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Subject: Hands down, best way to play! rss

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Jesse Schellenberg
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I purchased a second copy of Last Chance (aka Yahtzee Dice Poker), at a thrift store to have more chips, cards and dice, but all you would really need is some additional poker chips close by and another set of 5 dice in a different colour.

How to play

1.Once chips are given out to each player, (3x$1000, 3x$500, 5x$100), deal 7 cards face down to both card slots on the dice tray. Then reveal top most card from each pile. Use the left card pile for regular play and the cards that players will bid on and use the right card pile as the penalty card pile. More on this later.

2. Oldest player starts the bidding for 1st round and after that, whoever had the last winning bid starts the bidding. Bidding is complete once all other players have passed permanently. (Players can jump back in and bid even if they have passed previously). Negative bids are allowed, (IE. P1 “Bank pays me $100”, P2”I’ll do it for free”, P3”I will pay $100”) see here:
Highest bidder places chips equal to the bid into the pot, topping it up to a max of $5000 and any additional chips are paid to the bank.

3.Before the player with the winning bid (main player) rolls for the card, each other player places their Yes/No bets. Min-$100 Max-$1000 with a chance to DOUBLE the initial bet right before the last roll on the card. (IE. Following 3rd roll on a 4 roll card).

4.After bets are placed, each other player starting clockwise from the main player, is forced to roll a die for the penalty card using the other set of dice. If the roll matches a number on the card not already occupied or can be placed on a joker spot, the die is added to the card and if the card is completed, similar to Last Chance sister game, Sharp Shooters, whoever completes the card pay’s the penalty to the bank, and a new penalty card is flipped over.

5.Now the main player tries the card as per regular rules but is required to pause before the last roll to give the other players a chance to DOUBLE their initial bet. After the final roll, if the card is completed, resolve side bets and main player card/pot payouts, if not, the player leaves their chips they bid that round in the pot and proceed to next round of bidding.

Optional rules:

*Each player starts with an additional $10,000 chip.*

**Any card won is kept by the player who won it and counts as $1000 at the end of the game. Penalty cards are discarded after player has paid the penalty.**

***Any empty card that gets completed in 1 roll of the 5 dice offers an additional $10,000 bonus to the roller***

Alternative Penalty Card Rules:

i.Penalty is paid to the pot instead of the bank, ignoring pot limit of $5000

ii.Penalty cards are also kept and count as $1000 per card at the end of the game. (This softens the blow of having to pay upwards of $4000 depending on the card).

When playing Last Chance by the book I rated it a 7/10. With these tweaks it is now 9.5/10.
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