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Subject: Ghillie hunts for the Goblin King rss

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Orestes Albo
United States
New Mexico
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Rumors around Obendar were swirling. Goblins had been seen on the forest edge, leading fellow Gearlocks to whisper that the Goblin King was preparing for an attack. Ghillie had intimate knowledge of the realms forest, and prepared to investigate its depths.

Day 1
Ghillie had been in Obendar for over a month, and decided to sharpen his skills before leaving the safety of the gates. Stretching out muscles not used in weeks, he felt his health improving. Ghillie also spent some time communing with nature, and reached out to a wolverine, Lil Yeti, seeking its assistance for the coming journey. Later that night, some scouting revealed a dire wolf pup had been in the area.

Day 2
The guards advised Ghillie that they had observed movement at the forest edge. They offered to provide cover, by shooting arrows into the forest, but Ghillie declined the assistance. Ghillie believed it best if he and the wolverine assess the situation close up. The pair trotted off to see what lay in the forest, and narrowly avoided a griffin yearling.

Ghillie noticed the low growl emanating from the wolverine as they came upon a goblin rioter, accompanied by the pup scouted earlier.

Battle lines were drawn, and the goblin rioter quickly advanced on Ghillie's position, but was unable to attack. Ghillie snapped off a quick shot, severely wounding the dire wolf, while the wolverine positioned itself in front of the pup. The pup snapped at the wolverine biting heavily, but the wolverine’s thick hide helped protect it.

The goblin backtracked and attacked the wolverine with a mighty slash, yet the wolverine refused to go down. The wolverine bit into the pups neck killing it, and Ghillie fired off a perfectly aimed shot, instantly ending the rioter’s life.

Ghillie searched the goblin's corpse and discovered a treasure trove map. Discarding the map, Ghillie continued his search finding a dose of Red Minotaur. Suddenly Ghillie heard a loud roar and smiled, as his friend 'Growls' appeared. Ghillie shot a few arrows into a nearby tree, enhancing his dexterity, and then bedded down for the night.

Day 3
The next morning Ghillie found himself at the Sibron River. He sought passage to cross, but did not want to draw attention to himself, as the Goblin King had eyes and ears everywhere. He tucked his ears, covered himself with his cloak as best he could, and blended in with the crowd. After crossing successfully, Ghillie spent time with Growls and Lil Yeti, teaching them new maneuvers. Before finding a suitable place to sleep, Ghillie scouted ahead, again avoiding detection by a griffin yearling.

Day 4
Around midday Ghillie spied some raiders attacking a Mohlner trader. Ghillie was no friend of the Mohlner, and decided to bide his time before attacking the raiders. The Mohlner fought bravely but fell to his wounds; before the raiders could lick their wounds, Ghillie attacked! He spotted a goblin sapper, and noticed it was joining the fray. A sandbagger ran up but succumbed to its wounds, while a bomber and two bog frogs joined the fray.

Ghillie fired off a single arrow, dropping the injured goblin bomber. Unfortunately his call to 'Lil Yeti' and 'Growls' were unheard. The goblin sapper advanced but was unable to reach Ghillie, and neither was the bog frog on Ghillie's left flank. The other bog frog was closer though, advancing and poisoning Ghillie. The sapper let out a bark, and another bomber joined the fray.

Ghillie shot the bog frog that poisoned him; only injuring it. 'Lil Yeti' barreled through the same target, drawing blood. He then bit into the bog frog to the west, but was unable to kill it. The sapper got adjacent to Ghillie and Lil Yeti and slashed at the wolverine; damaging it. The west most frog then poisoned the wolverine, and the bomber shot two arrows; knocking out Lil Yeti, and further damaging Ghillie.

Ghillie felt the life seeping from him and was clinging to consciousness. He called for Growls to no avail, but landed a clean shot to the second bomber, ending its life before being knocked out by the sapper.

Ghillie awoke and started a fire. He bandaged himself up in preparation for the next day; his search for the goblin king continued. The first defeat of the adventure

Day 5
Ghillie awoke, and had a breakfast of dried sausage, and hard tack. He set off down a trail and hours later came across three boxes on the road. A tad suspicious he crept closer to the boxes, but did not see any movement. He opened two boxes, discovering some fine clothes, but the final box was trapped. Ghillie was able to open the lever on the third box, and grabbed a bomb, before he heard the grinding of stone. He ducked behind the boxes, and watched as a stone golem patrolled past. Believing the threat over, Ghillie popped up, just as an owlbear screeched.

Ghillie called to his companions, and the faithful wolverine joined the fray. He pounced on the owlbear, damaging it, and bit into it for good measure. The owlbear screeched, terrifying Lil Yeti, who hunkered down just as an arrow Ghillie had fired missed its mark. The owlbear then swatted at Lil Yeti, drawing blood.

The wolverine was too afraid to attack again, but Ghillie fired off a shot almost killing the yeti. Growls again did not heed Ghillie's call, and Ghillie began to wonder if the tiger would ever join a battle. The owlbear struck the wolverine with a mighty blow (7 damage!) but the hardy wolverine pressed on!

Lil Yeti, emboldened by its own survival bit at the owlbears throat, killing it! With the battle over, Ghillie found a fortunate discovery of bait, and was able to construct a trap made of rusty spikes found at the bottom of the boxes.

Day 6
Just how long can one hold their breath? The ebon had laid their spears down at the edge of the bog, snarling and grunting, waiting for Ghillie to come up for air. This was a mistake, as after a minute underwater, Ghillie lunged up and stole one of the discarded spears. He spotted a troll sage, and smiled to himself as it approached. A quickly laid set of rusty spikes awaited the troll brute accompanying the sage.

The troll sage went to grab its spear, but noticed it was in Ghillie’s hands. The brute yelped in pain as it stepped on a rusty spike. Ghillie let out a battle cry, as the wolverine pounced on the brute, killing it instantly. The wolverine then advanced on the sage, cutting through its thick skin and drawing blood. The Sage attempted to defend itself, to no avail. Again no Growls to be seen anywhere.

The wolverine attacked again, but this time the sage’s thick skin saved it from further damage. Ghillie attacked ferociously with the spear, cutting through skin and bone. The sage, near death, managed to put up a paltry defense but it knew time was not on its side.

Lil Yeti bit down on the sage, breaking its concentration as Ghillie landed another blow, this one fatal. Ghillie swooped up a sparring weapon but quickly tossed it aside due to its heft. Unfortunately his search for additional loot came up empty. He spent the next few hours practicing the art of firing multiple arrows, and also increasing his attack potential.

Day 7

Nothing like waking up to a stick poking you in your side. Even worse, awakening upside down, swinging by a rope tied around your legs. Below Ghillie a pot of boiling water bubbled, while two tolls tossed in various unknown herbs. Ghillie fooled the trolls into believing fire ants would also spice up their meal, and escaped while the ants bit everything in their paths.

Ghillie's limbs burned from the venom, and he did not feel healthy enough to push on. As in Obendar, he practiced his stretching, increasing his vitality a small amount. On a whim, Ghillie went scrounging and traded his red minotaur for some last battle stew! An incredible find that allowed the gearlok to heal by scarfing some delicious stew!

Day 8
Feeling confident after his lucky discovery, Ghillie came upon two groups of Ebon. One group was composed of trainees and underlings, while the second contained more seasoned baddies. The stew had Ghillie feeling energized, and he decided to square off against two melee baddies. A troll enforcer and griffen howler took up positions, while Ghillie planned on kiting them from afar. The howler howled in pain, as it stepped on sharp spikes.

Ghillie fired off a quick shot, dealing light damage to the howler. Lo and behold Growls the tiger roared, appearing in front of Ghillie. Ghillie strafed east on field, staying out of melee reach. The howler, angry from the wounds it had taken, immediately moved in and knocked out Growls. It then took flight as the enforcer shuffled east, giving chase. A troll young’un appeared at the cries of the howler, waiting in anticipation.

Ghillie shot the enforcer, wounding it, as Lil Yeti leapt from the shadows. Quick as a cat, the wolverine bit the enforcer causing it to bleed. The howler dove out of the air, landing next to the wolverine, dealing light damage. The Enforcer roared and swapped at Lil Yeti knocking him out, while also getting defensive. The troll young’un licked its lips as it pressed in for what it thought an easy kill.

Ghillie fired off a shot hoping to hit multiple targets. Alas he only wounded the howler, but the blow was fatal. Surprisingly, Ghillie dashed west, engaging the troll young’un in melee range. The enforcers wounds continued to bleed, affecting his defenses, as he shambled west after Ghillie. The young’un caught off guard missed his attack on Ghillie, but managed to a defensive posture.

Ghillie fired off another shot, and again missed hitting multiple targets. He severely wounded the young’un, and dashed north, a full 30 paces. Both the enforcer and young’un gave chase, while remaining defensive.

Ghillie placed a well-aimed shot through the troll young’un’s neck, killing it. He then dashed 20 paces south and 1o paces west; staying well away from the troll enforcer. The enforcer closed in west, but was unable to reach Ghillie.

Ghillie gathered all his might, pulling his bowstring taut. He let loose a mighty shot, that felled the enforcer. Another troll bites the dust! Ghillie knew the goblin king was close. He continued working on his health, and built a woven snare for his upcoming battle. A quick search of the bodies revealed a gadget arm, and then a prying iron; neither one any good for what was coming.

Day 9
The Goblin King sat atop his mighty throne. He was half asleep, unaware that Ghillie had tracked him down. Ghillie setup his iron spikes and woven snare. He then woke the giant by throwing the bomb discovered days ago. The bomb exploded, destroying the king's throne. The spikes cut into the goblin king, tossing him into the woven snare. This left the king dazed, unable to muster an attack.

Both Growls and Lil Yeti appeared when they heard the bombs detonation. Both were great rolls, just when I needed them most!

Growls bit into the left leg of the goblin king, while the wolverine bit into the right; the king found himself practically half dead. He yelled for help, summoning a baddie, and threw a bomb of his own, blasting Ghillie across the battlefield. He managed a bit of a defense, but nothing more.

Growls tore into the goblin king once again, again hurting him. Yeti also attacked but missed his attempt. Ghillie then took aim, and dropped the goblin king where he stood.

Two rounds of battle and the Goblin King was no more.
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Roger Dumas
United States
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Great write up. What an amazing story your game told. I really like Ghillie a lot, but I have not used his animals yet. I might have to try a game with them this weekend.

If you have not done it already, you should post this up over in the SGOYT (solitary games on your table) list for May.
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