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Subject: I bet this won't end well.... rss

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Arthur Williams
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WM [51] in the Final Wasteland, vs. Santa Guise [25], Rook City Wraith [27], Nightmist [27], and The Hunted Naturalist [27].

Setup: WM begins with Wagelings x3 [6, 6, 6] and Who Are You Fighting? in play (Who? was played after the first Wageling). Thanks to Who?, the players draw five cards to start; Guise has Blatant Reference, Retcon, Selling Out, I Can Do That Too, and Super Ultra Kawaii. Wraith draws Combat Stance, Impromptu Invention, Suture Self, Micro Targeting Computer, and a completely useless Inventory Barrage. Nightmist gets Heedless Lash, Mistbound, Mist Form, Oblivion, and Mists of Time. Naturalist starts with Indomitable Force, Blend Into The Pack x2, Natural Form’s Power and Feral Fury.

Villain 1: Villain targets are only equal to hero targets, so no insta-loss. Plays What Do You Really Know? All the Wagelings deal a total of 3 damage to all heroes [Guise 22, others 24]. What? Shuffles in a card from each hero deck.

Guise: Just for the sake of doing so, Guise uses “I Can Do That Too” on himself, copying his first Gift-Mas power to buy everyone a present, then opens his own present on his Power phase, getting Xtreeeeeeeeme!!! (yes, that is exactly the correct number of E’s, and I got it right without checking first). Draws the other copy of that same card.

Wraith: Impromptu draws a Utility Belt, plays Throwing Knives from the deck, and plays MTC from hand. All three Wagelings are hit [3]. Draws Trust Fund.

Misty: Plays Heedless Lash. Puts Starshield Necklace {1} into play, taking 1 [23] and hitting the first Wageling for 1 [2]. Investigates [21], drawing Call Forth, Mistbound, and Heedless Lash. Discards Mists of Time {4} to heal [25].

Natch: Plays Blend Into The Pack, then emulates a Crocodile and plays Feral Fury. The previously damaged Wageling flips face-down, and a different one is reduced to [1]. Draws Indomitable Force.

Enviro 1: Abominable Snowman [9] enters play.

Villain 2: Does not flip, nor ends the game. Plays Impossible Quandary; each hero self-damages for 3 psychic [Guise 19, Wraith 21, Nightmist 22], but Naturalist feels slightly less mental anguish, just knowing that the Yeti exists [22]. Alas, the Wagelings is flipped face-up, although Impossible Quandary says nothing about treating it as though it was just played, so I think it just stays face-up at 0 HP until its HP is again “reduced”. Alas, since there isn’t a face-down card, Guise can’t put Xtreeeeeeeeme!!! into his hand, so it was completely wasted. Wagelings then shred all heroes for 3 (or 2 in an alternate universe where I played the rules more straightforwardly) [Guise 17, others 19, +1 if not for rules shenanigans]. WM absconds with more cards and ends his turn.

Guise: Stops channeling Rob Liefield. Retcons the Snowman over Natch’s objections, drawing Say Cheese. Tells Wraith to open her present, but it’s more Throwing Knives, so it goes to the trash (or possibly the newer one does and this one remains, depending on how you rules-lawyer it). Draws Gimmicky Character.

Wraith: Plays Utility Belt. Sleuths the Wasteland, discovering an Amphibious Chupacabra and putting it to play [6]. Throws a Knife at the Chupacabra [3] and two at the Wagelings that have positive amounts of HP, putting them face-down at [-2] and [0]. Draws Razor Ordnance.

Misty: Plays Call Forth, discarding Oblivion {4}. Gets two Tomes of Elder Magic, another Starshield Necklace, and an Amulet of the Elder Gods. Investigates [17+1], drawing Master of Magic and Elder Ring, then also Astral Premonition. Discards the {4} Tome to heal [21+1].

Natch: Continues mimicking a Crocodile for the rest of the turn, but plays Indomitable Force, then starts miming a Rhino instead. (It was recently pointed out to me that because “you MAY activate that icon’s effects” - for the chosen icon on Hunted Prey, or the printed icon on Rhino form – the redirection of damage to the Naturalist is optional, unlike on Sky-Scraper’s and The Scholar’s similar one-round tanking Ongoings.) Chooses to draw for Hunted Prey, getting two copies of Resilient Hide that turn.

Enviro 2: Rat Beast enters play [7]. Chupacabra hits the face-up Wageling and fixes this but good [-3]; if said Wageling hadn’t been in play, the Chupacabra would instead have bitten Guise, dealing not only 3 Melee but also 1 Toxic...but in that case,Wraith probably would have left one Wageling un-Knifed, so we’ll ignore this variance. Rat Beast however deals 3 melee to Nightmist [18+1]; Rhino Natch declines to intercept this hit (which was dumb of me because Blend Into The Pack would negate it entirely, but I won’t retcon this poor decision since it took me some time to notice it; we’ll just assume he was feeling squirrely that day).

Villain 3: FLIP! Who Are You Fighting goes face-down, then immediately flips face-up, healing each target [Chupacabra 5, Guise 19, Wraith 21, Nightmist 20, Natch 21, possibly +1 to each hero; I’m assuming that because the wagelings are face-down, they do not count as targets and do not heal, although I’m assuming they keep their negative HP). Guise draws Uh, Yeah, I’m That Guy. Wraith draws Suture Self. Misty draws Heedless Lash. Natch draws the card I wanted most – Cornered Beast! It’s a loophole for getting Wags killed even with Who? in play. Wags plays Breaking The Rules. Wags deals 2 damage to each hero, except that he instead deals 1 damage to Natch four times, the first hit of which is obliterated by Blend Into The Pack [18+1]. This time, after Wags shuffles cards into his deck, my seven blind shuffles result in Misty’s card being on top; she takes 4, which Natch allows [16+1], getting back a Scouring Mists to her trash.

Esiug: Draws Where Did I Leave That and Gritty Reboot. Gives Nightmist her present, which is an Elder Ring. Plays WDILT, drawing UYITG and Guise The Barbarian; given that he’s not the normal version of Guise, these are unsatisfactory, so he instead takes back his Retcon, intend on disposing of Breaking The Rules on his next turn.

Htiarw: Draws Trust Fund and Smoke Bombs. Activates Sleuth, discarding another Snowman. Throws Knives at the Chupacabra [2], Rat Beast [4], and Wags [48]. Then risks playing Combat Stance and begins her turn.

Tsimthgin: At the end of her turn, discards her duplicate Starshield Necklace to heal 3 [19+1]. Draws two Oblivions, then cracks her Elder Ring for a card, getting Call Forth, and then plays Amulet of the Elder Gods before starting her turn.

Tsilarutan: Ceases to emulate a rhino slightly sooner than expected, draws Hyperactive Senses and Crafty Assault. Activates Desperate Prey, mimicking Rhino again, then plays two copies of Resilient Hide. Destroys Indomitable Force, but heals 2 [20+1].

Enviro 3: New Jersey Devil [4] enters play. Chupacabra targets Nightmist over Guise, but she discards her two most recently-drawn cards to redirect the 3 damage to Wags, who then takes an extra point in toxic [44]. Rat Beast targets Wraith for 3, and she takes it [18+1] in order to hit back with Combat Stance [2]. The NJ Devil targets Wraith and Guise; about now I notice that Natch is no longer able to redirect, so Wraith is hit for 3 more [15_wait, how did I make an ellipsis?], but hits back [2], and then Guise drops to [16+1].

Villain 4: Starts his turn by turning a Wageling face-up, setting it to [6]. Plays a second What?, thus exposing Natch’s card; he takes 4, but reduces it by 3 and then ignores the remaining 1, and trashes the Feral Fury thus exposed. Wags deals 2 to each hero [Guise 14, Wraith 13, Nightmist allows it and has 17, Natch 18, with the usual “+1?”]; Combat Stance retaliates [42]. A round of card-stealing results in Wraith taking 4 more [9+1], then Misty [13+1], retrieving Utility Belt and Mist-Fueled Recovery. More cards are then stolen, and Natch takes a detonation [14+1], then Misty again [9+1], Wraith again [5+1], and Wraith again [1+1], returning Grappling Hook, Impromptu Invention, Amulet of the Elder Gods, and Crafty Assault. Oh, and before all that, the Wagelings hit everybody, so Wraith is dead unless those theoretical +1s are valid, therefore I’m declaring that they are. Wraith has [1] and retaliated against the Wagelings when they stabbed her [4], Guise has [14], Misty has [9], and Natch retains his full [15] since he ignores the 1-point stabs.

Esiug: Ends his turn, draws Retcon and Best Card Ever, then gives Natch his present, which is a Threatening Stomp on the villain [38], and since Natch is a fake Rhino at the moment, he can choose to activate damage redirection, which he decides he’ll do (because of the wording, this effect is not chosen per-instance of damage, but affects all instances originating from the target within a round; the only optional part is whether or not to activate this effect at all, the moment the One-Shot is played). Guise continues with his turn, deciding not to Retcon yet; instead, he plays Best Card Ever, drawing Selling Out and Look What I Found. Deals 3 nemesis damage to Wags [35], regains 1 HP [15], says “Woo!”, smacks him for 4 more with Look What I Found [31], gets a +1 to his next damage, and starts his turn.

Htiarw: Draws duplicates of Combat Stance and Utility Belt. Activates Sleuth, discarding a New Jersey Devil. Throws a knife at Wags [28], one at the Wagelings [1], and one at the existing NJ Devil to kill it (Natch is slightly sad). Then does an Inventory Barrage to deal 6 more to Wags [22].

Ytsim: Draws two copies of Enlightenment. Chooses not to use a power, but plays Heedless Lash, revealing Astral Premonition {2}. Discards the Elder Ring and an Enlightenment to focus the 2 damage, hitting Wags for a total of 4 [18]. Forgot to discard to Starshield Necklace; she’s being rather careless today.

Hctan: Stops emulating Rhino, but instead emulates Gazelle and plays Crafty Assault, hitting Wags [16], killing the Rat Beast, and hitting Misty so she can bounce the damage to WM again [14]. She discards Astral Premonition and a Mistbound. Because he’s a Gazelle, Natch can destroy Breaking the Rules; this allows him to have his Power Phase again, but he doesn’t have a different Power to use, so he simply moves on to his second Draw Phase and draws The Nimble Gazelle. Not nimble enough to save Wraith, sadly.

Enviro 4: The Ancient Library which Wraith has been Sleuthing for finally turns up. The Chupacabra kills the Wagelings, but they do their best Ahnold impression.

Villain 5: A Wageling flips up (the odds don’t favor it actually being the same one, but I’ll pretend it is because Rule of Funny). Plays The New Deal. Deals 2 damage to each hero, killing Wraith; about now I notice that Guise should have taken nemesis damage last round, so he’s at [14] and then drops to [11]; Natch reduces the damage by 1 and then ignores it, while Misty discards Tome of Elder Magic and Mistbound to make him hit himself [12]. Wagelings then stabs Guise [10] and Misty [8]. WM steals cards from the three surviving heroes; a Wraith card is on top when I’m done, but no others. Three more cards are then stolen, and when I’m done shuffling, two Natch cards (Bestial Shift and Shifter’s Strength) and a Guise [Super Ultra Kawaii] are returned, leaving Guise at [5] and Natch at [7]. It’s a good thing I didn’t forget the Wagelings; if there was another one to fire right now, it would drop Guise to [4] and then he’d self-damage from the New Deal, adding 1 to the damage from his LWIF, and thus killing himself and ending the game! Fortunately, nothing of the sort happens; only Misty takes the self-damage [5].

Guise: Draws Total Beefcake and Gimmicky Character from the Library, playing Con’s Bunker. Plays Super Ultra Kawaii, then buys everyone a present. Draws WDILT, then plays it off SUK, discarding the drawn Lemme See That and Total Beefcake to get back Guise The Barbarian.

The Wraith of The Wraith: Gives Nightmist her Elder Ring back. At the end of this incap turn, Guise plays Blatant Reference, discarding Gimmicky Character to hit WM for 2 [10].

Nightmist: Forgot the Ancient Library. Plays Heedless Lash, drawing Call Forth with a 4. Discards Master of Magic and Enlightenment to redirect the damage; thanks to the Elder Ring, it would kill WM and lose the game if all were focused, so instead the Wagelings take 5 [1] and Wags takes the other 5 [5]. Discards Oblivion to activate Astral Premonition’s power, targeting the enviro deck, discovering only Rat Beasts. Draws Planar Banishment, then discards Mist Form to heal [8]. At end of turn, Guise plays Guise The Barbarian, then discards Xtreeeeeeeeme to shoot Wags, leaving him just alive [1].

Natch: Plays Cornered Beast, then omnoms Wags. I guess he lost the bet.

Final count of stolen cards in Wag’s deck: 6 from Guise, 1 from Wraith, 3 from Natch, 4 from Misty. This match was clearly a Gift-Mas present to Guise, given that he never once took 5 psychic damage from Wags revealing one of his secrets.
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