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Hi! Sorry for my English. I would like to ask for help everyone who may be interested in small symmetrical 2 player game about conflict in space. Thank you very much for your attention!

At the bottom of the post there will be links to PNP version, android version and browser version of the game.

Game description

Symmetrical duel confrontation,
Without a random factor, but with hidden information,
Time of the play is 10-15 minutes,
Time for explaining the rules is 5-10 minutes.

Idea of the game was inspired by Star Trek and the notion of shields and teleportation interaction: for teleporting your away team to enemy you need that both of shields (yours and enemy) are disabled at the moment.


You have a starship with some stats:
8 energy ("health points" of the ship);
Active shields with 3 charges;
3 rockets;
6 bays of the ship ("core" in the centre and "weapons", "recharge weapons", "shields", "recharge shields" and "teleport" around the "core");
10 crew members starting the game in the "core".

In front of you there is enemy ship with equal stats.

You're a captain of the ship. You know everything about your ship, but nothing about enemy ship. Each player makes 1 action then turn goes to other player.


1. Move crew - you can move any number of the crew from one bay to another.

2. Bay actions (available only if there's at least one member of your crew in the bay);
2.1. weapons - spend 1 rocket to shoot at the enemy ship;
2.2. recharge weapons - restore rockets to 3;
2.3. shields - turn off/on the shields;
2.4. recharge shields - spend 1 energy to restore shields to 3, but after that shields are disabled for reloading and you'll need to spend another action to enable it again. You can recharge shields even when they are no reach 0;
2.5. core - scan the enemy ship, enemy must say you all the stats and the placement of the crew;
2.6. teleport - teleport any number of your crew from one bay of your ship to any bay of the enemy ship besides the core. It's possible only if your shields are off, and it succeeds only if enemy shields are also off.

If you take a hit with active shields, than you lose 1 shields and say "Hit to the shields".

/* If shields reach 0 than they are disabled and overloaded (action anavailability token goes to recharge shield bay) - you can't recharge shields this turn. So it may be useful to recharge shields earlier. */
changed to
If shields reach 0 than they are disabled.

If you take a hit with inactive shields, than you lose 1 energy and say "Hit right to the ship".

Away team of the enemy at your ship
If enemy succeeded with teleportation than you place tokens representing the away team to your ship. You can see the number and the position of the away team, but your enemy can't see position of your crew.
Away team of the enemy can only be moved by opponent and only to adjacent bays.

Your away team at the enemy ship
If you succeeded with teleportation than you move your crew tokens from your ship to copy of the enemy ship at your sheet. You can see the number and the position of your away team, but you can't see position of the enemy crew.
Your away team of the enemy can only be moved by you and only to adjacent bays.

Rules for away teams
If you away team moves to bay with crew member of the enemy then they fights, larger number wins and difference stays in the bay. If numbers are equal, then who comes is a winner and 1 token stays in the bay.

If your away team wins at the enemy core than they cause enemy core to explode and enemy loses 5 energy, but your away team at the core dies. Core can be exploded only 1 time.

Also your away team can spend action to crush enemy ship and take 1 energy.


PNP version: (print 2-3 sheets and you'll need about 50 tokens - Robinson Crusoe will be enough)
Browser version:
Android version:

In app/browser controls are through pressing to buttons and white bays.

You can play via internet (Network -> Create/Search -> Green session numbers at te left if any) or via Bluetooth (press Bluetooth simultaneously at both devices and then press to the name of one od the devices at other device).

Internet session length without connections - 10 min.

If some problems - you need to reload the page/app.

My 2 main questions:

1) Winning strategy?
2) How strong the first turn advantage?

Thank you very much for any participation!
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