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Subject: Yet ANOTHER yet another storage thread rss

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Troy Laurin
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Okay, so I have definitely benefited from stealing appropriating adapting ideas from other people's approaches to organising this big box. I feel like my box is finally organised, so now it's my turn to share.

So I have the retail version and am keeping the insert. I have NOT tried to fit everything back into the original box, and am using an accordion file that I had sitting around to store map tiles and errata. I am sleeving the modifier decks and monster ability cards, but nothing else.

Here is the base of the box, with the character envelopes and minis on the bottom and right. The monsters are stored in groups, with one set of ability cards and the matching stat cards per "envelope" - the Paul Grogan version which is just a folded piece of A4 paper. The cards are more-or-less in their respective spaces in the insert in tuckboxes I made for them. Standee bases fill the space where items used to go.

The monster standees have been organised in the foam spacers. Mad props to @miguelmichan for the idea (here). The deep tray holds the horde monsters and the bosses (under the dragon). #2 holds the demons and monstrous monsters, and #3 holds the humanoids.

The monsters sit one atop the other in the box above the minis. The other spacer has been cut in half and fills the void space from the mini euro cards to level with the character boxes. The bodgy monster envelopes already raise that section to about the same height.

When the map is placed on this lovely level area, it fits nice and flush against the monster spacers so the whole box is now level! It's almost as if this is how it was meant to be. (cue harps)

On top of that goes a ring binder and a small hardware box. Yes, that's the sharpie that's marking the map and scenario book cool Ignore the binder cover, it was the only one in stock and I haven't had time to redo it.

The hardware box contains the tokens used mid-scenario. It's a generic brand that's available in Australia, and is just the right size for the purpose.

The binder contains the shop contents, overlay tiles and level-up cards for the base characters. I found this the best solution by far for the overlay tiles, because you can see both sides of the tile! I wish I could remember who I first saw do that, but sir I salute you.

The accordion folder is rather pedestrian, holding the map tiles in lexicographic order, as well as the player boxes, stickers, envelopes, scenario and rule books, and the baggies that used to hold everything "just in case".

What are the player boxes I hear you ask? I'm glad you asked! They are simple papercraft envelopes that hold everything related to a character in play:

The large section holds the personal quest and pool of ability cards. The smaller sections hold the sleeved modifier deck (as adjusted by perks) and any items owned by the character (plus modifier cards removed by perks, and -1s if required). The character and party sheets fit in folded in half (torn off the cardboard backing, the remaining sheets are left lonely in the character envelope in the box).

One last piece which is a new addition tonight (so I haven't played with them yet) is an item organiser with built-in dials.

For some reason BGG insists on rotating those images for me, but what can you do? The idea here is to save space with items on the table by allowing them to overlap in a controlled way. It also incorporates the HP/XP dials, so that's one less thing on the table. There is room above each card to push it in most of the way to indicate that it is consumed - you can see the intention with one of the small items in the second photo. I think there are some tweaks required to this prototype, but have hopes that it will work when playing.

So! Let me know if you have any thoughts, suggestions or questions. I have plans to upload the files for the item organiser and tuckboxes, but need to clean them up first. They are also formatted for A4, so will need tweaking for those of you forced to put up with weird paper sizes wow I don't have files for the player boxes because the lines go too close to the edges of the paper - it can be hand-drawn in a few minutes per box so there is that. I'm happy to share instructions for that if there's interest too.

ETA: Gloomhaven and the accordion file fit nicely together on the shelf (aww) Carrying them both to games night is a pain though.
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Colin Yu
United States
San Diego
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You're right, you do have a good system going. I like the binder; it's a very novel!
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