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Subject: Sanctuary Faction Preview: Terracotta Warrior rss

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Chris Morgan
United States
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The Emperor stared at the clay warriors in front of him, skeptical of the role they were to play in his armies. An artisan stood next to the warriors, confident of his creations to aid the great Empire of him home. One of the Emperor's personal guard stood against the automaton, eager to test his blade against the craftsmen's creation. With a flick of the Emperor's fingers a duel began, clay versus flesh. Right off it seemed the clay warrior was at a disadvantage against the soldier, it's clumsy attacks easily blocked. A quick slash severed one of the statues arms as it fell to the ground bouncing behind the guard.
"Your warriors, they seem to lack the spirit of a true human champion." declared the Emperor. "How could they provide me true strength in the field of battle?"
The artisan was not phased by the words of the Emperor as his clay warrior dropped to a knee in a submissive position in front of the guard. The human warrior raised his blade, prepared to sever the head of the clay warrior. A spear point erupted to the front of his torso as he gasped in pain. The severed arm had formed into a second clay warrior. The original stood, arm still missing and rammed his spear into the throat of the guard. He collapsed as the Emperor stared at the artisan and two warriors that lay ahead.
"Have my warriors not proven themselves my Emperor?" said the artisan. "A never ending army to keep the enemies of the Empire at bay. All at the beck and call for you to command."
The Emperor stood and walked toward the artisan.
"Craft me more such warriors artisan, as I decree."

Today we will be showcasing Terracotta Warrior from the Sanctuary Faction. This little card is one of my personal favorites because I love a annoying creatures that never really seems to die. A card that designer Chris Kluwe termed "a cockroach card" I will be talking about how it is able to impact you in Twilight of the Gods.

First off Terracotta Warrior is a one Lesser Aspect cost card, making it an easy first turn play. It comes built in with one Armor along with one Fight and one Life. It is among the weaker cards in terms of general stats compared to other Lesser creatures, but the armor does give it a decent amount of protection against one Damage effects and cards that we have currently in the game that other creatures might lack. What really makes this card powerful for it's cost is it's exhaust ability.

Terracotta Warrior is able to make mini card copies of itself. With one Lesser Aspect along with exhausting it you will be able to produce an endless army of Terracotta Warriors. These means endless blockers, relentless attackers to wear down your enemies forces. You can use your remaining survivors to produce more Terracotta Warriors, as the mini cards are just exact replicas of the original. They are also Mythical creatures as well, so they will benefit from other Mythical support creatures that exist in Twilight of the Gods. It is possible to turn these little warriors into full blown monsters if left unchecked, a great boon for any Deity utilizing them.

It might seems impossible to stop the army of Terracotta Warriors, but fear not. As mini cards are Lesser creatures, you can only have so many of them equal to the amount of Lesser Aspects you have under your control. You can also Slay or Destroy the Terracotta Warrior as it attempts to make a duplicate with a scheme or ability you will prevent the mini card from entering play. It also is only one Lesser Aspect so you can always sacrifice a Lesser Aspect under your control to remove it permanently from the game.

If you want to mercilessly overwhelm your foes with endless ranks of Terracotta Warriors,then add this card to your Deities arsenal.
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