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Subject: Day 4 vs. Mulmesh with Patches, Boomer, Picket and Tink rss

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Rob Sansom
United Kingdom
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Day 4 - Something about this stinks

For my encounter choice I opted for the ranged Baddies to get an additional Atk die, but Gearlocs get to set defence (Picket style) before the battle, however, only Boomer & Picket benefitted from this.

Took time to consider the setup for Gearlocs this round as with some poorer initiative rolls the Griffin is going to be airborne before I get to react, expect some casualties this battle, hopefully not all of them as the 2 training points and loot reward would be so helpful. I’m already looking ahead to unlocking remaining party Trove Loot too to set me up for Day 5, getting ahead of myself.

Round 1

Dragon Delinquent acts first with an additional Atk die targeting weakest and I opt to send this to Boomer who has 2 Def Active as a result of the encounter setup. Positional setup is also important as the Dragon has Engulf which means damage spills to adjacent targets, separating the Gearlocs on initial deployment prevents collateral damage, at least for this turn.

Boomers 2 Def absorbs the damage and the Dragon doesn’t pick up any Def itself but Boomer is hit with Weaken 2 for her first turn as a result of the Dragon's bone rolls.

Griffin Howler signals in a 1pt Dragon Hatchling (revealed via previous scouting activity) so that’s waiting off mat and then moves to attack between Picket & Patches. 3dmg to Patches.

Boomer is up next and elects to smoke grenade herself with a 1 result. Hopefully this will nullify the Dragon attack next round as it will attack but miss.

Next the Dire Wolf lays into Picket for 3 dmg

Tink deploys Spiderbot 3.0 with Airhorn and Alternator then moves it to intercept the Dragon Delinquent and Dire Wolf

Tink uses Airhorn to attack the DireWolf disabling Lashback and deals 2 Dmg

As Lashback is disabled, Picket wades in to the DireWolf rolling 2Atk + Riposte dealing 2 damage and getting a useful Riposte result which will protect him from the next attack.

Patches self heals for 1HP rolls MedKit + 2Atk dice but will take 1 damage from Lashback from attacking the Dire Wolf Pup. Gets a Bone, 1Dmg and 3 Heal which he consumes himself to go back to full HP.

Direwolf Pup attacks and misses

Round 2
Dragon Delinquent attacks weakest target and again I elect to choose Boomer who is protected from this attack by Smoke (gets exhausted). However, the Engulf of the Dragon does affect the flying Griffin Howler. The Griffin is untargettable, but that doesn’t apply as the Griffin is not the target of the attack and this is just splash damage. Results in 3dmg to the Griffin. I'll raise this as a rule clarification query with CTG if I cannot find an answer on BGG.

Griffin acts next and is now diving, towards either Tink or Boomer, I elect to place it next to Boomer and behind patches resulting in an attack on Boomer for 2 dmg.

Boomer Attacks the Griffin and lobs out a Frag at the Dragon Delinquent. Griffin is killed and Frag deals 3 to the Dragon, and 1 to the adjacent Bot.

Direwolf attacks Picket dealing 8 dmg but Pickets riposte means this misses!

Tink Spiderbot 3 attacks Dragon for 2 dmg, also rolling Airhorn and Alternator, Tink also adds a Def die for good measure. 3 bones and a 1 battery increase. This gives Tink the chance to self destruct the bot dealing 3 dmg to both Dragon and Dire Wolf, who are destroyed. Spiderbot 3 is returned to dice tray as it’s a consumable that must be earned again.

Picket could now attack but chooses to remain in place and roll 2 def dice + Rush, there is after all a Baddie queued for arrival next round. A pretty useful roll, along with my permanent 1 Bone from Exploding Shrooms.

Patches attacks, 2Atk + nutrients, killing the Dire Wolf pup, taking 1dmg from Lashback, but also getting 3 Heal which is applied to Boomer

It’s the end of round 2 and my initial fear at starting this encounter is replaced with euphoria. No-one left, and a measly Dragon Hatchling to deal with next round and he’s going to enter right at the bottom of the heap.

Round 3
Boomer now acts first and scavenges for grenade parts. He expends his single Bone as a backup plan to thump the target for 1 dmg. This is an oddity for me rulewise, thematically Thump implies I’m adjacent but Boomer is a ranged Gearloc. Thoughts anyone, another query for CTG.

Tink rushes to the fore and hits the hatchling for 1 dmg

Picket steps up and completes the job, encounter successful and we came out of it less bruised that I thought.

Patches picks up Oggot Herbs which he chooses to swap with Boomers discovered Reflex powder. Picket gets Utility parts and Tink picks up Prying Iron. Picket gives utility parts to Think to use on his lock pick attempts

Patches takes Fast Hands and Toxins
Boomer adds another Dex and Sonic Cleanse
Picket adds another Dex and Stand Ground
Tink Spider bot 2.0 and Protect mode

Patches and Picket opt to heal
Boomer and Tink scout revealing Kobold fanatic(5pt), Owlbear (5pt) which we cycle

We get a bit further with Trove Loot unlocking but my dice rolling is not good in this mini game.
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