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Subject: A few short questions rss

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Fred Hartig
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Newbie here.
I just played through the first two intro adventures.
For an old-school AD&D(2nd ed.) player this game seems to get things right. Elves, Dwarves, M-Us, Skeletons, it!

The rules are fine but I hope someone could help me with a few questions of the "just to be sure" category.

1. Is the -1 die modifier for outnumbering ONLY applied to the defender or is it applied to the attacker too?

2. Often the victory condition is to open a certain door marked with an X.
Does the game end IMMEDIATELY when the door is open, or do you MUST play until the end of the round?

The latter would make it more difficult for the heroes..

3. The rules state that a Hero can use Magic Items during his turn and this does not count as the model's move or activation.
But, HOW MANY items can a Hero use in it's turn? One? All the items the hero carries?

4. As I understand it, you do not track damage for Skeletons, right?
If an attack does 1 damage to a Skeleton it has no effect and DOES NOT carry over to the next attack, right?

5. Diagonal movement is only allowed if one of the two squares on either side of the diagonal can be legally moved into.
So when one of the squares is a wall and the other is in the front arc of an enemy (and I started in the front arc of an enemy), I cannot make the diagonal move, right?



-= squares
x=square the Hero wants to enter diagonally

As you can see, the hero starts in the front arc of an enemy.
The square he wants to enter is NOT in the front arc of an enemy.
Now I check the two squares to either side of the diagonal.
One is a wall and one is in the front arc of an enemy.
But a model cannot move directly from front arc to front arc square.
So none of the two squares in question could be legally entered and therefore the diagonal move is not allowed, right?

6. A diagonal move costs 1 moevement point, right?


Hamburg, Germany

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Chia Mac
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1. You didn't specify, I assume you mean when both the Attacker and Defender are outnumbered, yes, they both receive the -1 dice modifier.

2. Yes, the game ends immediately when the victory condition(s) has been achieved. Another example: In the case of a timed game, as soon as the Overlord is supposed to deal a new overlord card and cannot b/c the deck is finished, the game is done.

3. I don't see a rule limiting Item use, other than a max of one energy crystal per magic spell.

4. No need to track skelly damage, doesn't carry over to next round. Think of it this way, a one-wound hit is a dagger that glances between the ribs or some such.

5. I'm 98% sure you're correct, that the move is not allowed. Where in doubt with Mantic's rules, use the most literal interpretation.

6. Yup, one movement point, same as any other move.
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