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Subject: July 18-20, 1944: Operation Goodwood rss

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Eric Atmaja
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This afternoon, a friend of mine came, and we decided to play memoir'44.
This is his first game, so I took a little time to explain all the rules.
"Simple enough" he said... he is a good chess player and big fans of strategy based PC game so I opted not to play the standard Pegasus bridge (oh man I play this scenario each time I teach someone the game, I've had enough of it I think...)
So I picked...operation goodwood, lots of infantry & tanks, only forest, hill and village hex. Also the map has quite large open ground in the center, means more maneuver !
He picked the Allied...and so began the battle...

Allied actions in Green
Germans actions in Grey

Operation Goodwood - July 18-20, 1944


early game
the Allied starts the battle by moving all their center forces, trying to surround the village of Cagny. They besieged the village, causing heavy casualty to the Germans defender. After 2-3 turns the defenders were wiped out, and then the Allied started to assault their next target, Emieville, in order to secure their left flank.

The Germans hastily gathered some of their men to occupy the higher ground around Grentheville to gain some better sight of the battle. They managed to drive some Allied attempts to seized this position. While the men in Emieville had managed to secure the eastern side of the village.

mid game
The center part of Germans force started pounding the Allied position around Cagny from afar, also supported by some dug-in artillery in Frenouville and Soliers. This tactic, helped by the succesful defensive operation around Grentheville, managed to distract the Allied from reaching Emieville.
Some of the men guarding Grentheville even managed to sally out from their position to the bottom of hill west of their position and began firing at Allied right flank, a succesful bait!

Things were not looking so good for the Allied forces. They were being pounded by well defended Germans artillery, but they need to cover much grounds in order to neutralize them. They started to direct their forces to the center and attacking Germans infantry defending the road to Bourguebus Ridge. This attack caused heavy casualty to the Germans side. however this sudden change of plan became the turning point of the battle...

end game
The Germans called in the Tigers of 503rd Heavy Tank Battalion, and with combined firepower from the forces in the center field, they managed slowly push the Allied back to Cagny. Meanwhile the men which sallied out from Grentheville before, started to fall back and fortify Grentheville.

The Allied general started to get worried. He requested artillery backup from their HQ, which direct hit succeed to destroy a squad of Tigers. However their center line has broken and driven back to Cagny. Meanwhile fierce firefight happened in the hill around Grentheville, which caused heavy casualty to both sides

The commanding officer of Tigers company took the initiative, He led the Tigers charging to the center line of Allied forces, causing heavy casualty and destroying some Shermans along the way...and the Allied decided to withdrew...the battle ended

6-5 for the Germans

Despite the huge number of Tanks, the Allied has 2 main problem in this scenario. The first being the 2 Germans artillery, and then the terrain condition is not on their side. When the battle started, they already get 2 obstacles holding their advance, which are Germans infantry defending Cagny & Emieville.
For us this game was a close match ! I carelessly lost many units to the Shermans attack. But constant pounding from my artilery, and good defensive position around Grentheville win me the game. oh and the 2 last turns I played 2 armour assault and managed to wreak havoc to Allied line ahahaha !

this straightforward scenario really gave us fun ! 6 medals, lots of tanks & infantry, no river or annoying obstacle !
my rating for this scenario: 4 out of 5 !!!
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