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Subject: Day 1 to 3 vs. Mulmesh with Patches, Boomer, Picket and Tink rss

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Rob Sansom
United Kingdom
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Setup & Tyrant:

I've opted to go up against Mulmesh and this will be my first attempt at him, either solo or multiplayer. Having previously taken on Nom (solo) and Drellen (multi) with mixed success at least the cross over in creature types gives me some advance warning of the types of special abilities I’ll be up against.

I’ve also chosen to play Casual rather than Greenhorn, gaining the extra training and health point but ultimately experiencing the full pain of being KO’d when that inevitably happens.

Character selection:

Patches, Boomer, Picket, Tink. Picket being the only character I've played before this is also a voyage of discovery from a party mix perspective and I want to get to grips with Tink.

Initial Skills from the bonus training point:

Patches : Med Kit
Boomer : Frag
Picket : Riposte
Tink : AirHorn

Day 1: Took the option for two training points and added the following Skills
Patches : Nutrients + 1 Atk
Boomer : Body Search + 1 Atk
Picket : Rush + 1 Dex
Tink : Firing Arm, Prodder

During Recovery phase we scouted the following baddies Griffin Howler(5), Stone Golem(5), Bog Lurk(5), Dragon Whelp(1). We cycled all the 5Pt baddies to the back of the stack.

Day 2:
I've usually opted not to take the help from the soldiers but given previous experiences decided, in the hope this session report has a happy ending, to focus on completing the encounter rather than taking an early beating.

8Pts of Baddies are required (Day 2 x 4 Gearlocs) and we know the first 1Pt Baddie from previous day scouting

Tink's 1.0 Build die (rolled before battle) gives the option of adding Air Horn this battle to his Bot if deployed.

Picket's start of battle shield wall provides 2 x 1Def

Round 1
I opted for this layout thinking Picket can take on the Dragon Whelp and try and remove it from the game early on giving more room for manuever in subsequent rounds. Success would also remove a high initiative enemy from the mat. At the beginning of the round the Soldiers deal 1 dmg to all baddies.

Picket's initial roll(after expending 1 Dex to move into contact) is about as good as it can get with a 2dmg and riposte result, the dmg taking out the Dragon Whelp before it can attack with the Riposte providing useful damage avoidance in future rounds maybe and Picket still has his Shield Wall in place, this is a promising start.

Patches does 2dmg against the Bog Frog which is now down to 1 following the initial soldier attack

Tink deploys his bot right in front of him having increased the battery before deployment. Then the bot deals 1 dmg to the Bog Pole and disables its poison attack with its Air Horn disable effect.

Next up is the Manticore 5Pt Baddie who will range attack the two weakest opponents (Tink, Bot, Boomer). As Boomer is last to act this round and I want grenades I opt to take the attacks to Tink and his Bot. The Manticore is not at full HP following the soldier attack so in addition to the Poison 2 will roll 2 Atk dice due to its Rage 2 Skill. Maybe a better option would have been to use the Bot on the Manticore and Disable its skills with the AirHorn!

Tink & the Bot both take 3dmg meaning Tink will be KO'd next turn due to the Poison 2 (Bot is immune)
Bog Frog attacks and Patches inherits Poison 2
Bog Pole's poison range attack is disabled so no effect
Boomer picks up 2 casings, 2 Fuse and Bones

Round 2 starts and the soldiers pick off the Bog Frog and Bog Pole and reduce the Manticore by a further 1 dmg, it is now the only remaining baddie, am I being lulled into a false sense of security?

Picket steps up and attacks the Manticore rolling 1dmg and another riposte die which he chooses to place in an active slot in place of an as yet unused 1def (which is exhausted)

Patches takes the 2 poison damage and then heals for 1 (Innate) before advancing towards the Manticore and rolling Med Kit for 2 Heal on Tink. I almost moved patches twice to close to the Manticore but figured protecting Tink was a better investment at this stage.

Tink takes two damage (back down to 1 again, thanks Patches) and then moves the Bot in to attack the Manticore causing 1 damage and disabling the Manticores skills, timely! Bots battery has been reduced to zero so this will be the last round it can act.

Manticore is next but has no ability to attack so we skip to Boomer
Boomer rolls Body Count and gets 2 Multi Use select to use them as elements, with two of each component Boomer converts them all to two grenades. Yum!

Round 3, soldiers take another HP off the Manticore and Picket attacks doing 1 dmg

Patches takes 1 poison damage, heals(innate), moves and attacks Manticore for final 1 dmg. Encounter is over and all Gearlocs survive without being KO'd. Drinks all round & Rewards.

Day 2 Rewards
Patches : Sparring Weapon (Loot) + 1 Dex
Boomer : Mechanical Assistance (Loot) + Smoke Screen
Picket : Zelfey Seeds (Loot) + 1 Atk
Tink : Fortunate Discovery, used immediately to gain Spiderbot 3.0 + Alternator

During the recovery phase Tink heals to full HP with the other gearlocs scouting the area revealing Direwolf Pup (1pt), Dire Wolf(5pt) and Honor Griffon(20). I choose to cycle the Griffon to the back of the stack.

Day 3
Decided to shuffle the Mohlnor traders into the deck taking a Trove Loot each. The chance of rolling 1-2 on D6 (with 4 Gearlocs) is too high for my liking, though I would have dearly loved that additional training point. Fortunately when shuffling I didn't shuffle the Tyrant Encounter to the top.

Trove Loot Results
Patches : 5L-2T-5F : Complete failure to unlock any stages
Boomer : 2L-3T-5F : Unlocked first two stages
Picket : 3L-3T-6F : Picket who is turning into an all-round bad guy aces the lockpicking attempt and gets some Exploding Shrooms
Tink : 4L-3T-2F : Complete failure to unlock any stages

Recovery phase
Patches heals back 1Pt to full. I wondered about leaving this to the next turn given his innate but didn't want to risk being too far down the Initiative meter and then find Patches lacking an important HP. The remaining three all scout the area revealing another two 1Pt baddies and a 5pt baddie, all of which I choose to leave at the top of their respective stacks, we now have a good idea what’s coming tomorrow.

Our characters now look a bit more capable but Day 4 means 16 points of Baddiesgulp

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