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TLDR: Of the three expansions that released simultaneously with the base game, Helping Hands is hands-down (pun only half-intended) my favorite.

Each expansion adds two new characters that people can play with and 2 new book scenarios to play against. In that way, each expansion seems to be engineered to add some breadth and some depth to the overall game.

What's Included:Molly Carpenter character deck, Sanya character deck, Proven Guilty book deck, White Night book deck

Molly:Whenever my wife and I play, we have to take turns being Molly because we both like her deck so much. That in and of itself is probably the best endorsement I can give.

Molly is not a fighter. That goes with her character from the books pretty perfectly. Her deck is considerably more focused on investigation. Her talent and stunt are where she really shines, though. Her stunt lets her copy any other unused stunt on the table. This means she can pair well with several people, but especially with Harry, which is convenient since someone has to play Harry every game. If you use Molly and then Harry back to back, you can quickly knock two foes off the board, which, anyone whose played the game knows is pretty much invaluable. Her talent lets you manipulate dice rolls, which is also extremely useful. As long as you've got other characters on the table to do the heavy lifting on the damage front, then Molly is terrific support.

Sanya: Sanya is definitely much more balanced than Molly. 3 attacks, 3 investigates, 2 take advantages, 2 overcome obstacles. He's really one of the most well-balanced characters in the game when it comes right down to it. Most of his cards have 3-ish range, which is a lot of reach for someone with the power he's got in his attack and investigate cards. Definitely not a specialist in anything, but a solid all-around character. His talent, however, is kind of a double edged sword. Every time you discard for fate points, you get an extra fate point. Definitely useful, but you run the risk of turning into the person at the table that discards every round so everyone else can play their good cards.

The new books: I'm hesitant to go into too much detail on these, since that could start constituting spoilers for anyone who hasn't read these books or hasn't played these scenarios yet. I will say, though, that Proven Guilty is really tricky. It's got 5 foes and 5 cases. So that is a whole lot that needs to be done. On top of that, the Showdown card gives you no chance to defeat more foes in the endgame. So if you haven't beaten enough of them before then, you're SOL. It requires an entirely different strategy than any book up to that point, which I actually like, because it's just another example of how this game keeps managing to stay fresh at every turn.

White Night is a little more reasonable, though the cases have some very high solve values, and in contrast to Proven Guilty, the Showdown gives you no chance to solve additional cases. So it's not easy by any stretch.

It's worth noting, for fans of the books, that these two Showdown scenarios, while they might come off as almost unfair to the person whose just playing the game, fit the endings of their respective books pretty much perfectly. Evil Hat is almost eerie in how well they manage to make the cards reflect the books.

Overall, 5/5 This expansion is a terrific addition to the game. Sanya is ok, but I love playing with Molly, and the new books create new and interesting challenges for anyone who, like us, was working through and beating the books in order.
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