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Subject: vs Everyone: rss

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David Molina
United States
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This is me playing each opponent until I achieved a win. Total record at end was: 15-5-1

My gameplay usually favors heavy Energy hoarding and re-rolls. Once in awhile I get a Culture engine going but it is rare honestly I prefer the re-rolls.

4/5/2017 - vs Artemis (beginner) 21-11 W

4/5/2017 - vs Rothkel (easy) 21-15 W
Note: Close game, 1 more galaxy upgrade would have given Rothkel the win.

4/6/2017 - vs Zendica (medium) 11-21 L

4/6/2017 vs Zendica (medium) 21-4 W

4/6/2017 vs Hades (hard) 21-11 W

4/8/2017 vs Gamelyn (epic) 11-22 L
Note: While admittedly a blow out for Gamelyn, it didn't even feel this close! Gamelyn was also on last galaxy upgrade and had Energy maxed for next turn.

4/8/2017 vs Gamelyn (epic) 20-21 L
Note: Gamelyn was blowing me out until last turn I colonized Gort for 7 points. Again, Gamelyn was on last galaxy upgrade and energy was at 3 on track.

4/8/2017 vs Gamelyn (epic) 22-18 W
Note: Once more, Gamelyn was on last galaxy upgrade. I got 2 Energy and a Colonize which allowed me to advance to final galaxy upgrade and squeak out the win.

4/8/2017 vs Pillar of Seven (bonus) 21-14 W

4/8/2017 vs Chaos (bonus) 22-10 W

4/9/2017 vs The Shadow (bonus) 17-27 L
Note: The 2 leftmost starting planets were Nibiru and Shouhua (7 points each). Both Diplomacy. The Shadow had very favorable rolls and was able to snatch these 14 points fast.

4/9/2017 vs The Shadow (bonus) 22-8 W

4/9/2017 vs Leech (bonus) 21-12 W

4/9/2017 vs Virus (bonus) 22-13 W

4/10/2017 vs Ibis (BtB beginner) 29-15 W
Note: I won all 4 Exploration badges.

4/13/2017 vs Pendra (BtB easy) 25-15 W
Note: I won 2 Exploration badges, tied with other 2.

4/15/2017 vs Bliquis (BtB medium) 32-16 W
Note: A score blow out but Bliquis was on last Galaxy upgrade. I won 3 of the 4 Exploration badges and tied on last. Last planet taken was Shouhua which I Colonized at 19 points to give me a huge lead.

4/16/2017 vs Chernobog (BtB Hard) 23-25 L
Note: Rogue stole all 3 of my Exploration cards which would have given me a win on this battle had I kept them. I had horrible rolls and could not Colonize planets fast enough. Surprised A.I. Only starts with 4 dice.

4/16/2017 vs Chernobog (BtB Hard) 25-10 W
Note: This time Chernobog had horrible rolls and I was able to Colonize planets fast. Only had 1 pilot and 1 Exploration card. I won 2 Exploration badges other 2 had zeros from both of us. Chernobog only advanced his colony once.

4/16/2017 vs Shipeater (BtB Epic) 22-22 T
Note: Shipeater had 14-22 lead. I won all 4 Explorations to tie game. I felt out of the game the whole time, was very surprised with total score. I feel like the key to beating Shipeater is a lot of Exploration in Unknown Space.

4/17/2017 vs Shipeater (BtB Epic) 25-17 W
Note: Shipeater was 2 galaxy upgrades away from end game. I was score leader throughout the game. Towards the end I could see I needed more Exploration badges so I hired pilots to even up with Shipeater 4 pilots. Ended up winning 1 badge, losing 1 and tying 2. With Shipeater not getting any Exploration cards on his Galaxy track that removes a lot of their point potential. Fast 4 space resource upgrade track but if they gave a lot of ships on Culture planets and roll Energy die does not help them much.

Overall it was fun, felt a little let down with Shipeater(BtB epic) compared to Gamelyn(Epic). Surprised Shipeater has nothing BtB specific on it's track. Could easy make this a regular Rogue galaxy and have zero issues. If you concentrate on the badges to an extent that is 8 points you can get without too much work. I wanted to get some planets and got ahead of myself there but at the end when I needed some more badges was easy enough to pick up a couple pilots last minute to deny Shipeater those points.

Anyone else have thoughts playing, especially with the BtB Rogues?

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