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Paul Burkhard
United States
Fort Collins
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A strange little card game that we picked up years ago on a whim. Not at all fun.

The game is a strange rummy-like variant aiming at the "plucking wings off of a fly is a great way to pass the time" gaming crowd. You must collect a set of 7 cards of the same color from the four sets of strangley colored cards in the deck. Then you must then attempt to discard each of the cards in your set.

Unfortunately, someone had the idea to thrown in some dice, as well. You can almost hear the game developers saying: "This looks like a fun little set gathering card game, but let's have it so that you have to roll odd numbers to do actually play the game, that'll make it lots of fun!"

Each turn, you must first roll the dice. Role an odd number, you get to pick a card from the pile or discards, then discard another card. Roll a 7, you get 2 cards. Roll an even number, you lose your turn. Happen to roll a string of even numbers? Please sit and do nothing. Have fun!

If you have the bad form to receive an "Odd Ball" card on your turn, you must then try to discard it. How? Roll an odd number. If you roll an even number, you lose your turn and must wait to next turn. Sounds pretty cool, huh!

If you happen to have been diligent and managed to have collected a nearly full set of cards in one color, you must then watch for an opponent playing a "Drop" card. On a drop card, you must roll the dice and reveal that number of cards from your hand, which your opponent can now steal. Sounds exciting! Of course, you could play one of the 4 "Stop" cards in the 74 card deck to halt this procedure, but that would be mean.

The fun doesn't stop there, of course. The "Swap" card does just about the same thing as a "Drop" card, but moreso. Here, you have to give your whole hand to your opponent. Oh, yeah, unless you play a "Stop" card.

Should you manage to collect the full set of seven cards of one color, you must then shout "ODD BALL"! at the top of your lungs and throw you cards on the table face up with glee. You then laboriously attempt to discard your seven cards, one or two at a time by either rolling odd numbers (discard one card) or 7s (discard two cards.) Roll an even number and you lose your turn. Continue this dice rolling until you lose all of your cards or you have pulled out the last of the hairs on your head, one or the other, doesn't matter which.

The absolute icing on the cake for this game is the scoring mechanism. Oh, my gosh! Who thought up this one? Once you finally get all of your cards discarded, you then take the dice and roll them one more time. The number rolled represents your total score for the round! Yahoo! Your opponents then roll only one die, that represents their scores for the round. If you roll 2 aces, you would get two points for the round. If your opponents all roll 6s, they have three times your score. Sure you gathered all of your card set and managed to painfully discard them before anyone else, but hey, they rolled a higher number than you! Don't be such a whiner!

Play until someone gets a score of 25 points or the little white truck shows up to take all players away, whichever comes first.

Playing this game would likely be a little more fun than shaving your head with a cheese grater.

But not by much.
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