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All Hell Breaks Loose...Literally

The Void Magus' cold body lay on the floor. The warning of the three seals that were broken still hung in the air. We found ourselves at a crossroads, three tunnels went in three different directions. The heat of Cynder was making us sweat through our clothes, at least those of us who were wearing them.

"We should go get a drink in town…before this Lord of Beli'al shows up and destroys the world. I hate the idea of being sober when that happens," said the Outlaw standing in his skimpies.

"Miller, get some clothes on. We have a mere three, maybe four hours until these three seals are broken; Adrian the Blacksmith and I are going to go stop this madness," said Father Patrick.

"My name is Brodie…" muttered the Blacksmith.

"I have a transporting crystal we found on one of those void sorcerers in one my backpacks, or my saddle bag…here it is in my fanny pack. Just spin this and…" Miller turned the crystal slightly clockwise and walls of Cynder turned to blackness and space as we entered a Void. Then, space opened up and we found ourselves standing on a River Boat. A town filled the space where walls had once been.

"Okay, 15 minutes to get supplies, then we use Millers beam crystal and we save the universe. Go everyone!" said Father Patrick. We split up, Sheriff McEmerson went to smoke a pipe with some Natives to find his Spirit Animal, while Father went to get bandages and dynamite. He always carried the team on his shoulders.

I wandered towards the Mutant Quarters to get these Fused Fingers fixed. A Mutant Doctor with a tentacle arm took care of me, Using potions and slicing tools, he cured my hands so I could hold a weapon again, and I ran out of there to join the party…

"Don't like Mutations?!?" whispered a voice in the dark. Three large figures stepped out of the darkness and grabbed me by the collar. "We'll show you what you are missing."
I was lifted up by my belt and thrown into a side door in an ally. A steam filled the air, and a cauldron of purple goo bubbled in the middle of the back room we were in. "SHERIFF! FATHER! HELLPP!" The three of them picked me up and dumped me in the cauldron, the universe went black, then different colors, and I woke up in somewhere else…my face on the dirt ground.

"Okay, Miller take us back to the Caverns of Cynder. Hey, Bo, Wake up, you okay? Oh geez!" Sheriff helped me up and saw the madness I endured. "Your eyes are all weird, and you have a tail! What happened?"

"He is a child of the void now. Must've been some Mutants hanging out by the Mutant Doctor. Adrian, pick him and let's get going. Time is of the essence, " said Father Patrick.

"It's Brodie…"

Miller turned his crystal and the group was back in Cynder. The first Seal was right off the main room.

Avoiding the Lava, Sheriff went up and closed the seal, reciting ancient words from another time. The seal closed and the weight of darkness increased. The Void began reaching through the closed seal driving us mad, but Father pulled out an ancient relic that pulled the Void and the Universe back together. It corrupted him, but it saved us from permanently losing our sanity…then the Lava Bats showed up.

This is where the Sheriff shined. He pulled his Executioner and begin "cleaning up the trash". His words, not mine. Double tap the first in the chest and head, dead. Shot another in the wings, before it fell to the ground it was hit again. Lava shot out from the wound. It just barely missed my head! He spun a 180 and shot over his right shoulder, dropping another. Lava shot up in the air from the dying beast. Over his left shoulder, another fell shooting magma into the air. That one landed a little to close and before I knew it, my leather jacket was up in flames. My shirt started burning!

"Bo, you are on fire!" cried out Brodie. Smells like burning.

"Adrian, smother those flames! Keep moving everyone, the ritual is almost done and we still have two seals to close!" I don't think Brodie even bothered correcting him. The walls of Cynder began expanding and distorting, time was bending as darkness began taking control of this world.

Brodie helped stopped some of the burning, but the flames kept burning all around me. The faster we ran, the more I burned….Lava Men!

Two Lava Men jumped out from a pool of molten rock that surrounded us. "Prepare to meet Estúpido and idiota…"
Miller pulled out pistols in his left and right and began filling the Lava Men with bullets. "Swiss cheese Lava flavored!" They fell back into the rock pieces they cam from..we turned the corner and there was the second broken Seal.

"Gulp. Janky wizards." A void sorcerer and Night Terror blocked the gate. Again, the ground started opening up as the Darkness was almost ready to escape into the world. Newly formed cracks in the ceiling began dropping void spiders all around us. Slowly, the last of my burning began to stop. Bullets and Lava were flying everywhere, but Miller ended up getting close enough to the gate to cast the spell to close it. The Night Terror swung wildly at me, but my newly found tail proved more than useful as my ninja like skills allowed me to escape unscratched.

With the second gate closed, we began to race back to the third tunnel. Earthquakes slowed our progress. Lava flowing from every newly formed crack. It felt like we were running through an oven, I could barely breath through the heat. We just might be able to do this…

"LAVA MAN!!!" A huge Lava Man came out of the magma in a short tunnel. I ducked under and joined the Pastor who was further ahead. The Lava Man stood between us and the three other members of our party: Miller, Sheriff, and Brodie the Blacksmith. "GO, GO! Close the seal!" yelled the Sheriff.

Father and I ran like the beasts of hell were chasing us. Tunnel after tunnel, the ground began to give away all round us, forcing us to jump and leap to a safe trail. Finally, the last gate. I ran up and said the words I heard from the others. Nothing.

"No, this is the third one, you need to change the words to the third one…" said Father Patrick. He reached a hand, and looked in the gate. A Spirit of Darkness began racing toward us from the other dimension! The gate slowly began to close with each word. I could barely keep my balance, a rock nearly missed my head from the ceiling above. Now the size of a window…a ball. The Spirit was close!! Smaller and smaller the dimensional portal shrunk. And then it closed…but something got through…the Dark Spirit.

Miller, Sheriff, and Brodie ran into the room as the last Seal closed. But, the Large Dark Ominous Spirit hovered in the same room. It spoke….

"THE SPIRIT OF BEL'IAL IS HERE, THIS EXISTANCE SHALL BOW DOWN TO ME. JUST LIKE MANKING ALWAYS HAS." He pulled a chain out and through it into the fires of hell around us, and pulled a torture soul to him. It was an aged man, in metallic armor that would not melt. His face looked oddly familiar, then he spoke.

The ancient Knight of Wur spoke a word of warning. "Bo, my Son, run, while you still have a chance…."


And with that, the Spirit disappeared down a stairwell into the Depths of Cynder, dragging the tortured soul of my Father with him.


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Eldon Davis
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Can't wait until know the rest of the story
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