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Subject: Playciv - table talk - house rules rss

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Master Jaz
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This rule set is used for games on for game with "Table-Talk" started after 2017-04-23

The spirit of table talk and diplomacy:
Orders can be altered as long as possible (this ends usually with the next "Are you sure..."-Popup-Window)
Any game action is object of negotiations (if anyone want to negotiate).
Exchange of goods/things/items is limited to trade. Deals are not binding.
But you can speak at any time and make promises at any time.

You play revolting on me and I made an offer what I will send you next trade phase. You are greedy to get the bribe and choose another player for the revolting.



1) FAQ 2.0
2) Unofficial rules ( all proposed variants - without 5**-11** - military victory ends game immmediately)

3) Building cities is allowed on top or close to City States
4) Military Science upgrades (and unlocks) shipyard too (8 hammes, +4 CB)

5) Spain must place free buildings in capital
6) Aztecs only get 1 free unit per GP
7) Egypt start wonder is immune to monarchy until Egypt builds a second wonder
8) American + Egypt start sequence is free
Normal start sequence has a certain order. You have to place your capital, chose your social policy and get your civ advantage last. For Egypt it's common to draw wonder first and to place capital afterwards.
America and Egypt start sequence free means, America and Egypt can do the setup in any order the player prefers.
Chose GP fisrt, place capital and chose SP last, or chose SP first (org. Rel.) to choose 2 GPs and keep one. Place capital last.


Barbarians will never act politically. They will always try to kill as many units as possible.

for all games started after 3rd of May:

9) Zheng He: Draw 2 huts/villages keep 1 instead of knowledge about all huts/villagers in game.

10) Scouts send to capital until anything else is stated explicitly.

for all games started after 2017 December 6th :

11) Banking: When you research banking and your markets upgraded to banks, the printed coins on your banks count for your saved trade points
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Master Jaz
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Additional Rules

12) Mass Media:
Resource cards protected by Mass Media.
But the Resource action itself is NOT protected by Massmedia.

13) Markers back to Market (except Wonders)
Any marker, GP or Building, will return to the makret if destroyed, overbuilt or killed.

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