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Just finished my first solo game of this cool game and thought I would post a taster here.

This is a brief outline - I played the This Cursed Rock full scenario.

I made mistakes and misinterpretations along the way but felt I got a broad feel for it. It seems tough for the Ottomans. Plague set in on the third roll (that's the fifth week out of twenty in the game, and at very poor odds)and took a huge toll. Although only Fort St.Angelo was left to the Christians it was 23 : 26 (Ottoman : Christian) SPs left. The body count was huge! (Christians start with 126 SPs and they garnered a few more in a 'Piccolo Relief' force at one point, Ottomans start with 194, no extras)

Though the Ottomans had most of their artillery (they lost one battery) and half the Christians left at the end were armed Maltese civilians the plague would have gotten all the Ottomans before St.Angelo fell to them. They ran out of time before this happened in any case.

I made an error in respect to the Strategy Card that the Ottomans started with ( no. 1 ) in that after Mdina fell the Ottomans took Fort St.Elmo (in four weeks , with Crossfire from Tigne)which their council of war agreed Strategy, and hence subsequent Honour, did not require them too. Then Fort Senglea fell after a successful Naval Attack left about 6 SP of Janissaries and Spahis in an unguarded coastal TZ. And Fort Birgu eventually fell (6 Weeks to clear it I think) in a two pronged assault from Senglea and the Southern walls.

If St. Elmo had been left alone there may have been time and strength to take St.Angelo and fulfill their Strategy, but they took it in order to clear the way for Naval attacks in order to threaten Senglea and Birgu from both land and sea-ward.

I played the Christians quite conservatively as I was focusing on how to Seige successfully. They have difficult choices to made with few forces and extensive locations to defend but are greatly aided in better use of terrain (read more stacking points in each zone, which is enormously important when adjacent zones can support defense and attack),interior lines (though with complications), no plague threat, and a really effective Hospital in Birgu!

I am looking forward to my next game!

Here is a link to a video of the set up for my next game and a bit of an intro (video pending upload to video section of game page).

And this is to the Legion Wargames page in case you wanted to pre-order. I just say this since i think the game is really good, a different and well treated subject, and worthy of fulfilling its pre-orders (only a few left to go).
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