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Subject: Death star the double agent rss

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Luke Skycrawler
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Sorry for any grammar mistakes as English was my second language.

Sorry if my article is unorganized and boring as I have never posted any session report before.

Last night I (Rebel) played the game with my friend (Imperial). I an the game owner and only played once before last night game, while my friend had never played before but managed to catch the rule pretty quickly. The only advantage I had over my friend was knowing all the cards.

We set up the game as first game instructed by the rule book.

Episode 4 (early game): My base was in Dantooine. The rebel primarily tried to sabotage the subjugated system, to infiltrate to mill a hard objective card, and to gain loyalty in the upper middle area (Nal hutta, Toydoria, Rodia) in hope to make the imperial think that the base was there. The imperial early seemed persuaded and moved his fleets toward the upper middle region. However, he didn't move much as he also sent the leaders to opposed sabotage mission and build alliance mission every round. At the end of turn 1, the imperial attempted mission "Display of power" at Kashyyyk and succeeded to change the rebel royalty to his, gaining 2 stormtroopers every 2 rounds.

In the early stage, the rebel sabotage missions were mostly opposed and they only had 3 loyalty systems. No objective deck I was done (not even close). Not a good start.

Episode 5 (mid game): The Imperial attempted to capture the Princess but was saved by the card "Wookkie guardian". The rebel didn't let the opportunity slip away and immediately play the objective card "Leave no one behind" at the end of round 4 to score his first point. However, the imperial continued to capture the leader and eventually got Luke!. The Imperial fleets were spread and covered pretty much half of the map at this point. Things got worse as the Imperial used General Yularen to investigate the Naboo region (using his action card) and found out that the rebel base was not in the region. That's four systems down. Then the General and his interrogation droid managed to get information from Luke. Three systems (Dantooine, Ryloth, and Kessel) were determined as the Imperial smiled cunningly and tended to move his fleets toward only Kessel and Dantooine.

The rebel was pretty much hopeless as he lost all loyalties in upper middle zone to neutral by Jenus Greejatus's signature mission card and most systems were also subjugated. The rebel then changed the plan and tried to gain loyalties in Ryloth zone hoping to score "Regional support". He also saw that Coruscant defense was very thin (2 stormtroopers) so he used "Hidden fleet" to move 1 Corvette, some fighters, and some troopers and 1 speeder from the rebel base space to Cato system (Neutral and no imperial unit) hoping to score "Heart of the empire".

Eventually at around turn 6, the rebel managed to score "Regional support" and "Cut supply line", tightening the time and frustrating the Imperial even more.

Episode 6 (late game): The Imperial even did spread his forces even wider and seemed to know that Dantooine was his target. However, the rebel force in Cato was big enough so the Imperial had to pulled his fleets from 3 adjacent systems (3 ISDs, 3 AT-STs, 3 Assault carriers) back to Cato, buying more time for the rebel. The battle of Cato victory went to the Imperial as the rebel forces were crushed easily. No more "Heart of the empire"

After than, most of imperial fleets went toward Dantooine at this point. Also no RM for the rebel as the Imperial covered almost all systems.

The rebel aimed to destroy an ISD on Geonosis with 2 Corvettes and some fighters to score another point. Only 1 damage short, thus failing the objective and lost all space fleets on Geonosis.

Last round (Imperial turn 9, Rebel at 11), a HUGE imperial forces including a Death star were waiting at Mageeto and Dathomir, ready to snatch the victory. The rebel base had no ground troops except 2 Ion canons and 2 Shield generators. The capital ships were 2 Cruisers, 1 X-wing and 1 Y-wing. There was no way to retreat. The Death star would massacre all rebel space fleets and AT-ATs/AT-STs would massacre all rebel ground units.

Finally, the Imperial moved in and destroyed 1 Cruiser and 1 Y-wing. Luckily, 1 X-wing left and enough for the rebel to use "Death star plans" to roll 3 dices with no "one in a million" card to help. He rolled and got exactly 1 critical hit, scoring 2 points and gained an unbelievable victory. Should the critical hit not rolled, the rebel would 100% lose by that Death star.

Although the Imperial played the game correctly (focus on expanding and spreading forces), maybe the Imperial took to much time before striking the rebel base at Dantooine, or maybe because he didn't even care to draw a single project card. However, I love the fact that the game was pretty balance, the victory was decided by the last dice roll, and the Death star could be both a very powerful tool and a very huge liability at the same time.

The last night game by far was one of the most memorable board game moment in my life. It took 5 hours, including game teaching.
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Gabriel Gonzalez Pavón
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EXCELLENT session report on an outstanding game!. For being your first one it scores even higher for me :-) Congratulations!
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