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Subject: Game 27 – Arkham Tremors, Time and Time Again! - 11/03/2017 rss

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Fernando Santos
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And let’s us return to Arkham Horror, what better way to celebrate another year with the love of my life?

And since now I have almost all expansions (still missing Innsmouth Horror and The Black Goat of the Woods), we are leaving our confort zone and let’s strike against some Ancient Ones we have never played before.

So it´s the Base Arkham Horror + Dunwich Horror + CoTdP (Revised Edition)

Ancient One: Shudde M'ell

We have played against him in Elder Sign but never in Arkham Horror, so, true believers, it´s a first time!

So it´s me and my fiancée, each one of us would control two investigators, I put all the investigators we have on the pool, draw 4 random to each one and picked two for us to control:

So the chosen ones were:

-Lily Chen (my fiancée)
-Ashcan Pete (my fiancée)
-Mark Harrigan (me)
-Gloria Goldberg (me)

And another debut, it’s Lily Chen first time at our table! We had used her before in Eldritch and love it, so, my fiancée was curious how she would make it in Arkham, and when I show her the starting skill it became a no brainer!

On the starting items we got a handy Gate Box and for spells Gloria got a Find Portal and a Summon Shatak.

And since Gloria had also a Task ( that could give her 5$ and 4 Clues we were not complaining about it, as for weapons, we trust in Mark and his FLAMEPOWER!!!!

The game started as they always do, with an opening of a gate and then a monster! We started on our strategy but soon the game show us that would not be a walk in the park!

Remember that Task? It had 3 locations Gloria had to visit by order: Arkham Asylum, The Witch House and Newspaper.

So, Gloria went to Arkham Asylum, made it near the Witch House on the next turn and then a double doomer brings a monster surge… Arkham started trembling and the Newspaper became a pile of rubble….

Damn you Shudde M'ell! The first one location had to be the Newspaper? Really???!!

But we moved on, now with Gloria having a useless task…

We made our first seal on the Unnamable and the second one on the Witch House.

But the earth kept on trembling, and soon the River Docks were destroyed…

And another monster surge and puff, The Bank was no more! But we sealed another gate!

And then we were left with 3 sealed gates, Unnamable, Witch House and Independence Square, and there’s was also an open one at the Woods, the only open one…

Yes, we were thinking what you were thinking…

So Gloria is flying on Shantak wings, and ignoring all the monsters at the Woods, and there she goes to Another World where she picks the not worst encounter of the two of them!

And a gate opens and it´s a gate burst, pop there goes the seal in the Unnamable for the desperation of my fiancee, but I was good about that because Gloria now casts Find Gate, returns to Arkham and Yes, Closes and seals (just because we can) another gate!

So, 3 Sealed Gates on the Board, no open gates, 4 gate throphies! We win!

A fast but enjoyable game, we won in like 9 Mythos.

The Doom Track finished at 06 and the Terror Track at 1.

Lily Chen is a killing machine! That +2 for each open hand and guess what in an encounter she got another skill: Grappling, oh yeah!

So we had fun, my fiancee has another investigator she likes a lot!

Now remember that we had also Dunwich in the mix, but it was the first time where NOTHING happened on that village, nothing at all, not a single gat opened that, not a clue appeared, nothing at all.
And since I always use Miskatonic Horror components now, that’s very rare indeed! A unusual game!!!!

Especially since we had 2 Neighborhoods being patrolled in Arkham, something that it’s very rare indeed and in this game there were two of them!

The Board, The Ancient One and the Investigators:

Game 27/100
Wins 25/27 [Seal» 14 - No Gates» 6 - Final Battle 5]
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