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Subject: Elixir Tournament : Round 2 rss

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David Aubert
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Here is the second round of our Elixir Tournament between Me (David), Anthony and Nicolas.

Nicolas won the first and I was the last far behind the other two.

This time, the order of the turn is Anthony, Nicolas, then me.

The spell are chosen at random and surprise, no level 4 came out.

I got Ridiculous and Shut Up (two useless level 1 spells (we are used to this handicaps)), Secondhand Alakazam (Level 2 that allow me to take back one ingredient, one magical item and one transaction from the discard pile), Spellswap (Level 2 to make opponents exchange one of their uncast spells, Duplication (Level 2, that allow me to copy a level 1 or 2 spell already cast and No Posting (Level 3) to protect all lands I control from being stolen or closed.

Anthony has only 5 spells (1/1/3/3/3) and Nicolas 7 (1/1/1/1/2/2/3)

Turn 1

Anthony begins with 3 face down cards in auction, taken by Nicolas. Then Nicolas do the same, I take it with 3 useless cards I got. Of curse those cards worth nothing too. I make an auction too, with the three dreaded cards and a dewdrop for 4 cards. Nicolas takes them, giving me back my cards and a pumpkin land.
Anthony continues with transaction : Day of market. Since we got all useless cards (lots of transactions), we discard them happyly to draw new cards. Finally, each of us get 3 cards in hand, but not bad ones for me. And … lucky me, at my turn a draw the djinn. Things look good for me.

Turn 2

Nicolas cast Poetry (level 1) to Anthony who give us the classic ‘The Crow and The Fox’.

Turn 3

Nicolas plays the seven leagues boots. I try to conter, but he counters my counters and draws three extra cards before spent them to a Market Day.

Turn 7

Even if it doesn’t serve me, I cast my No Posting. Since I was very behind on the first round, I try to play my big spell to enter into the competition again. My djinn and a Magic Wnd are used in the process.

Turn 8

Love Potion from Anthony to me … I have few cards, but three of them are useless… I give it to him with a smile.

Turn 9

With a smile, Anthony cast Sweetheart (level 1) of me. I try but not enough apparently (Nicolas was the one to decide and … apparently he thinks it’s fun that I have no card in hand). So Anthony get two of my three last cards.

Turn 10

I’m not physical, so Anthony … AGAIN … play a level 1 spell on me : Caper, to force me to jump around the table twice on one foot. I failed miserably and AGAIN give cards to Anthony. Gee, I got no card in hand …

At end of turn 10

Anthony has 9 points worth of spells to cast with 15 cards (thanks to me)
Nicolas 10 points with 10 cards.
Me : 8 points (great I lead !) with …. One card (less great).

Turn 12

Nicolas play the Herb Land and cast Discount (level 3) : Now he is able to use any of our land for only any two cards … that would be impressive … if only other Lands were in play. Still he becomes again the one with the lesser spell points in his hand.
I was lucky again to draw a new Wand.

Turn 13

Anthony steal the Herb Land.

Turn 15

Anthony plays two extra lands : Hair and Dragon, then cast Deal (level 2) to lauch a Market Day : His 18 cards hand decrease to 10 and he plays another Land : Dewdrop and cast Bug (level 1) avoiding the effect with ‘I’m Not Here’. Another Land (Irony) and a level 1 spell with no effect (You’re glue) then … Superexchange, the level 3 spell that allow the caster to swap his hand with an opponent. Since Nicolas has more cards than me, he choose him. But Nicolas play an Endless Bag to protect his cards. Anthony end his tun with no card (great) but only a tiny level 2 spell to cast.
Nicolas steal the Barb land and cast Trasmutation (level 3). Ouch now, when someone cast a spell, he would be able to exchange one of his cards with one of the ingredient. Then he plays his second level 3 spell : Great Shaman (Allowing him to stop level 1 spells). But he’s unable to cast his last level 1 spell.
SInce everyone played a lot this turn, I do the same and cast Alakazam Second Hand to retrieve the Djinn, Teeth and a Market Day. And use the Djinn and Teeth to cast Spellswap. Now Anthony has a level 1 spell and Nicolas a level 2 … and each of them know what NOT to give to prevent the other from winning.

Turn 16

None of my opponent is able to win.
I steal an Irony to cast ‘Shup Up’ on Anthony.

Turn 17

Anthony try a secondhand trade with one card. Not knowing what they need and not willing to give them the Market Day, I pass. Anthony and Nicolas exchanged useless ingredient.

Turn 18
Anthony try a new secondhand trade with two cards. Again I’m not playing and Nicolas and Anthony put useless ingredients for them.
I close the Barb Land … just in case.

Turn 20
Anthony use Powder and Feather to play a magical effect … and it’s … Free Spell. He can cast one of his spell for free … so his last spell is cast and Anthony win the second round.

No … No … He isn’t lucky a all … No …

So the score evolves


Nicolas : 1
Anthony : 1
David : 0


Anthony : 10
Nicolas : 9
David : 5


Nicolas : 23
Anthony : 17
David : 12

I’m still last, but still the distance between me and the other hasn’t icreased much … So I’m still hoping the third game will be the good one for me.
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