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Hi guys was looking at the legendary alien encounters and found that the avatar mechanism adds a more personal feel and increase the amount of coop to the game.

VP will be used in this game for something more useful

I was thinking:

There will be mainly 5 main avatars and they all have a certain number of influence (lives) with a special card specific to your avatar that will be shuffled into your deck.

Professor X 9 Influence points
Captain America 10 Influence points
Tony Stark 10 Influence points
Cyclops 11 Influence points
Thor 12 Influence points

Whenever a villian escapes, a master strike occurs, or a scheme twist happens, a card from the strike pile is drawn on the player's turn. These cards will result in a fall in influence of your avatar. When the influence of your avatar reaches 0, you are removed from the game.

Special rules: The standard wounds can be used to indicate the fall influence.
You can KO cards in your victory pile worth 4 victory points during your turn to restore influence in any player. [No limit]
You can also restore influence in any player by spending 6 attack on your turn. [No limit]

Therefore your starting deck will consist of 8 Agents, 3 Troopers, and 1 special card.

Special cards have either attack or recruit points and 2 abilities which can only be used on your turn.
Special cards cannot be KO-ed.


Professor X:
Draw a Card
You may discard a card to reveal the top 3 cards of the strike deck. Put them in any order.
You may use 2 VP to restore an additional influence point from any player.

Captain America:
1 recruit
Shield Throw:
If this is in your hand, you may prevent any one player from losing 1 influence points this round.
You can pay 4 recruit points to restore an additional 1 influence point on any player.

Tony Stark:
1 attack
Smart Missiles:
You may KO a card in any other player's hand
You can spend 4 attack points to restore an additional 1 influence point on any player.

1 attack+
Optic Blast:
You may lose 1 influence point to gain additional 2 attack this turn
You may discard 2 cards in your hand to restore an additional 1 influence point on yourself.

Draw 2 cards and discard 1
God of Thunder:
You may discard 3 cards to restore 1 additional influence point on any player
You may lose 1 influence point to restore 2 influence point on another player.

The strike cards (cards from legendary encounters) are as follows: [Need naming suggestions + card suggestions]

3 x Bleeding Out [1 for 3-4 tactics remaining, 2 for 2 tactics remaining, 3 for 1 tactics remaining]
6 x Close Call [0]
5 x Contaminated Wound [2 +discard a card]
10 x Flesh Wound [1]
3 x Splash Damage [1, next player draws a strike]
1 x Tail Whip [3]
1 x Massive Blow [5]
3 x Somebody Help [4, another player can prevent this by revealing a covert card]
3 x Double Slash [1, draw another strike card]
4 x Contaminated Gas [2]
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