use it at the boss, but I Am Retribution was just easier. I can see this being helpful in multiplayer where other heroes can contribute to its progress.

This is an example of a difficult first encounter. It includes how you might count “recovery cards” and also shows the infinite draw trick.

Opening Hand: Fire Divine, Divine Insight, Sacrifice, Fist of Dawn, Round Shield.

In this first encounter, I am facing a Ravenous Draugr and Bonesorrow Shooter in my Hero Area and a Cursed Walker in the Quest Area. To win the encounter, I must kill all three enemies. I must kill the Draugr first, then the Shooter (due to Skirmisher), then the Walker.
The Draugr has 4 health and a magical defense of 2, so it will take 4 uses of Fist of Dawn to kill it. The Draugr will absorb all the damage and will only get wounded due to a flame vulnerability. This is excessive, and I will be unable to kill the other enemies by mace unless I buy Holy Smite, but that’s a lot of Fist of Dawns. It would be better to kill the Draugr by mace.

It will take two strong attacks each dealing 3 damage (1 wound) as well as a flame vulnerability (1 wound) via Fire Divine. Then, two uses of the Fist of Dawn will kill the Shooter (each doing 1 wound via damage and 1 via vulnerability). Finally, a single Fist of Dawn will inflict 2 wounds on the Walker (1 via damage and 1 vulnerability) with a burn that will kill it in the defense phase.

Two strong attacks with the mace will require Holy Zeal and Sacrifice, which I have or can get. I also have Fire Divine and Fist of Dawn, but I will need 2 uses of Fire Divine and 3 uses of Fist of Dawn. Thus, in addition to recovering my mace, I will need to “recover” Fire Divine once and Fist of Dawn twice – 4 “recovery cards” in total. Let’s count my recovery cards. I have Holy Symbol, of course, and I also have Divine Insight to re-draw it, plus Sacrifice. I still need a fourth “recovery card.” I will need to use the “infinite draw” trick of the Holy Symbol-Divine Insight loop to keep drawing until I get it.

1. Fire Divine embedding mace stronger action versus Ravenous Draugr. (2 wounds, 1 burn, 1 daze.)
2. Holy Symbol on Fire Divine. (Recovery card #1 used.) Sacrifice (burying Round Shield) on mace. (Recovery Card #2 used.)
3. Purchase Holy Zeal. Use Holy Zeal embedding Fire Divine embedding mace strong action (2 wounds, kill Draugr.)
4. Fist of Dawn on Bonesorrow Shooter (2 wounds, 1 burn.)
5. Divine Insight to draw Holy Symbol and another Fire Divine. (Holy Symbol re-drawn; Recovery card #3 obtained, pending use. I need a 4th recovery card, and I need to do the infinite draw trick now. If I use Holy Symbol on Fist of Dawn now, Divine Insight will be trapped in the discard with the Holy Symbol on the draw and I can’t do the infinite draw trick. So remember – do the infinite draw before you use Holy Symbol on something else.)
6. Equip Holy Symbol. Use Holy Symbol on Divine Insight. Use Divine Insight to draw Holy Symbol and another Divine Insight. (I’ll use Divine Insight directly to speed up the infinite draw.) Use the new Divine Insight to draw Sacrifice and Divine Protection. (4th recovery card found.)
7. Use Sacrifice (burying Fire Divine from Discard) to recover Fist of Dawn. (Recovery Card #4 used.) Use Fist of Dawn on Bonesorrow Shooter (2 wounds, kill).
8. Use Holy Symbol (Recovery Card #3 now used) on Sacrifice and then Sacrifice (burying another discarded card) on Fist of Dawn.
9. Use Fist of Dawn on Cursed Walker doing 2 wounds and 1 burn. Dies in the defense phase from burn.
EDIT: The amount of focus generated with this trick puts the reinforcement track up to the max, just shy of +1 time, but since the encounter is over it'll reset to 0 next round and no problem. Also the first kill got rid of the only raging enemy, so no counterattacks.

Thanks for reading. Arani was tough to learn but a really rewarding hero to use once I finally got the hang of her. Mistfall is so great...I can write down all these little tidbits and it just scratches the surface because every encounter is different - and this is just solo play.
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thank you once again for reading and even the geekgold. I noticed my recent threads have received some tips and I wanted to say it is generous of you and I'm glad you like my contributions.
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