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I think I've had more questions about what the heck is going on in this Haunt than any others.

1) The Damn Rope: I understand that it starts with the butler, but everything else seems wonky. If you have 3 heroes and a traitor, one of the Heroes has to steal and use the Rope, while the other two can use whatever weapon to establish an alibi, right?

2)Damage Immunity:

2a) Under the Special Attack Rules, it says: While in one of your alibi rooms, the traitor cannot do any damage to you during an attack.If the traitor can't do damage to a hero in an alibi, can he steal items? The main rules say that if you win a Might roll by 2 or more, you can choose to steal instead of inflicting damage. However, if the butler can't damage you, does that mean that he can't choose to "convert" damage into an item theft?

2b)Is the damage immunity in an alibi room always in effect or only after you've successfully established an alibi?

The ending was very anticlimactic. We were all teleported to the Dining Room at the start of the Haunt. One of the alibi rooms was 2 tiles away, so Heather went there and sealed her alibi with a Stiletto. The two other heroes moved to that room as well. The traitor came to that room and stole a weapon from me. I failed to steal the rope, but then ran to the basement and completed Flash's alibi in the Game Room. Professor Longfellow stole the rope and went to the Entrance Hall to establish his alibi. Unless we were playing it wrong, the game just became "see if the Professor can roll a 5 within 5 turns", since the Professor was immune to damage in the Entrance Hall as his alibi room.
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My unofficial take on this haunt is for 1) the answer is yes, your interpretation is correct but note that the number of weapons that start in the dining room = number of heroes.

For 2a): We definitely allowed stealing, and for the case that the traitor rolled higher than a hero during the combat roll, no damage was dealt if the hero was in one of his/her 3 alibi rooms. Heroes can't establish an alibi if they are not carrying a 'murder weapon'.

For 2b): We played it with damage immunity always in effect as long as the hero was in one of their own alibi room.

Just played this haunt yesterday with 6 players and the traitor won but it was a very close game.

I believe it is the number of players that made our game more difficult, because we discovered that by just dashing to the nearest room to establish an alibi, it was possible for one of our heroes to have no alibi rooms left (i.e. our most hurt player quickly claimed the entrance hall, some one had taken the conservatory and I was rolling for drawing room when I realised another hero with no alibi only had those 3 rooms listed as alibi rooms. I had to switch to the only available room left to me (study) instead of drawing room and ran out of time while exploring the room tiles for it.

tl;dr: with 6 players, this haunt requires some planning for the heroes to avoid "locking" out a player's alibi rooms raising the difficulty.

I would probably house rule away entrance hall as an alibi room if there are only 4 players to make it harder for the heroes to alibi up.

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