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Mare Balticum is a family weight pick up and deliver game. I do not remember playing a lot of these games. The first thing people will notice about this game is the art work. Without it, I don't believe the game has as much charm. It is just super cute.

The game doesn't give you a lot of options on your turn which is good for playing with littler players. I wouldn't say there is deep strategy in your decisions either. Sometimes it is just a race to get a token and get it back. Nothing more than that.

The biggest decision is which multiplier to put where. Early on, this decision can seem more random and can have long consequences on your score. Later in the game, this decision will seem more obvious (you hope) and those decisions you made earlier in the game (sometimes with very little information) will not only come back to haunt you but will limit your decisions available. Bummer.

While I don't want to say there isn't any strategic play at all in the game, of course there is, sometimes you are making these decisions with very little information. At its core, I feel this game was designed for families and I think they will have a good time with it. Maybe even use it as a learning game to move on to other games or more advanced P/D games in the future if someone wanted to.



The components are really wrapped around the art work. It has this cute claymation look to the art. This is going to be very attractive to many. Otherwise, the board is colorful enough and laid out in an easy way to view. The tokens are thick and it is easy to see the difference between them. The wooden ships are nice and thick and easy to use, if not dated.

Rule Book:

This is a really simple game. The rules do a good job of explaining everything. You really have only three options on a turn. There are a couple of variants included at the end of the game. Once you start playing, I don't believe you would need to revert to the rule book at anytime.

Flow of the Game:

The options you have in this game are three fold:

1. Move - you do this by adding a boat to the end of your line of boats. If all of your boats are off the board, you pick one up and put it on the end of the line. All of your boats must be in a continued line.

2. Pick up a token off the board. If you are boat shares a space with a token, you pick it up and place it on a ship on your player mat.

3. Deliver to a port: If your boat line connects to a port and the demand token there requires then you move it on your player board from the ship to the bottom.

At certain intervals in the game, a time token may be pulled out. If so, each player takes a multiplier token and places on one of the types of fish. There is 0, 1, 2, 3 tokens.

Should I buy this game?:

I am only going to recommend this to people who fall in love with the art work and maybe would play this as a family game. This is squarely going to fall into that family game sphere. I don't know if there are a ton of pick and deliver games for families so this might be the one I recommend.

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