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Molly Noir
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Have you ever worked at a fast-food joint? Well, neither have I, I’m only thirteen. But Pwyll has, and from what I hear, it’s a soul-sucking demon of a job. Low pay, horrid manager, and long hours. The only people who could stand a job like this would be, well, DEAD! Which are exactly what the employees are at Frieday’s, as dead as George Washington. Not that I would be working at a fast-food place if I was a zombie, though. I would probably be eating you guys! Om nom nom! Lord of the Fries is a set collection game by Cheapass Games for two to eight zombies. At the most, it’ll take forty minutes to play. Brainz!

Lord of the Fries will take only five minutes to learn, tops. To start the game, deal out the required card amounts to each zombie (Brainz!) and have someone roll to see what order comes out first. To roll, roll once to see what section it’ll be in, then roll again to see what you make. Then the order travels around the table to see who can make it. If someone can make it, they will put down the cards required. There are several types of food card: Cow Meat, Chicken Meat, Fish, Drinks, Cheese, Fries, and Bun. There is one more type of food, and that’s the Berry Pie, but there is only one of them. Because apparently pie is rare in a zombie apocalypse.

If you don’t have the required ingredients, then you can pass. To pass, you have to pass a card to the next player. If everyone passes their turn, then you can short order the meal, meaning that you can get rid of an ingredient. And zombies aren’t entirely picky if their cowacheesea Bunga has a bun. A little-known fact is that zombies are really good at making combo meals, but really bad at getting the things to make them. If a meal is short ordered enough (to the point of being able to be made with no cards) the person on the rollers left MUST go. After one order, you can stop using the die and just call out orders, but you can’t make them first. Think about it, would you go to a McDonald’s just to make your own food? Probably not. Unless you’re a Burger King fan, then you’ll go to Burger King. Obviously.

Anyways, after the first zombie (Brainz!) puts down all of his cards, the day ends. Then you will count up the points from the food cards you have put down, and subtract the ones from your hand. It is possible to start with a NEGATIVE score! Bum bum bum! After four days (Why four, why not 7, or 2, or 6!), the game ends, and the player with the most points wins. How cliche! Why can’t we have a game where you have to have the least points, like golf!

Woo Hoo! I am pretty sure you know what this paragraph is gonna be about. EXPANSIONS! Along with expansions, there is a sister game, Give Me The Brain! To learn more, scroll down. I COMMAND THEE! The expansions, in retrospect, aren’t all that exciting. All they add are new restaurants. They aren’t even actual expansion, they’re stand alone! *Gasp* Oh my! *Faint*. Some of these include a sushi restaurant, a cafe, and a Mexican restaurant. But yeah, don’t get all excited for new rules or meeples. Just a word to the wise.

Pretty good game. I have a neat little snippet of info to go for it. Lord of the Fries had a version printed by Steve Jackson Games. Yup, the creators of Munchkin! That,s why in Munchkin Zombies, the dungeon Restaurant of the Damned is in there. Just a little irrelevant info. Anyways, 8 outta 10. Good game.
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