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Subject: Choking on the latest Mini-Expansion Villain rss

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Arthur Williams
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Advanced Chokepoint [70] in the Realm of Discord, vs. Termi-Nation Bunker [26], the Project Adamant Sentinels [Medico 14, Mainstay 15, Idealist 12, Writhe 13], and Redeemer Fanatic [31].

Setup: Bunker draws Recharge Mode, Ammo Drop, Auxillary Power Source and Gatling Gun. The Sentinels draw Horrifying Dichotomy, Human Shield, Unique Capabilites and Caliginous Form. Fanatic draws Aegis of Resurrection, Undaunted, Wrathful Retribution, and Zealous Offense.

Villain 1: Chokepoint plays Newfound Power, revealing Augmented Energy Field. Recharge Mode, Human Shield, and Zealous Offense are facedowned. Chokepoint deals 2 energy to Fanatic [29]. Bunker puts his Gatling Gun into play face-down.

Bunker 1: Plays Ammo Drop, draws Grenade Launcher.

Sentinels 1: Unique Capabilities fetches Aura of Vision. Draws a Horrifying Dichotomy. Plays Caliginous Form. Mainstay does Haymaker [69]. Draws Blackout.

Fanatic 1: Plays Undaunted. Heals [30] and draws Divine Sacrifice, then Brutal Censure.

Enviro 1: Negative Energy Field enter play.

Villain 2: FLIP! Chokepoint plays Shocking Animation, which goes face-down. The negative energy field hits Chokepoint for 1, irreducible thanks to Haymaker [68], and also hits Bunker [25], but bounces off Fanatic due to Undaunted. Destroys Fanatic’s face-down card, dealing 4 to her [26].

Bunker 2: Plays and pops Auxillary Power Source. Negative Energy Field bounces off Chokepoint and Fanatic, but hits Bunker [24]. Draws Adhesive Foam Grenade, External Combustion, and two more AuxPSes.

Sentinels 2: Feeds Fanatic a card; she draws Smite the Transgressor. Plays no card, uses no power, and draws Coordinated Assault and Dark Delusions.

Fanatic 2: Plays Brutal Censure for 1 net damage to Chokepoint [67], while the NEF damages Bunker [23]. Heals herself for 1 [27], and draws Final Dive, End of Days, and Divine Sacrifice.

Enviro 2: Ethereal Bonds enter play [9]. Fanatic takes 2 damage [25] and is prevented from dealing damage. Slight problem, that…. Meanwhile the NEF hits Bunker for 1 [22].

Villain 3: Plays Ireful Grasp, dealing 3 to each hero [Fanatic 22], +2 in the case of Bunker [17] and +1 to each of the Sentinels [Medico 10, Mainstay 11, Idealist 8]. Damage to Writhe is redirected back to Chokepoint, recalculating as an initial 3, reduced by 2 from the Form, 1 more from the Energy Field, and both reduced and increased because Chokepoint has one of her own cards face-down, so there is no net effect. NEF hits Bunker for 1 more [16]. Destroys her card from The Sentinels and hits Fanatic for 4 [18].

Bunker 3: Plays Grenade Launcher, taking 1 from NEF [15]. Deals 1 net damage to Chokepoint thanks to nemesis [66], but hits the Bonds for 2 [7]. Draws another Grenade Launcher.

Sentinels 3: Fanatic draws Sacrosanct Martyr. Blackout is played; Writhe deals 2 to the Bonds [5], which then deal 1 net damage to Chokepoint [65] and 2 to themselves [3], stunning both them and her. NEF hits Bunker [14]. Medico heals the Sentinels [11, 12, 9, 13], and they draw Human Shield and Unique Capabilities.

Fanatic 3: Heals a point [19] drawing Holy Nova and finally her Consecrated Ground.

Enviro 3: Portal Fiend enters play [17]. NEF hits this rather than Bunker [16]. Ethereal Bonds untangles itself.

Villain 4: Plays Harvest The Mighty. There’s a tie between Bunker and Sentinels for most cards in play, unless face-down cards count, which I’ll sadly assume they do. With a +1 to damage for his stolen card, and also nemesis, would hits him for 6 and leave him at 9; what a great time for her to be unable to do damage. But Bunker’s Grenade Launcher does go face-down, while Portal Fiend burns in the NEF [15]. Chokepoint destroys her stolen Recharge Mode, not actually dealing 4 to Fanatic which would have left her at 14.

Bunker 4: Plays AuxPS, damaging Portal Fiend [14]. Pops this to Modulize, drawing Flak Cannon, which he plays; NEF hits Bunker this time [13]. Fires Flak Cannon at Chokepoint for net of 2 thanks to Nemesis [63]. Draws Grenade Launcher.

Sentinels 4: Feeds a card to Bunker this time; he gets a second Ammo Drop. Plays Unique Capabilities, triggering NEF to target the three highest-HP things, and chooses Portal Fiend over Writhe or Bunker [13]. Gets out Hippocratic Oath, shuffles, and draws Telekinetic Wallop. Plays Horrifying Dichotomy, which lets Medico heal Iddy [12], while Writhe deals net of 2 to Chokepoint [61]. NEF triggers again, hitting Portal Fiend [12]; the last time he’ll be able to do that for a bit. Finally draws Team Communication, then heals Medico [12], Mainstay [13], and Fanatic [19], since it’s pointless to work on Bunker.

Fanatic 4: Consecrates the Energy Field; I’m pretty sure NEF is resolved first, so the damage targets Chokepoint and bounces off, targets Fanatic and is negated, and targets Writhe, being sent away by Caliginous Form. The Energy Field is then destroyed, Bunker draws Decommissioned Hardware off Ammo Drop, and Fanatic hits Chokepoint [60], as well as the Ethereal Bonds [2]. She heals [20] and draws Sanctifying Strike and Brutal Censure.

Enviro 4: Ghostly Images enters play. NEF hits Chokepoint [59], bounces off Fanatic, and is allowed to hit Bunker [12] rather than waste Writhe’s protection. Bunker discards Maintenance Unit and takes 2 more [10]. Sentinels get a Restorative Burst, which mostly goes to waste, just triggering the NEF [Chokepoint 58, Mainstay 12] and then healing each hero target by 1 [Bunker 11, Medico 13, Mainstay 13, Idealist 12, Writhe 13, Fanatic 21]. Fanatic does not get a last-moment reprieve from the Ethereal Bonds, instead discarding Absolution and taking 2 [19]. Ethereal Bonds hits her [17], and Ghostly Images is destroyed; the Portal Fiend will actually do something on the next round.

Villain 5: Chokepoint plays Material Upheaval, and NEF punishes her for it [57], while also targeting Medico [12]. Material Upheaval destroys Ethereal Bonds, but fortunately on this side she doesn’t get to steal the card. She also hits Portal Fiend [10], deals 4 net to Bunker [7], bounces off Writhe, and hits all other heroes for 2 [Medico 10, Mainstay 11, Idealist 10, Fanatic 15]. Steals 1 Flak Cannon from Bunker and doesn’t do any extra damage. Destroys Bunker’s Gatling Gun, then deals 4 net to Fanatic [11].

Bunker 5: Plays DecommWare to get back Maintenance Unit, and uses its power to heal [9]. First, NEF hits Chokepoint [56] and bounces off Fanatic and Writhe. Draws Recharge Mode.

Sentinels 5: Draw a card themselves, which is Second Chance. Plays Team Communication; NEF hits Chokepoint [55] and again bounces off Writhe and Fanatic. Draws Positive Energy, Coordinated Assault, Good Hero Bad Hero, and Restorative Burst. Deals 5 to Chokepoint with Coordinated Assault [50]. Uses a TK Thump on Chokepoint [49], reducing her damage by 1 for a round. Draws Fling Into Darkness and heals Fanatic [12], Bunker [10], and Idealist [11].

Fanatic 5: Wastes the damage of a Santifying Strike just to draw a card (plus doing 1 NEF damage to Chokepoint [48]); then heals [13] and draws a total of three cards for the turn: Aegis of Resurrection, Embolden and Chastise.

Enviro 5: Portal Fiend deals 2 to Writhe, except not. Spinning Vortex enters play, and NEF deals 1 to Chokepoint [47]; Writhe actually takes a point from it this time [12]. Bunker allows the vortex to eat his Ammo Drop and Maint Unit,while Fanatic just takes the damage [10]. The Sentinels also take it, but in their case, since it specifies that a “hero” deals itself damage, they only have to have one member take the damage, and choose Iddy [8]. The Vortex is then destroyed.

Villain 6: Plays another Augmented Energy Field, with NEF damaging nobody. Destroys a Bunker card, and things being as they are, Writhe is unfortunately hit smack-dab for this time, though the damage is reduced to 3 [9].

Bunker 6: Lays down Grenade Launcher, and NEF damages Mainstay [10] and Portal Fiend [9]. Shoots Chokepoint for net 2 thanks to nemesis [45]. Hits the Portal Fiend with a second blast [7]. Draws Upgrade Mode.

Sentinels 6: Feeds Fanatic another card, which is an utterly worthless Prayer of Desperation. Flings the Portal Fiend into Darkness rather than deal with it any more; NEF bounces off Fanatic but hits Medico [9]. Activates Haymaker on Chokepoint for 1 net damage [44]. Draws Durasteel Chains. Heals Medico [10], Idealist [9] and Writhe [10].

Fanatic 6: Puts Embolden on Mainstay; the NEF triggers, and actually hits Chokepoint for irreducible again [43], bouncing off Fanatic and Writhe. Heals [11] and draws End of Days and Brutal Censure.

Enviro 6: Another Portal Fiend enters play and is immediately Negatized [16].

Villain 7: Plays Stripped Resources; NEF fires one last time, bouncing off Chokepoint, Fanatic, and Writhe, and is then destroyed. Portal Fiend goes face-down. Chokepoint destroys the last Bunker card she stole, dealing 4 to Fanatic [7].

Bunker 7: Plays another Ammo Drop. Modulizes the Grenade Launcher, drawing Turret Mode, playing a new Grenade Launcher, and firing it for net 2 to Chokepoint [43]. Draws more BuddaBudda.

Sentinels 7: Aura of Vision grants Absolution to Fanatic. Durasteel Chains enters play. Mainstay whacks Chokepoint for 1 net [42], then TK Thump hits her irreducibly [41] and reduces her damage. The team draws Sentinel Tactics, grants healing to Writhe [11], Idealist [10], and Fanatic [8]. Mainstay takes 1 net [9] and retains Embolden.

Fanatic 7: Brutal Censure deals 1 net damage to Chokepoint [40]. Draws Smite The Transgressor, Embolden, and Prayer of Desperation while healing 1 [9].

Enviro 7: Claustrophobic Delusion enters play, fortunately having no effect as yet.

Villain 8: Stripped Resources destroys the irrelevant Disortion. Destroys her own face-down card, and Bunker draws DecommWare. Tries to deal 3 to Writhe, but succeeds only in doing 0 to herself.

Bunker 8: Plays DecommWare to get back Flak Cannon, and fires it for 3 net to CP [37]. Draws yet more BuddaBudda.

Sentinels 8: Feeds Fanatic a Holy Nova. Plays Sentinel Tactics. Heals the Sentinels [11, 10, 11, 12] and draws Coordinated Assault; performs the Haymaker Thump maneuver again [35]. Draws Horrifying Dichotomy, heals Fanatic [10], Writhe [13], and Mainstay [11], then deals 1 to him to stay Emboldened [10].

Fanatic 8: Censures again [34], drawing another Undaunted. Heals [11], draws Divine Focus and finally the other Consecrated Ground.

Enviro 8: Explosive Bubbles [5] enters play, targeting Chokepoint, Writhe, Medico, Idealist, and Mainstay. Chokepoint takes nothing since she has an enviro card as well as her field; Writhe ignores it, Medico and the Idealist each take 2 [9], and Mainstay takes 1 [9 as well].

Villain 9: Kinetic Looter enters play, stealing Grenade Launcher. CP immediately gives this back to hit herself in the face for 0 net.

Bunker 9: Plays External Combustion, dealing 3 net to CP [31] and 2 to Bunker [8]. It goes face-down. CP then takes 2 net from Flak Cannon [29]. Draws DecommWare.

Sentinels 9: Draw their own Restorative Burst. Coordinated Assault is -not- selected to come from Mainstay and get a bonus, but simply deals 4 net to CP [25]; the card goes face-down, and Dr. Medico heals the team [10 each except Writhe, who was already full], drawing Team Communication. The TK Thump maneuver won’t work this time, so with an extra power to use, Iddy deals 1 to Explosive Bubbles [4], reducing their damage to 1. Only then does Mainstay do Haymaker, which is both increased and reduced to CP for 1 net damage [24], but does then irreduce her damage. Sentinels draw Fling Into Darkness. Bunker, Mainstay and Fanatic are all healed to 11, and Mainstay is then damaged for 1 to keep Embolden, leaving every Sentinel at 10 except Writhe.

Fanatic 9: Consecrates the Energy Field again, forcing her to give up the card, but dealing 1 thanks to irreducible [23]. Heals [12] and draws Sacrosanct Martyr and Divine Focus.

Enviro 9: Time Crawls enters play. Explosive Bubbles hit Chokepoint for nothing, bounces off Writhe, hits Fanatic for 1 [10], hits Bunker for 2 [10], and no longer gets a fifth target.

Villain 10: Empowered Self-Repair is played, consuming the Explosive Bubbles (the -1 damage by villain targets from Time Crawls is counteracted by her stolen Enviro card, and she wasn’t TK Thumped this round). She thus heals 15 [37]. She destroys her stolen Fanatic card, attempting to deal 3 to Writhe, but fails as usual.

Bunker 10: Skips card play, fires Flak Cannon for net 3 damage [34], draws another one.

Sentinels 10: Draws Positive Energy, then skips power. Plays Team Communication to draw Blackout, Dark Delusions x2, and Second Chance; it then goes face down. Coordinated Assault by Mainstay deals 5 to Chokepoint through stolen cards [29]. Draws Good Hero – Bad Hero, heals the non-Writhe Sentinels [11], and keeps Emboldening Mainstay [10].

Fanatic 10: Finally releases her mega-nuke for an even 20 damage to Chokepoint, minus 1 because the first card she discards has to go under her due to Advanced text (that’s the first time this has come up all game). Divine Focus, Prayer of Desperation and Chastise are discarded, and CP falls to [10]; the Wrathful Retribution then goes face-down. Draws Final Dive.

Enviro 10: Time now Flies instead.

Villain 11: Plays Newfound Power again, getting Harvest the Mighty; the heroes turn in Adhesive Foam Grenade, Second Chance, and Prayer of Desperation. The Sentinels have far and away the most cards in play, whether or not face-downs are counted; Harvest the Mighty targets their “hero character card”, allowing them to choose Mainstay, who takes 4 actual[6]. She steals Aura of Vision, it having served its purpose. She then destroys one of Bunker’s cards and tries to deal 5 actual damage to Writhe, but as usual it bounces off and hits her in the face for 2 [8].

Bunker 11: Plays DecommWare as his normal card, giving it to Chokepoint but getting back his Grenade Launcher. Then, as his bonus play, drops Turret Mode. Flak Cannon deals 3 plus Turret Mode plus Nemesis minus Stolen Card = 4 actual damage to CP [4]. Grenade Launcher then reduces her to [1] with its first shot; the second shot is aimed at Writhe, where it is equal to 3, and is reduced to 1, redirected, and recalculated to add nemesis and subtract stolen card, resulting in 1 actual damage to finish Chokepoint off.
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