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mark selleck
Alice Springs
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The Halha River Shelling.

For the previous battle

So here we are again back at the Halha river, where the first two scenarios took place. This time though the Japanese have returned with a larger force support by a lot of artillery and a little splash of armour.

The Bridge is an objective for the Japanese worth 2 medals so one would think this might be a likely point they would want to advance to.
This one is the largest of the standard scenarios in the campaign with both sides needing seven medals to win.

Both sides have applied their attrition loss and are ready to roll.

Early Game

The Japanese move out with their infantry up the centre and crash right into the Russian defensive line. In the exchange of fire the Japanese reduce a few of the Russian units but were hopping to do a lot more. The Russian respond and return fire bluntening some of the Japanese attackers but unable to destroy any. The fight continues from the Japanese inflicting some more casualties on the Russians and eliminate one of them, though it should have been a much better attack. The Russians answer back in this fight of attrition and are able to destroy one of the Japanese units as well. A close assault is conducted by the Japanese throwing as many dice as they can and eliminate another Russian unit and only doing minor damage to another. The Russian artillery opens up and clears the forest of another Japanese infantry unit. The Dice gods have not look down upon either side with much favour at all up to this point.

Mid Game

The Japanese attack in the centre has run out of momentum and the right is now ordered forward, where they get into position to launch an attack from. The Russians order some units from the centre that are able to deal with threats all across the board. They cause some losses on the advancing Japanese on their left and reduce some of the infantry in the centre with their artillery and infantry. The Japanese push forward the attack on their right and cause some damaging losses to the Russian defenders but are unable to destroy any. The Russians now recon along their entire front, this time eliminating the infantry in the centre and causing more losses to the advancing Japanese on their left. The attack is still pushed, though with fewer resources this time, the infantry and armoured car do the job though and destroy two Russian infantry units. An armoured assault is launched by the Russian to counter the threat The armour rolls up and decimates the Japanese infantry with only two figures remaining out of the entire infantry force that advanced. The armoured cars also lay in ruins.

End Game

The Japanese now starting to run out of options now finally are able to push in the area they have been wanting to all game. They order their left forward, they are able to destroy one of the Russian infantry units defending the road to the bridge and cause the armour to retreat with light losses. They are now two hexes away from the bridge, so close but seems so far away. It would seem they have left this push far to late. The Russians can’t answer on the attacked front but do on the other flank, sending their armour and armoured car to deal with the reduced infantry. The tank attack is less than pleasing causing the Japanese to take a loss, the armoured cars attack is also disappointing only causing the sole figure to retreat (so hard to make these Japanese retreat with the special ability) though this triggers an over run and the armoured cars make sure they finish of the Japanese infantry to win the battle.

Russian Victory

Russians 7 / Japanese 5

Attrition Results:

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