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Subject: Deck Concepts rss

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Ben Swainbank
United States
New Hampshire
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With all the new expansion content there is now a huge variety of possible decks and deck concepts to play with. Here are a few of our favorites:

Brawling for Justice
Heroes: Raven, Red Hildegarde
Missions: Seeking Justice, Lockdown, Show You the Error of Your Ways
Description: Raven and Hilde' focus on their physical powers in a pretty straightforward beat-up-the-badguys deck. Flavored with fun pets and a bit of mystical and mutant trickery.

Heroes: Gauntlet, Pharaoh
Missions: Seeking Justice, Lockdown, Say Goodbye
Description: Focuses on the energy powers shared by the heroes. But then Gauntlet has a some strong technology cards and Pharaoh supplements with powerful mystical abilities.

So Many Ways to End the World
Villains: Dr. Apocalypse, Lady Armageddon
Missions: Terror from the Abyss, Say Goodbye, Watch it Burn
Description: Division of labor deck. Dr. Apocalypse tends to say in the HQ summoning demons. Lady Armageddon goes out and destroys the city. When Asmodeus arrives, they all hunt down anything that moves.

Street Sweepers
Heroes: Cougar, Armorman
Missions: Clean Up the Streets, Seeking Justice, Lockdown
Description: Armorman recruits Street Toughs, and hands them over the villains, and gets Hired Muscle and friend to help the heroes. The heroes can choose to focus on the Street Toughs or supervillains. Generally the toughs are easier prey.

Suffer for My Art
Villain: Master Mime
Missions: Right Into My Trap, Where's Your Hero Now?, Now That It's Too Last to Stop Me
Description: Master Mime sets up his deadly art installation to torment the heroes and their loved ones.

Time to Kill
Villain: Rune
Missions: Day of Reckoning, Into My Clutches, The Great Unmasking
Description: Rune hunts superheros with high-tech weaponry.

There's a taste of some of the decks we're running. There are many more. We're curious what other players come up with.

What decks are you playing?

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Brian Lombard
United States
New Carlisle
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just wondering if you would be willing to post some of your own deck constructions? You gave us some great concepts above, but I would love to see some actual full decks. This would help me with my own construction. I'm not inherently good at building my own decks, so I love to see the decks of better players to get some new ideas.
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Brian Lombard
United States
New Carlisle
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here is my first 2 hero deck.

Heroes: Mant-Man and Enforcer
Cards: Maximum Force (x1) Enforcer Signature
Let's Roll (x4)
Snare (x1)
Recover (x6)
Galaxamite (x2)
Must Focus (x2)
Pushing It (x1)
Shark Attack (x2)
Gas Attack (x3)
Sock In the Jaw (x2)
Zap (x2)
Open Fire (x6)
Power Shield (x4)
Body Armor (x4)
Structural Weakness (x3
Seeking Justice (x1) Mission
Lockdown (x1) Mission
Say Goodbye (x1) Mission
Support Cards:
Hydro-Power (x1) Mant-Man Signature
On the Move (x2)
Bring Em' To Justice (x1)
I Can Use This (x1)
On the Mend (x2)
Strike Fear (x1)
Duck (x2)
Biff (x1)

Play Concepts: Both Enforcer and Manta-Man share a ton of powers. Manta-Man brings Enhanced Mental to the table so he can use Strike Fear and Must Focus. Enforcer has Superhuman Technology and can use Power Shield and Gas Attack. Manta-Man can use Push It to also use Power Shield and Gas Attack. He can also use his Hydro-Power signature to use those cards as well, as long as he is on a waterfront location. Give your opponent a good reason to come to him. In all, almost all of your cards can be used by both heroes. This deck makes the heroes really hard to KO and even when KO'd they get up on the next turn due to 7 or so healing cards in the deck. They don't do a ton of damage per card but they have a lot of attack options and will consistently be damaging the opponent. In a war of attrition, these guys have the advantage. One of the best cards in the deck is the Gas Attack card. This card does both 1 damage and 1 drain and there are 3 of them in the deck. This can quickly slow down the opponent giving Manta-Man and Enforcer greater momentum allowing them to stay ahead of the opponent in both attack and defense. The opponent has to use their healing to get rid of the drain counters so they can start using more of their cards. When used at the right time, the enemy should have 1 or 2 damage counters on them, this card makes the enemy scramble to both heal themselves and get rid of the drain counters. At this point, Enforcer and Manta-Man can start running circles around the opposition.
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