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Khalkhin-Gol Campaign.

So I have been waiting some time to get this campaign going with someone from my game group (most of the time we end up with 4 or more so I have put the campaign on the back burner. Well I have got tired of waiting and have decided to go at it solo and to make it worthwhile and record an AAR of the campaign. For the AAR I will be playing through the entire campaign using the simplified campaign rules.

I will be posting each battle as its own session report with a link at the end to the next battle in the campaign once it has been posted.

Without further ado let’s get started.

The Khalkhin-Gol Spark

In this scenario we see a mainly infantry force fielded by the Japanese, with their right being all cavalry against a mixed force of Soviets. The Soviet have the new armoured cars from this expansion, both sides have cavalry so I have marked each sides with their nations badges just to tell them apart (I know they are facing different directions but it looks better).

Early Game

The Japanese start with an assault up the centre to try and tackle the cavalry, though they retreat with light casualties. The Russian cavalry charge the advancing Japanese causing them some losses, removing one of their special national abilities. The Japanese then set all of their cavalry off up the Russians left flank being ambushed in the process. The Russian cavalry in the centre continues its attack and destroys a Japanese infantry unit and weakens another. The Japanese cavalry continue their attack on the Russian left and cause some heavy losses in the armour unit and flood in behind the Russian lines. The Russians act along their entire line only causing some minor loses to the cavalry; they reposition some of their armour and armoured cars in the centre and left.

Mid Game

The Japanese continue their attack on the Russian left and eliminate the armoured unit, while the Russians fight back and start reducing the Japanese cavalry. The attack in the centre is restarted by the Japanese who cause some losses amongst the Russian cavalry and an attack on the armoured car is ineffective. The Russian infantry and cavalry across the board attack and thin out the Japanese cavalry eliminating a unit and eliminate some more infantry in the centre.

End Game

The Japanese attack in the centre is pushed with some Russian cavalry falling victim while some more Japanese cavalry on the Russian left are lost to some infantry infiltrating behind enemy lines. It’s now the Japanese finest hour and all of their infantry is ordered forward they attack with some large fists full of dice destroying some Russian cavalry and taking out the armoured car. The Russians are now in a dire situation and conduct a desperate firefight on the centre hill where they destroy the lead Japanese infantry unit and stop the onslaught in the centre.

Russian Victory

Russians: 5 / Japanese 4

Campaign Attrition Result:

For the next battle click here

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Willem Boersma
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I played this one solo too. The score was 5-3 for the Japanese. Had the game still had a russian turn, no doubt they would have won, taking out several japanese units down to 1 figure.

The best chance for the russians to win seems to be to activate their strong (right) flank. For the japanese it looks very handy to transfer two infantry from their left to the centre, thereby creating a strong section there and forcing the russians to spend some of their right flank cards on repositioning rather than (just) firing.
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