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Subject: I just paid how much for an outhouse? rss

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Kyle Garfield
United States
West Point
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That mogel's got the space station, of course he'll put that there and stomp my Trump tower for the 15,000, but if I don't come first, I'm only getting 2,000 or zero. But will he put it down? Why wouldn't he? Because he's got me cowed, that's why... What's the other guy got? I can't remember! Why did I save this for so long?

Before game play
So this game is a deck of cards, with some thin glossy cardstock chips that you need to carefully pop-out before the first play. There are two kinds of cards, 30 different real estate properties ranging from the proverbial cardboard box to a space station. The second half is what buyers are willing to pay for them. These range from 0 to 15,000: two of each increment of one thousand.

Yup, two lucky dogs are selling some property for free!

Game play

For Sale is played in two phases. The first is when you buy properties: auction style. The curious thing to me is when you fold, you take the lowest quality property for half of your previous bid. If you didn't have a previous bid you get if for half of zero. Yup, and you always round up.

Each round you lay out as many properties as there are players and everyone gets something by the end of the round.

Once all the properties have been bought (depending on how many players you have, you remove some from the deck) we now try to flip them for a profit. If bluffing and intimidation didn't happen previously they happen now. You lay out amounts buyers are willing to spend on your homes and each player chooses from their portfolio one they want to sell. You place it face down and wait for the grand reveal. The fanciest property gets the highest buyer's offer and so on down. Everyone sells a property every round till they are all gone. Add up how much money each player has got and a winner is born!

I hate to tell you what to do but...
the curious thing that happens when selling properties in the second half is that all the cards representing buyers come out with fair to good prices. Save your cardboard box or outhouse or cave for such rounds as these. This also means, there is not only no shame in getting a card or two like this during the first half of the game, but it can actually turn out to be very advantageous especially if you get it cheap.

Just because you know who has the big kahuna, the spacestation at 30, doesn't mean they are have to use it the first time a 15,000 comes out. If you've got the 30 30, its' fun to mess with people.

The cards are cartoony but not poorly done. The money portion of the deck matches it. Because the artwork is so nice, and since you are dealing with dollar amounts on the cards, you do feel like you are buying and flipping properties. Ok, I don't know what that really feels like... and I confess the range of $0 to $15000 stretches the imagination too. The more I think of it, the theme is as strong as the players make it. If you call out the descriptions of the building: “Looks like we've got a two car garage 3bed 2 bath, a stately Garfield Manor and a historic charming Pueblo... domicile!” you'll get into it a bit more.

Everyone starts with the same amount of money and everyone gets a turn to start the bidding off. But maybe the nicest properties may not come up when you are first. But the bluffing and curious combinations of buyers that happens in the second round mitigate that pretty effectively. I'm giving this a perfect balance score.

Above average. It's an auction... I guess there are silent auctions. If you don't get a lot of interaction you might need an intervention.

Learning Curve
Very low, and For Sale is pretty easy and fast. No multiple paths to victory here.

Low: Auctions foster low down time, especially when there are lots of them. The longest you'll wait is when a poor guy is trying to decide which property he should put out, but you are wondering and second guess a the same time.

What’s not to Like?
There's no prediction how much buyers will come out with, and hard to know when to use your best cards. The saddest words of tongue and pen: what might have been.

Collateral Endorsements
My five year old asks to play this game. It's that easy and fun.
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J Kenntoft
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Nice review, i enjoyed it
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