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Subject: New Scenario: The Edge rss

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Ryan Jensen
United States
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Hey all,

If you've ever seen the movie "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin (love it), this scenario would resemble the struggles during the movie. Read the movie synopsis, or watch it.

But before I try my hand at designing a PnP scenario, I wanted to see if there's a desire for it first. And, also to get feedback on how I could make it better. I've only played RC 2x (just got it), so I may get a lot of things wrong ... I just really love the idea of The Edge for RC.

Only for 3+ players

------ ROLES & GOALS ------

1 Billionaire - find out who is trying to kill you for your spouse and fortune, and escape alive without them.

1 Traitor - secretly make the journey more difficult, and escape alive without the Billionaire.

Other players are friends of the Billionaire.

- Mix & Draw Randomly: 1 blue cube (bill), 1 black cube (traitor), +1 white cube (friend) for each other player

------ JOURNEY ------

The Beach tile is the destination and is placed at the far right hex of the map. The starting hex is randomly chosen and placed at the far left.

Every night spent on the 4 center hexes (middle row) attracts the Blood-thirsty Kodiak Bear the next day. The outside hexes only attract the bear if you have excess food the night before OR you spend 2+ nights on that hex.

10 rounds to get to the Beach with the Fire before the rescue chopper passes by (rounds 9 and 10). If you get to the beach, you can kill the bear with the Strong Spear. Not before and not without.

You're in Alaska -- so it's always 1 winter cloud every night. Don't roll the weather dice.

You're also in the mountains, so wayfinding is more difficult. Add "-1 Person" to the Exploration Action.

------ ITEMS ------

Fire needed for beach.
Spear needed to kill bear.
Diary (Survival Manual) and Compass are given to Billionaire.
- Diary's reward (morale) is given after 1st build.
- Compass can be used if the Diary is built (read) twice. Use markers to indicate this.

Scenario Invention
- Strong Spear (+5 weapon) -prereqs: Diary(2x) + Spear

Each person randomly receives 2 traps and 2 treasures from Mystery Deck.
- Only affect the player it is played on.
- Can be played at anytime.
- Keep hidden.

------ SHELTER / ROOF / PALISADES ------

Only 2 wood OR 1 Fur for player who possesses the "Survival Manual" (Diary 2x)

Palisades are unnecessary - ignore all effects and benefits.


Double the bear's strength and damage to weapons. Each time you fend it off reduces the strength by 1 (doesn't reduce weapon damage).

The weapon level starts at 3. The traitor and billionaire need each other to survive, but need each other to die to win.

Determination tokens may be discarded to temporarily increase weapon level by 1 when fighting the bear.

You can't kill the Bear unless you're on the Beach with the Strong Spear ... so don't get food or fur from it when you fend it off.

------ OTHER ------

Remove all Creature Encounters from the Mystery Cards.

Any table talk accusations/inquiries from Billionaire reduces morale by 1 (honesty policy), and allows other players to draw a new Mystery Card.

Ignore "?" and Book icons on Event deck.

Totems ... another food or wood resource during Production phase.

Discovery Tokens
(- -) ... 2 wood
(===) ... 1 fur
( >< ) ... 2 food (filled-in X)
( X ) ... +2 Morale OR +1 Determ Token to each player

Begin with 2 random items that can be used 2x each.

------ Am I missing anything? ------

If this seems to be interesting to enough people, I'll try to make a Scenario Card for it.
Leave feedback for ideas, problems, critiques, etc.

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Trevor Olsen
United States
San Jose
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Love the movie and the scenario. I would need to demo it before providing any suggestions, but my initial impressions are very positive.
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Ryan Jensen
United States
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Items can be scavenged after death -
place 1 worker on their character sheet. If opposing players try to scavenge, highest bidder wins, using:
1) determination tokens (persuasion)
2) health points (fighting)
Discard bid amount.

Weapon Level
- Can't directly build up weapon level. Must use inventions, determination, or temporary items.

Again, leave suggestions / critiques / comments.
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