Joseph Cowlishaw
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Next wave announcement here:

We don't obviously, know much, but they look interesting.

Wookie Gunship

So, 24 points- the generic seems designed to fill its crew slots with wookie commandoes, giving it rerolled focus results when attacking, and a nailed-on reinforce token. A reinforced token, 3 shields and 6 hull makes for a terrifyingly hard ship to hurt, tougher by some margin than a B-wing or T-70 X-wing.

I'd assume it's dial will be pretty awful given the toughness of the ship, but also note that it has an auxiliary arc - a 180 degree forward arc covers a multitude of sins (see the Hounds tooth) and makes it a damn sight easier for four ships to gang up on one elusive target.

The ace ships are an unknown, but there are enough good unique rebel crew (and non-rebel crew) that I can easily imagine two crew slots on a small ship being very impressive. The pack comes with tactician, for example - tactician/gunner is an unpleasant thing to get whomped with.

I'm also intrigued (concerned?) by the fact that the pack has two reinforce tokens in it. One of the crew cards - Br[??] Spec[??] has some sort of interaction with reinforce tokens and damage cards. The thought of a ship with two reinforce tokens on it is frankly bloody terrifying.

The unique EPT, selflessness, has some interaction with nearby friends getting attacked. I assume it's going to be some sort of analogue to draw their fire/reverse xizor. The text "you may [???] this card" implies it may be one use - maybe letting you take the entire attack, though.

Intimidation and hull upgrade we know. For a tough, probably unmanouvrable ship, they're worth a thought.


A rebel/scum bomber. Woo. Just what we needed. Turret, torpedo, missile, crew, bomb, bomb is a nice upgrade bar - most importantly with the addition of EPTs (unlike the K-wing or Punisher).

Systems and Salvaged Astromechs are a nice bolt-on for a title - and a good trade for a crew, given it's free.

The system upgrade looks scary - Mine[field] something - it talks about the deploy forces step but then talks about bomb upgrades - deploying cluster mines, or connor nets 'loose' on the board could be rather nasty.

Cruise missiles appear to be a proton rocket analogue - instead of adding your agility, you add the speed of the manoeuvre you executed. That has potential to be a terrifying, if very skill dependent weapon (which is good) as you need to plan a long "attack run" to use them.

Seismic torpedo we know, synched turret we can see elsewhere (it essentially means you can fire outside arc if you have a target lock, and don't need to spend it to fire within arc.

It looks like a beast of ship. We know it has a speed 4 straight and a speed 3 kturn. It has the durability of a Lambda shuttle, but a small base and barrel roll, so it's a brute of a ship by raw stats (hardly needing ordnance to be scary). Hopefully the rest of the dial is pretty god-awful; even off the top of my head, 4 of these things, 2 with tacticians or all with intel agents (to help block) is pretty nasty.

TIE aggressor

So...the empire gets a Y-wing.
Probably more interesting for its upgrades than the ship itself. Still, 4 Sienar Specialists with twin laser turret and lightweight frame (both conveniently included) is a nasty TLT swarm - barrel roll and a hopefully half-decent dial could be hard to evade.

to make matters worse, the Empire could take a TLT mob and build it around captain jonus:

Captain Jonus - TIE shuttle, Rebel Captive, Lightweight Frame
Seinar Specialist - Twin Laser Turret x 3

The onyx specialist is PS5 so hopefully should have an EPT - the addition of intensity - an EPT which gets 'exhausted' and needs a focus token to 'refresh' sounds interesting.

Probably one of the most interesting upgrades is unguided rockets. Essentially this gives anything with two missile slots the option to become a 3-die attack ship. Yes, you need a focus to fire it, but neither the focus token nor the card are consumed by doing so; making it a simple, reliable upgrade.

Scimitar Squadron Pilot, Lightweight Frame, Unguided Rockets has its downsides - no shields, so vulnerable to criticals, knocked back to a 2-dice primary if denied its action or forced to spend focus defensively, gaining no bonus from lightweight frame when range 3 or obstructed shots get involved, and still only getting a 3-dice attack at range 1.

On the other hand, on those days where it works as intended, you've got an agility 3, 6 hull x-wing for 20 points, and whilst it may not get an extra green die at range 3, neither do you as the rockets are a secondary weapon.

This gives the TIE bomber and TIE punisher some nice options, and lets you fly the TIE aggressor as a more conventional 'heavy fighter' rather than a turret ship.

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Duncan Flint
United Kingdom
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I'm just excited that the Empire are finally getting a small base Turret.
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Kevin Allenberg
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locarno24 wrote:
I'd assume it's dial will be pretty awful given the toughness of the ship,

I'm hopeful but not confident that this will be the case. The white bank 3 shown in the image has me a little worried that it will have a better dial than a B-wing. Grant you that is based on a single maneuver, but if is a better dial than the B-wing then I think this ship is going to end up being pretty significant in the meta.
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