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Subject: Ground Combat variant rss

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Mark Johnson
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[Editor's note: I'm not the author, just someone who formatted it for BGG and cross-posted here to gain a wider audience. -Mark]

by Stefan Anton Federsel

CACTUS AIR: Ground Combat (25.0)

This is a thoroughly playtested Variant for CA to imply ground unit action around Guadalcanal. Therefore the game gets much more flavour about the action all around Guadalcanal. Players must provide 7 blank counters each to make it happen. Have fun, enjoy! We think it´s worth the try - we had great fun with this variant and it reflects ground movement combat aspects around Guadalcanal, also! 


Allied Ground Units:
 1Mar (5-4) set up in Guadalcanal (7/13)
 1Mar Res (3-2) set up at Beach Red (8/14)

Japanese Ground Units:
 SNLF (4-4) set up in Cape Esperance (7/12)
 SNLF (4-4) set up in Munda (7/9)

New Counters (to be provided by players):
 The number to the left is 1d6 number in combat
 The number to the right is the Step Number
 1 x 1Mar Front (5-4) / Back (4-3)
 1 x 1Mar Front (3-2) / Back (2-1)
 1 x 1Mar Res Front (3-2) / Back (2-1)
 2 x SNLF Front (4-4) / Back (3-3)
 2 x SNLF Front (2-2) / Back (1-1)

Movement: Generally each ground unit can move once per turn only! The only boxes, i.e. locations, one can move to are: Guadalcanal / Beach Red / Munda / Cape Esperance. Units are moved from one of these locations directly to another one by land or sea, as applicable (see below). 

Note: you cannot move out of contested boxes, but you can move into a box with an enemy gound unit! 

Stacking Limit for both players is 4 Steps per box! 

3 Movement Options:
 overland to another box mentioned above
 by naval transport to any destination mentioned above, if there are no enemy units
 by amphibious invasion to any destination mentioned above, if there are enemy units in the box

Air Cover: as long as a ground unit moves by sea (not ground) friendly fighters must cover with their speed value (i.e. movement range) the path to the destination (inclusive) box by box the landing troops sail thru! This sea move ends in the destination / invasion box. 

Combat: as long as there are ground units in a box altogether combat happens each hour before air combat starts! 

Attacker and Defender hit with dr = 6 only; each hit is a 1 Step loss! Defender hits with dr = 5; attacker must retreat to the location, where he started movement via ground; seaborne invasions don t retreat and must loose another Step! 

Japanese Special Banzai Attack: the attack dr number is doubled, but after combat 1 step is lost automatically! 

Important Note: A location is occupied by the attacker only if all enemy steps had been eliminated and 1 friendly step remains in the battlehex!! 

AA (FLAK): if a location is occupied by the enemy, he immediately gets the chance to use AA fire (value = 1; i.e. 1d6) according to the sequence of play. 

Note that the use of the advanced FLAK fire rule is highly recommended:
 airstrips (as given on the map)
 ground targets (1d6)
 naval tragets (2d6) naval carrier force (3d6) 

Refit: each player can get 1 unit step (maximally) per turn in exchange for an air unit refit at any uncontested location! Just update the applicable counter in the Reinforcement Phase! 

Bombing: if ground units are in an box, which is attacked by bombers this hour, the active player can decide if he tries to bomb the installation according to the standard rules or the ground units. Bombing is resolved as usual and the ground unit looses 1 step if successfully bombed. Just the last step of a ground unit cannot be eliminated by bombing. 

New Targets: if a location is occupied by a friendly ground unit it cannot be bombarded (but see VP below). On the other hand the enemy can bombard this location, although not his original target on the target roster. The VP credit for the Japanese is 4 VP, for the Allies 3 VP as for usual targets. 

Victory Points: if Guadalcanal is occupied by a Japanese ground unit solely at any time, the game ends in a sudden death victory for the Japanese. Furthermore each uncontested location (see above) achieves 1 VP for the side occupying it at the end of each game turn; if the location is also a target, which was not successfully bombed in the course of the game, but friendly occupied at the end of the game, the Japanese player gets 4 VP (Allied player 3 VP).

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