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Subject: Splash effects, "figure", friendly fire? rss

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Jonathan Chapman
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Most cards with some splash effect say "adjacent figure" rather than "adjacent enemy figure". Does this mean friendly figures can also be targeted with these effects?

For example, take the rocket salvo text;

"Each figure adjacent to the defender's space suffers 1 damage for each (bullet) rolled"

My first thought was that surely this would just apply to invader figures only, but on re-reading the text, I'm now not so sure. If I fired a rocket at a demon, and a marine was standing next to them, I kind of like the idea that the marine would also take damage.

Here are some other texts this would affect:

BFG: "Each figure within 2 spaces of the defenders space suffers 1 damage for each (bullet) rolled"

Plasma rifle (stun bomb): "choose 1 figure adjacent to the defender's space. That figure and the defender become stunned"

Super shotgun: "You may roll 1 red die and choose 1 figure adjacent to the defender. That figure suffers 1 damage for (etc)"

Grenades also refer to figures in the same manner.


I just skimmed through the rules reference and found nothing mentioning that 'figure' refers to factions in a contextual way, and explicitly has sections for "friendly figure" and "enemy figure", so I believe all the above examples apply to both enemy and friendly figures.

This is interesting because it means you cannot safely fire a BFG in close quarters, or fire rockets at demons adjacent to you.

Interestingly it also means a marine could throw a siphon grenade at his teammates to regain some health (though it likely wouldn't be a 1:1 trade)

edit #2
I've made this certain to me, now: The mancubus Flamethrower attack, similar to a splash damage effect, explicitly states "enemy figures".

This also means the the invader's Explosive Blast card can damage friendly demons if they are standing next to a marine.
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David Andersson
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When playing I've always treated rocket and grenade "splash damage" as being harmful to marines as well as demons. Don't remember BFG, but if the wording is the same then I'd assume so.
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