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Hi, we would like to present you a new game available on Kickstarter !

Light Hunters - Battalion of Darkness
- Categories : Heroic Fantasy, Fight
- Style : game card, by team, for everyone
- Number of players : 2 to 8 players, 10 years and more
- Duration : 15-30min
- Language : English & French
- Lien KS : https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dtdagames/light-hunters...
- Facebook : facebook.com/DTDAGames/
- Twitter : twitter.com/DTDA_Games
- Rules in FR : http://www.dtda.fr/rules/Light_Hunters-Regles.pdf
- Rules in ENG : http://www.dtda.fr/rules/Light_Hunters-Rules.pdf

------------ Description ------------
Light Hunters is a Heroic Fantasy card game for 2-8 players, it is a team-game for everyone. Form your battalion and crush the enemy camp.

------------ Concept & Goal ------------
Use strategy in the choice of your heroes and your attacks so that no hero of the opposing camp survives.
All the heroes from the remaining battalion are then declared victorious and free to get back to their world.

You are a mighty hero. Since your birth, your name evokes glory and a prestigious destiny. However, pride, jealousy, or even anger are not strangers to you, you have been punished and exiled by the Gods for your sins. But your past glory remains intact to return to your fellow men. You still have a cruel chance, create a battalion of heroes and wipe out the opposite camp or be annihilated forever...

You think you can fight like you’re used to? You don't know the divine perverseness. Your skills are blocked and require you to summon Spirits of Light to use them. Those 5 Spirits will gradually reveal your power.

------------ Game Content ------------

8 "Hero" cards + 1 "Skeleton" card
70 Spirits of Light cards
- 24 Dawn cards
- 16 Shimmer cards
- 14 New day cards
- 12 Beam cards
- 4 Illumination cards
40 tokens
- 20 1-point health tokens
- 10 3-point health tokens
- 10 5-point health tokens
Rules booklet

------------ How to play ------------

Set up the game
Constitute 2 teams, and place them face to face. Each player can use one or several heroes. However, each team must have the same number of heroes.

Progression of the game
Light Hunters is a turn-based card game in which the possibilities increase as the game progresses. Each round is equivalent to its Ether level: 1st round= Ether level at 1, 2nd round = Ether level at 2, up to 5 max.

Progression of a hero round
During a round every hero plays 1 time. To play a skill of a hero we have to refer to the Spirits of Light cards and to the Ether level available for the round. We can choose to play or not, if we choose to play for the round, we have to evoke the skill used on the opposite team and discard one or several Spirits of Light cards consumed. The round of the hero is then finished, it belongs to the following hero to begin his turn. When all the heroes have played, we move on the next round by increasing the Ether level +1.

End of the game
When a battalion crushed the enemy camp, it gains the victory. All the heroes from the remaining battalion is then indicated winners, and worthy to get back to their world, free and full of glory.

This is a simplified description of a round. Do not hesitate to consult the rules to know more about it
=> http://www.dtda.fr/rules/Light_Hunters-Rules.pdf

You can also try your game by the Print & Play version : http://www.dtda.fr/rules/Light-Hunters-Print&Play.pdf

------------ Who we are ------------
Who we are : an independent studio named DTDA Games based in France. We are 3 peoples who love to work on new projects, to leave new adventures as our Light Hunters Heroes! Because every day is unique.
This project was introduced since december we are thus very happy to present it to you!

------------ Some pictures of the Game ------------
- The Heroes

- The Spirits of Light

- 3 vs 3 / 6 players Game set

Hope you'll love it as we do !
DTDA Games Team
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M. Stappen
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What a beauty! Man, France is on a roll in recent years anyway. So many charming and creative games.

Best of luck, I hope this one plays nearly as well as it looks!
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mickael vermont
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After testing it with the team of creators in Paris, I can say it's fast, fun and very nervous : 20-30 minutes of high tension.
Each choice does matter.
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