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Subject: Negotiation Faction Preview: Illusionary Forces rss

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Chris Morgan
United States
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An Auxilia from Rome was sent to deal with pillagers harassing the local villas and the nobles demanded retribution by blood. The force marched into the valley of the barbarians, seeking to annihilate them in the name of the empire. Outriders spotted an encampment of the barbarians. Sounding the trumpets of war, the force broke into a run and plowed into the encampment before it, blades flashing dully as they entered a mist shrouded clearing. The soldiers of the Auxilia fought against the barbarians, but as their blades entered flesh the barbarians disappeared with not a drop a blood to be seen. Confusion stole the initiative of the Auxilia as the mist lifted from their sight. A soldier cried out a warning as collectively the Auxilia turned their sight upward. Ringed around the valley crest was thousands of barbarians, bows held at the ready in tattooed hands. A shaman held a staff aloft, a swirling mist haloing his form. He lowered the staff and arrows loosed. The mist descended once more into the valley, the corpses of the Auxilia disappearing with its presence.

Today's article is about Illusionary Forces from the Negotiation Faction. This card is a Greater Aspect Intrigue that provides a form of damage prevention.

Illusionary Forces has a three Lesser and one Greater Aspect cost with an upkeep cost of one Lesser and one Greater Aspect. This does mean that you will need to constantly keep those Aspects exhausted in order for the Intrigue to function. Without the constant flow of power, Intrigues no longer function and can become a detriment to your side as you still need to attempt to keep them operating by exhausting Aspects that you have open. So make sure you have plenty of Aspects to spare before committing to Intrigues.

Illusionary Forces provides a powerful benefit to your creatures in the form of damage protection. Every turn, your creatures ignore the first point of Damage inflicted on them. This means even damage that would ignore Armor is prevented by Illusionary Forces. On top of that, it stacks with Armor your creatures might have as well. For example, if you have Illusionary Forces in play with Traitor's Gaol, all your Traitors ignore the first point of damage plus have Armor to ignore a second point as well. That makes your creatures unbelievably resistant to damage and that in itself can swing the game in your favor. If we look back at the Praetorian Guard, they will ignore four points of Damage each turn. This makes them capable of resisting some of the most powerful creatures in the game on defence as well as offence.

The Heresy effect of Illusionary Forces puts the card into play under Manifesting players control. This is a very effective way of getting this card into play without dedicating resources to actually playing it. Be wary however, any player Manifesting can take control of this card so make sure you will Manifest this card quickly before it falls into the wrong hands.

This card suites Deities who can stack Armor on top of the damage prevention this card provides. It becomes near impossible for opposing Deities to deal damage to your creatures with so much protection stacking on top of them so make use of this card quickly while you have creatures on the field. The illusions will do you no good if you don't have an army backing them, so keep your lines stacked with soldiers so the illusions have something to distract.

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