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Attack on the Soviet Outpost

Ok so we now hit our last standard scenario in the campaign, this one also need five medals to take victory. The Russians start with a head start as one of the Japanese armoured cars had to be destroyed due to the attrition results from last game.

Anyway everything is all set to go.

Early - Mid Game

The Japanese start by a general advance across the front, first a wave of infantry rushes the Russian right with some armour support following behind. The Infantry manage to cause heavy casualties on the Russian defenders but not destroy any of them. Over on the other side of the board the Japanese just move some infantry into position and target some Russians with some very inaccurate artillery fire. The Russians respond by defending the hills from the advancing Japanese and destroy one of the infantry while sending another into retreat with losses. The Japanese continue by sending in their tanketts and armoured cars to support the infantry and are able to finish off one of the Russians. The Russians now try and deal with the Japanese armour and dish out causalities to the tankett and only force the armour car to retreat.

Late – End Game

The Japanese continue the attack on the Russian right and destroy the armoured car that the Russians had committed and also inflict some losses on the infantry defending on the hill. The Russians focus on the armour that the Japanese have brought forward and eliminate their armoured car and also leave the tanketts twisted on the battlefield. The Japanese sensing defeat through in all they can with a move out and try and get as many medals as they can. On the Russian right they get off to a good start by clearing the hills of all the Russians. But over on the left the assault by the Japanese is a disappointment with a Russian unit only taking 50% losses. The Russians now strike and bring forward some armour, the infantry weaken up the Japanese unit that rush forward on the left and force it to retreat right in the line of fire of the T-34’s who finish them off and take victory.

Russian Victory

Russians 5 / Japanese 3

Attrition Result:
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