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Subject: Aeon's End: War Eternal Playtester Impressions rss

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Abel Kim
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I am a Turtle.
An astounding follow up to Aeon's End, War Eternal continues with new mages and new nemeses, such as a pyromancer that can unleash a flurry of spells despite only having one breach or a giant worm that will sink Gravehold if you make the wrong choices. With new concepts such as Link, the expansion is a breath of fresh air that offers more variety to the game and shows how some characters like Xaxos have changed in their desperate fight against the Nameless. Now, will you join the war?

(note: all the content I talk about in this thread are the content I have received to playtest. The content I talk about may have changed from the time I tested to the final product, so please take this with a grain of salt.)

Indira: Main Damage. Only has one breach, but could spam spells. Has two of the same starting cards, one start in hand and one start in deck, that can cast a spell in her hand. Benefits from Link spells (more on that later). Was a bit finicky as the market needed to be a bit specific to have her thrive, so she is probably going to be revised.

Gex: Support. Has a weaker heal than Brama, but can cull other people’s discards. Can be paired with someone like Indira for tons of damage.

Mazahedron: Support. When Gravehold is healthy, can help someone get any gem. When Gravehold is below a certain hp point, heals Gravehold. I disliked the unique card that lets you buy a card for someone else as my group is full of selfish pr!(k$, but other more generous people will like it.(Hero Power has been changed)

Mist: Voidwalker: Support. One of the two mages from the base game to get an upgrade. Unlike the original where she let someone draw cards, she now is related to prepping spells. She can help anyone prep a spell on an open or closed breach on her turn, and she can cast up to 3 prepped spells, then place the spells into any player’s hands.

Quilius: Damage. Has two of the same starting cards, one start in hand and one start in deck. Her whole gimmick is to use her uniques to kill monsters from the Nemesis deck and gain tokens. For every one of these tokens she has, her hero power lets her deal damage equal to about twice the amount of tokens to a minion or monster. Her ramping capability is really fun to use, but can be a bit hard to pull off like Nym can be.

Sparrow: Support. Lets other people deal more damage. Not my favorite mage, mainly because she is relatively simple compared to other mages. Hero Power has been changed.

Xaxos: Voidbringer: Pr!(k. His kit has changed from what it used to be. Instead of manipulating the turn order deck, he now revolves around being the solo player. His unique is a more stable 3 damage spell at the cost of having an ally discard a card. His hero power (4 charges) lets him: give someone 1 charge at the cost of them discarding a random card from hand, focus one of his breaches, Gain 1 life, Destroy a card in his hand or discard pile. He is pretty decent during all tiers of the game, and his hero power is ok for what it is. The power can, however, screw an ally over if they discard poorly.

Umbra Titan: My favorite Nemesis out of the ones I tested. He starts out with 8 tokens, and whenever he unleashes, players choose to have him either lose a token or deals 2 damage to either Gravehold or a player (depending on # of Nemesis cards in Turn Order). When he runs out of tokens, Umbra Titan wins. I like Titan because games involving him either end up as a close victory (unless I get lucky and am able to whittle him down) or a loss that I could look back on saying “I should not have made him lose those tokens earlier/Gravehold died but I only had 1 Nemesis token left…” He would of course be easier if you had a healer, and I have a feeling that Umbra Titan will probably be the set’s easiest Nemesis.

Maiden of Thorns: She is kinda like the opposite of Prince of Gluttons, where she is more powerful the more cards there are in the supply piles. As a result of this, she was too easy. She is one of the content being revised.

Magus of Cloaks: Starts with 35 health and 4 ish tokens. Whenever a spell hits him, the damage he takes is reduced by the number of tokens, then he removes a token. Tokens cannot be higher than 8 or lower than 2. This is definitely one of the medium difficulty Nemesis. He can be frustrating to play against as there will be a lost of times when your cheap spells will stay in your breach being useless. On the flip side, it feels really good when you finally finish him off. Oh and unless you have Nym or Adelheim and get lucky, you cannot win by running his deck out. Just a heads up and a surprise for all my fellow turtles.

Market Cards/Starting Cards
Sparks/Crystals: Compared to the base game, I really like the new art they made. Of course, there will still be some critics saying it looks generic, but Spark is definitely a step in the right direction.
Gems: The gems are okay. Some of the art look like recolors for other gems (art subject to change), but their effects are unique. The gems shown in the set offer either utility (destroying cards, discarding a card to get 2 charges, etc.) or have a variable amount of Aether it can supply.

Relics: The relics included vary from gaining charges to helping focus breaches to manipulating the turn order.

Spells: New Mechanic called Link. You can prep 2 spells with Link in one breach. This is handy as there are some Link cards that involve playing multiple of a copy on the same turn to get a bonus and prepping 2 Link cards in a 3 or 4 breach lets them each get a +1 on cast. Besides Link, the spells either involve dealing less damage to have good utility effects, dealing tons of damage when certain conditions are met, etc.

That is all I am willing to talk about for now. As the Kickstarter progresses, I may talk about some more cards unless other people cover it better (which they probably will).
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