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(This is just an idea-phase game introduction. It was not tested yet, I am just looking for feedback based on presentation of key mechanics and theme. You are very welcome to give any feedback or suggestion.)

"Are you sitting? Come closer. Before you finish your cup of tea, let me tell you a story of 2 to 5 brave people that, uhm, saved the city before ancient, ahem... dragon woke up and..."
"... left the cave he was burried in and unleashed his anger!"
"Right, right. Unleashed his anger!"

Tangramao is a story-driven game that uses classic logic puzzle - tangram - as default resolution mechanic. Players take control of ordinary people or extraordinary heroes and try to solve the problem that one of the players makes up.
Story can vary from round to round and new adventures can arise. It all lies on the players' shoulders.

Game is inspired by random-story classic - Rory's Story Cubes - and an award winning game Fall of Magic. It is meant to be a lightweight roleplaying sandbox game where players travel across the land of ancient China, solving the everyday problems of its inhabitants and trying to fulfill their destiny.

Game really stands for sandbox - it brings the world, the weather and day/time mechanics and obstacles that are must be overcame to continue the journey.

Players create the game board using random 12 of overall 18 world cards, so the gameplay varies from play to play. Everytime they visit a location without no obstacle attached, they draw new obstacle card and place it over the world card.

Players of the characters that are currently in the location collaborately describe, what the obstacle is and what does it mean for them and location they are currently in. By telling the short story they define the problem and its possible solution. Then they try to build the image of the solution to that problem using their chi (tangram) pieces.

Every piece of chi stands for various amount of points:

1 point = small triangle
2 points = medium triangle, square, parallelogram
4 points = large triangle

Players need to match the overall point value of used chi pieces to the current obstacle difficulty. It starts on 5 and raises by 1 for every overcame obstacle.

For every succesfully overcame obstacle every character gets a chi point, that can be exchanged for new chi piece.

Players don't have to to collect all the original tangram pieces and one player can have more i.e. square pieces than another. However...

... if a player collects all 7 original tangram pieces, his character becomes a master of chi and since then everytime he alone uses all the 7 tangram pieces to build the image of the solution, he does not need to match current obstacle difficulty.

There is a bit more of the rules, I just wanted to present you the game and look for first feedback.

Possible problems I was already confronted with (aka. FAQ):
Game quickly becomes stereotypical, as players tend to build the same solution again and again.
Well, game itself does not forbid that, but this game is about imagination and new stories, so if there is no creativity, there'll be no fun either. Just like in every story-oriented game.

"I just cannot make out a different obstacle when I see only a bunch of bandits on the card!"
The cards are currently handmade and do not contain much of a detail. I imagine that in the final form they will be more associative (maybe Dixit-like?)

What do the weather tokens mean?
The game is intended to be a sandbox. Sometimes it is just fine to have a set of rules to define the weather and day/night cycle when you need them. Visualising the time of day itself can inspire players to come up with new stories and ways to describe the obstacles.
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