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Subject: NATO: F-117A rss

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Peter G
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The F-117A entered service 28th October 1983, and stayed 'black' until 10th November 1988. This enabled fling due the day and contingency planning.

These were based in Tonopah, USA. There were two frontline units 4450th TS and 4451st TS. In wartime the 4450th would have deployed to Woodbridge in the UK. The 4451st would have deployed to South Korea. Each squadron has 18 aircraft.

Missions were preplanned strikes. These would be night only missions against fixed preplanned targets.

Part of the stealth of the F-117A was the planning system. Pre-mission plotted enemy SAM locations would be avoided, as it was reduced observability to radars, not invisible.

An Exocet missile head-on is 0.1m2 radar signature, a small fighter 5 m2. The F-117A is given as 0.01m2 - 0.001m2. This means the F-117A

Wikipedia has some information on the 1999 shutdown. The SA-3 Goa detected the F-117A at 50-60 km range or 27-32 hexes, and fired at 13 km when it was stealth up (3 hexes). This is when the Stealth opening its bomb-bay. The pilot saw the two missiles approaching, but could do nothing (see comments below on communications, RWR and decoys)
So in the turn the Stealth drops bombs it looses it Stealth bonus.

Central Europe is full of radars so the Warsaw Pact probably as more chance of say the Iraqis in detecting the F-117A. Accounts from 1991 suggest the Iraqis did attempt to intercept some F-117A sorties, so again they are not invisible.

The game has SA-3 acquisition range of 10, above suggests F-117A was detected at 3. So 30% standard radar range. Onboard early warning radar could detect F-117A at 6 hexes.

Baseline Detection level A is 60% detection of a fighter aircraft. Iraqis might have been Detection level B on the first night. Serbia had an on table EW radar.

If we compare apples and oranges, chance of detecting stealth is 60 x 0.3 = 18%, compared with 60% above this -40% or -8. It operates at Night exclusively so already -2, stealth would be -6 by itself.

The MiG-31 could detect a fighter at 65 nm (26 hexes) and a BGM-109 cruise missile at 11-16 nm (4-6 hexes). Stealth would be less than this.

Weapons cleared by 1987 were Mk84 bomb, laser guided GBU-10 Paveway II and B61 nuclear bombs. It could carry 2 Mk84 or 2 GBU-10, so bomb 2
GBU-27 was 1988. The game currently lacks laser guided bombs, but EOGB are close in game terms.

The weapons system worked from Medium altitude only. It lacked resolution to work from High altitude.

Communications had retractable antenna, as antennas at the time could not be made stealthy. If the F-117A needs to use the radio (to transmit or receive), then the antennas must be extended ruining the stealthy signature. This was replaced with flush antennas in 1995 allowing the use of radio with the aircraft remaining stealthy.

The F-117A is not fitted with either RWR or decoys or jammer. It depends on its reduced observability and the planning system to avoid detection.

The airframe is rated at 6 G maximum,I've rated it between the Il-28 and MiG-17. Despite the F designation its not a fighter.

Range is given as 465 nm radius with reserves. As per A-10A range from Woodbridge to inner German border is 320 nm. So it can strike 145 nm deep into East Germany. Thats roughly all of East Germany. So 290 nm = 116 hexes / Speed 3 = 38. Fuel is not a problem. This a factor of the F-117A cruising at higher altitudes over enemy terrority.

The F-117A would possibly refuel in and out from US KC-135 tankers orbiting to the far west of West Germany. That would give a further 200 nm radius to the F-117A. That roughly half way into Poland and Czechoslovakia.

Aircraft: F-117A Nighthawk
Crew: 1
Fuel: -
Bomb: 2
Sight: +4
RWR: -
JAM: -
Combat Clean: L/M/H: 3/3/3
Combat Laden: L/M/H: 3/3/3
Dash Clean: L/M/H: 4/4/4
Dash Laden: L/M/H: 3/3/3
Mnvr Clean: L/M/H: 4/4/3
Mnvr Laden: L/M/H: 2/2/2
Ordnance: EOGB(2)
Capabilities: -
Air to Air: -

ADC Notes:
Stealth. Detection -6. Acquisition and EWR ranges are 30% ranges.
No Stealth benefit the turn bombs are dropped
Cannot deviate from preplanned path during strike.
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Douglas Bush
United States
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Weapons cleared by 1987 were Mk84 bomb, laser guided GBU-10 Paveway II and B61 nuclear bombs. It could carry 2 Mk84 or 2 GBU-10, so bomb 2
GBU-27 was 1988. The game currently lacks laser guided bombs, but EOGB are close in game terms.

Hmm. There are LGBs in the game actually. Given the B-61 capability, maybe I should add the 117s to the nuke scenario...

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