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Subject: Shire Gamers Pirating Again rss

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Mark Lockett
United Kingdom
Fishponds, Bristol
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Buccaneer – Shire Gamers – 05/07/07

While Nick and Sue had there tea. We kicked of another evening at Shire Games with this fun little game about collecting booty (stop laughing Rachel) and boarding ships.

Players – Mark, Mike, Rachel, Darren

After explaining the rules and listening to Rachel laughing away at the word BOOTY almost throughout, I explained the benefit of being the captain of the ship but having low value crew members in your crew. This was followed by the standard buccaneer opening play of I shall put my 5 guy on top of your 2 guy. I think we all did this and then the game really started.

I took the first ship earning a little cash from the looting but enough to pay my crew with a little left over for me. I also took the first chest booty token for being captain while Mike took the Dagger. The next ship went to Darren who started to collect the Candlestick booty tokens and gave me the second knife token in play. The final, boat was taken by Mike and earned him a Candlestick booty token. Once all three ships have been boarded by the correct size crew or more a further three ships are dealt out until all the ships have been boarded.

The second round went a lot faster now everybody had worked out what they were trying to do. Rachel managed to pick up the first barrel booty token and strangely Mike boarded the second ship with me as Vice Captain and decided to take the dagger token giving me my second chest token. Darren swiped another Candlestick from the third ship but I can’t remember if there was another token and if there was who it went to.

From the third set of ships my memory seems a little blurry and I think there was an abundance of barrels. I remember taking one of the remaining four chest tokens from one of the ships and feeling safe for having half of them. I think Rachel picked up two barrels this round one from being Captain and one from being a vice captain. The last boat I believe was a tiny boat that only needed a crew of 2 to beat it but was over-plundered with a crew of 3 by Mike to get a third Dagger. Darren had saved up a big crew of 5 or 6 ready to board one of the new ships out in the next round attempting to secure the third candlestick token. Unfortunately for Darren one didn’t turn up in round 4.

Round 4 saw Rachel gained a barrel token giving her the majority from the first ship to be boarded while I was Vice Captain for my second Dagger token giving me a chance of equalling Mike’s three tokens in the final round. I boarded the next ship getting my fourth chest token and guaranteeing me an extra 15 cash at the end of the game. This gave Darren an unwanted Barrel token. I think the final boat was a single booty boat and was claimed by Rachel as it had the final barrel token on it. Darren again left a large crew ready to pillage the ships with Candlesticks on that we had yet to see on the high seas.

In round 5 he was given his wish as he was able to claim a candlestick straight away giving Rachel a dagger token for being vice captain and stopping me from equalling Mike’s three daggers for a share of those points. The last two boats were claimed by Mike allowing him to take the last two Candlesticks and equal Darren for a share of the final scoring.

Only Darren had to miss a turn for having no pirates in front of him to move during the game which did cost him the Candlesticks in the final round that went to Mike.

Final Scoring
Mark took 15 cash for the majority of chest and 2 for dagger tokens
Darren took 4 cash for a share of the Candlesticks and 3 for a barrel and 2 chest tokens
Rachel took 12 for the majority of barrels and 1 for a spare dagger token.
Mike took 6 for the majority of daggers and 4 for a share of the candlesticks.

Final Scores
Mark and Mike 89, Rachel 85, Darren 72
A shared Victory.
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