Kenneth Stuart
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I've always played this game using fragments, not sentences. I find fragments are much friendlier for the artists, so that's how this one began.

In an effort to avoid the realm of RSP, the title "President" was replaced with something far more exciting:

Donald Trump, slayer of dragons
- wizcreations

WallyNate makes a great cartoon of Mr. Trump. You can tell this is Donald Trump by that patented smile and the fact that he is carrying a shield with his face on it.

- WallyNate

MWChapel knew exactly where this came from and nearly replicates the original prompt. (He also plays the game the same way I do with fragments instead of sentences, hurray!)

Trump the Dragon Slayer
- MWChapel

Fearful of delving into the realm of RSP, Duth Boy shows us that "Trump" can also be a thing you do.

- Dutch Boy

And so begins the journey down the rabbit hole of board gaming.

Dragon friends should not be killed just so you can have a seat, it lets the cheaters win.
- Jpwoo

Kuhrusty attacks again with a photo instead of a drawing! Just look at that poor dragon with it's claws in the air.

- kuhrusty

I can't think of anything to say, so moving on...

I ain't playin', so you better cough up the chips to lil' miss Lamb Chops or I will show you how batty I can get.
- tickmanfan

Gee Whiz draws the best puking Pinocchio I've ever seen! The Count looks like he was about to say something. I wonder what it was...

- Gee Whiz

...but I guess the world will never know.

When children's TV characters meet for poker, Pinocchio pukes forth chips because of his inability to bluff.
- JoshBot

I love that the Dogs Playing Poker painting makes it into both of these drawings. Also, someone should teach those characters that cards should be heldso that the face is hidden, not shown to the table! It's no wonder Pinocchio can't bluff when they play like that.

- Cringing Dragon

Shumyum wraps us up with Teletubby and Danger Mouse catchphrases.

Uh oh (shush!): Pinocchio, poker and pig-with-a-pocket ace can only mean no more fries.
- shumyum
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Justin, Karen, Acacia, and Janek
United States
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Game on!
45 Jack-o'-dapter!
Just like in the real world of gossip (and the game of Telephone), it's amazing how so little can change so much. For example, if MWChapel's sentence included the comma, as in "Trump, the Dragon Slayer", it would have clued me in to this being about an individual named Trump, who slays dragons. Without the comma, I take it to mean "out do" in a card game, though it could even mean more than just that.

I think it's one of the things I absolutely love about this game (and absolutely hate about real-world rumors) - minor changes can have major effects on the story. surprise

(This, by the way, is in no way putting Chapel's omission of a comma down - his sentence was wonderful! I just wanted to point out why I love playing this!)

Edit: Admittedly, I had also thought "perhaps he DOES mean THAT Trump", but I wasn't sure at what point we'd get RSP wrist slaps, so I just went with cards. On a related note, I had my daughter draw this pic and after, I said "Whoa - we forgot something in that drawing!" She asked, "What?" I pointed to the drawing - "They're playing a card game, but there are no other cards, not even a deck, in sight." hahaha oops
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Hiding Tiger
Western Australia
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Grrrrr aaarrrggghhh
When I first opened this thread and saw the starting sentence, my first thought was "this can't be the game I just drew for". But yes. Yes, it was.
Once again, not a single concept from the original phrase survived.

I am particularly fond of Dutch Boy's interpretation of Trump the Dragon Slayer.
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