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Gilles Monchoux
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Dice are my favorite mechanism in board games. When I discovered Dungeon Dice, for sure it grabs my attention. Let me explain you why.


Dungeon dice major selling point are its components. For sure, it has a solid gameplay, but what makes you buy the game are the dice themselves. Why? Because quality and quantity, you get them both. We're talking here of custom engraved dice of various colors and sizes. Some of them are tiny, some are huge, all of them picture a beautifully designed drawing of a monster, a piece of equipment or a spell, to name a few. Really, the dice are on the top on the quality department.
Let's talk quantity. Hold your breath and say it loud : 250+ dice ! No, I did not add a zero by mistake (I checked). The base game already deliver a staggering 100+ dice, and if you add all expansions you'll reach that stunning 3 digits number. And again, we're talking custom engraved dice of top quality.
I can't think of another game which can compare with Dungeon dice in this area. A real paradice! (Sorry)


Dungeon dice has one of the quickest setup I know for a modern game. Draw two blue dice, two red dice, one green die, and you're ready to go. No card shuffling, no token dispatching on huge boards, nothing. Some may consider it's not that a big deal when purchasing a game, but trust me, it makes a difference. Knowing you'll be able to start playing seconds after you've decided so is a real incentive select the game against another.


Dungeon Dice's gameplay is adorable. First, you have your typical dungeon crawl. Encounter, fight, collect. Who got bored of that yet? Not me.
Then, negotiation. It's actually a game with a lot of interaction, and you spend a lot of time talking with other players, to make exchanges or temporal alliances.
Choosing your gear, negotiating with other players and rolling all those dice lead to one masterpiece of gameplay.


You'll never play the same game twice. This can be said for a lot of games, but it's still a nice thing. Starting equipment and encounter randomness make sure you'll never find yourself in the same situation. And because there are so many dice, you'll find new situations at every games. I have played dozens of games of Dungeon Dice, and there are still some new territories I have yet to explore. Sometime you'll draw one specific monster and say "hey, I've never beaten this one before. Let's try!". I'm still to beat a gold dragon, and can't wait to take a chance against it.

House rules

Because it's just dice, Dungeon Dice is very easy to customize. I wouldn't make it a selling point, but making house rules is really easy. You may dislike a point of rule and want to fix it by yourself. Or you have a good idea for a variant. Want something new? Dive into BGG forums, and gather new rules.

Some negatives

Yes, I'm enthusiastic with this game. But of course it's not perfect.
Dice are not perfectly balanced. Generally speaking it's good, but some weapons are obviously more useful than others, some monsters have a better dangerousness/reward ratio. It's part of the randomness, you can deal with it, but it may be frustrating at times.
Randomness will occasionally screw you, or give you an easy victory. It's more likely in two players games, where the unlucky can't do much except watching his opponent draw the best equipments and fight the more appropriate monsters. In 3+ players games, the players the farthest from victory may team up against the winner to be, and average the luck.
Dungeon Dice is a pricey game. Don't misunderstand me, it's totally worth the money considering the amount of dice you get, but it is by far my most expansive game. If you're looking for a light dice filler, you may prefer a cheaper alternative.


You love dungeon crawls? You like player interactions? You crave for custom engraved dice? Dungeon Dice is a must-have.
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