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Subject: Meet the Defenders: Human Deck rss

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Sweet Lemon
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Our amazing backers wanted a more detailed view of the defenders in the game - and we heard you! We're showing the Humans today, and will be posting another update about the Elves (and more about the world of Fantasy Defense) later in the campaign.

Please bear in mind: Since we're using Kickstarter in the spirit originally intended (gathering funds to produce something, as opposed to simply gathering pre-order), a lot of artwork is unfinished. The prototype is based on Yann's art, but we supplemented unfinished cards with placeholders.

Also, there won't be any text (or text fields) in the game. It will all be language independent icons that are explained seperately in the manual or in overview cards.

This is not the final product!

With that out of the way, let us introduce the faction (I assume) we're all most familiar with:

Oh, the Humanity!

As in many games, Humans are the standard or default faction. They were the first faction designed, and have a lot of useful, straight-forward abilities to deal with the invading hordes.

Let's take a look at their spells and some of their signature units:

Heaven's Wrath

Couldn't be more straightforward than this! Discarding an enemy is very useful, and it's very common to use this spell early in the game, since it allows you to build strength without having to fight the enemy (and lose the related casualties).

Of course, more experienced players may want to hold back a bit, especially in cooperative games when you're able to handle the first few turns in other ways.

City Shield

The City Shield allows you to ignore two adjacent gates for one turn, which can often make the difference between victory or defeat.

However it is also a kind of a trap: If you use it to focus on one side of your castle while ignoring another... you'd better have a plan to move around those units later to deal with the original threat!

Now let's take a look at some of the signature units:

Patriarch & Mage

The Patriarch of the Mage's Guild is a very powerful unit that becomes even more powerful as the opposition mounts.

Human players beware: placing a Mage while screaming "You shall not pass!" is a very cool and useful thing to do. But it also reduces your Patriarch's power as one enemy retreats from a gate to the top of the enemy deck.

These simple relationships can produce some tricky moments...

Village Folk & Owl Rider

A lot of the power in the Human Deck is unlocked by assembling a lot of Village Folk at the same place. Strength comes from unity!

At the same time, it's a little bit dangerous: with a lot of units in one place, you'll need a way to move around this stack if a powerful new enemy comes from an unexpected direction.

This is where the Owl Riders come in. There are only 2 Owl Riders in the whole deck, so using one of them wrongly or even wasting their special ability is often the first step to defeat. But then again... if you need a little more strength to get rid of a powerful enemy, should you really keep holding the Owl Rider in reserve?

Fantasy Defense is all about these kinds of hard choices, and the Human deck is a perfect entry point to the game.

In one of the later updates we'll be taking a look at how the Elves change up the formula and add more diverse and tricky abilities to deal with the invading hordes. 

We'll leave you with this but will be back very soon with a few other neat announcements. See you then!
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Simon Schwanhäußer
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Are we sure "Rules" is the right place to post this ?
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